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The brand’s headquarters is in an

innovative facility

in Herford, Germany , where they have around 400 workers. The building of 1600 m 2 is shaped like a boomerang and stands out with its innovative design. In Germany, the brand employs around 1000 people.

What country is pikeur from?


Pikeur is one of Germany’s finest equestrian clothing brands. With an unmatched reputation for quality and cut, each season’s range showcases the latest in equestrian fashion in all-weather fabrics. Pikeur jackets are particularly renowned for their quality and fit.

Dressage Coats: Do

dressage coats

have 3 or 4 buttons

Traditionally, dressage coats have a slightly

different cut

than hunt coats and are a bit longer. Dressage coats usually have 4 buttons in the front, as well as buttons on the cuffs and above the vents in the back Hunt coats, on the other hand, have 3 buttons in the front and typically no buttons on the back.

Jacket Fit: How should a show jacket fit

A jacket fitting nicely through the shoulders and lapel Side view of the jacket. The fabric of the coat should lie flat across your back with no gathers, wrinkles or bulges. The lapels should lie flat against your chest, and fabric should not pucker at the buttons.

Tweed Jacket: Can you wear a tweed jacket for show jumping

For Introductory to Advanced Medium Tests (including FEI Junior tests) short jacket or tweed coat can be worn and must be a dark colour No bright coloured tweed is allowed. A correctly tied stock and

white collar

or shirt and tie should be worn with either plain white, beige or

cream jodhpurs


Do pikeur breeches run small?


Please note – they run small You should order 1 size up.

How do you clean a horse show jacket?

Haist said that most coats can be swished in a bathtub, rolled in a towel and hung to dry , so they’re fresh for the next day. Follow the instructions on the coat label, of course, but you likely can use a washing machine on

gentle cycle

and hang to dry.

How do you wash a show coat?

For washing, close all buttons / scratch / zips, prefer a delicate cycle at 30 °C / 86 °F maximum on the reverse side, using a

mild detergent

or organic laundry without softener or bleach or detergent. For drying, air drying on a wide hanger is recommended to limit markings. Iron on reverse only if necessary.

Rj Classics: How do I wash my RJ Classics show coat


Dressage Coat: What is the difference between a dressage coat and a hunt coat

Hunt coats are shorter and have a three-button front and a simple back. Generally, all the buttons are tonal. Dressage coats have more of a European look. They are longer, have a four-button front, and the pleats at the back are often accented with additional buttons, often silver or brass.

Can your horse wear boots in dressage?


Traditionally, dress boots are worn for dressage , these are tall riding boots that are plain with no laces on the front. These sleek boots are designed to elongate the rider’s leg for a beautiful position.

Do you wear a stock for dressage?


Dressage shows are often formal events and it can be daunting choosing what to wear for this traditional equestrian sport. For most dressage shows you need to wear a jacket, riding shirt, and breeches. You also need to wear a helmet, stock tie , and tall riding boots.

Black Jacket: Can you wear a

black jacket

for showing

At lower levels, show judges tend to be more lenient on

correct dress codes

so while a tweed show jacket is traditionally correct, a smart black or navy competition jacket will equally suffice.

Can you wear grey breeches Bsja?


Breeches/jodhpurs Must be white,

pale yellow

, beige, grey or fawn coloured.

What should my horse wear for show jumping?


Correct Equestrian Wear Horse jumping breeches should be light a colour such as white, beige, yellow or fawn Chaps or half chaps are not allowed to be worn when show jumping. You are strongly advised to use long or short (preferably black) riding boots, but black leather gaiters are also permitted.