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guppy fish

(Poecilia reticulata) are some of the most breathtaking in the

aquarium community

Revered for their

stunning coloration

and fast breeding rate, guppies are the quintessential domesticated

freshwater fish

. Many seasoned aquarists liken them to Goldfish, as they are pretty widespread and easy to keep healthy.

What do guppies like in their tank?


Guppy fish are tropical fish that require

warmer water

to thrive. The ideal temperature range is between 72-82 °F (22-28 °C). The problem of having a guppy tank set up without a water heater in climates other than their natural climate is temperature fluctuations.

How many guppies should be kept together?

Generally, you should keep guppies in groups. And ideally, you should keep at least a trio of guppies in at least a 5-gallon fish tank. You can keep more than a trio of guppies but then you will also need to increase the tank size of your fish tank according to the number of fish you are going to keep in the tank.

Do guppies produce a lot of waste?


While guppies are not known to be messy, they can produce a lot of waste when there are a lot of them This means that their poop will add a lot of ammonia to the tank. Therefore, make sure to run a filter which enough biological filtration.

Guppy Easy: Is guppy easy to take care

They’re Low-Maintenance Guppies are incredibly easy to keep alive. Just keep the tank clean and provide them with food (they’ll eat just about anything and are great for mosquito control), and they’re happy. Provide them with a friend or two if you can.

Guppies Water: How often should I change my guppies water

The ideal water hardness for guppies is dGH 8-12. The correlation between water hardness and pH is very important. Usually, the higher the water hardness, the higher the pH level is. The general rule for most species is to change half of your water every week so it always remains fresh and clean.

Tap Water: Can you put guppies in tap water

In most cases, tap water contains quite a big amount of chlorine. This substance is deadly for any guppy It will kill them pretty quickly or slowly depending on how much of it there is in the water. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in tap water.

Do I need

live plants

for guppies?

The truth is that guppies can survive and do well without having

live plants

There are other ways to create hiding spots and cover using fake plants and other ornaments. Without plants, you will not have the additional cleaning benefit that live plants offer, which means you’ll have to do more water changes.

Do guppies need

air pump


As mentioned before, guppies need oxygen to live. Water oxygen exchange happens through surface agitation. To agitate the surface of the water, you will need to use an air pump with an air stone or a water pump Air stones can produce lots of agitation in the fish tank.

Male Guppies: Can I keep 2

male guppies


Yes, you can have two male guppies together Male guppies have no problem cohabiting. With that said, male guppies can sometimes exhibit aggression towards other males. For example, they may chase each other to assert dominance or fight over a female.

Female Guppies: Can you mix male and female guppies

Now you know that you can keep male and female guppies together in a tank And for the best success and happiness, adding lots of hiding places, keeping more females than males, and keeping the tank conditions perfect are key.

Size Tank: What size tank do I need for 2 guppies

As mentioned above, you need one gallon of tank water per one-inch of fish So, a fish of two inches in length would need two gallons. If you have two male guppies that are 1.5 inches long and two females of 2 inches, then you may need a 7-gallon aquarium.

Do guppies prefer sand or gravel?


What’s the Best Substrate for Guppies? Lots of aquatic hobbyists prefer sand when housing guppies.

Guppies Hard: Are guppies hard to keep alive

Guppies are live-bearer tropical fish. They are popular among

aquarium owners

due to their vibrant colors and peaceful nature. Guppies are very easy to keep fish and are great for beginners. Although they are very hardy, often guppies keep dying for no obvious reason.

Can I put guppies and goldfish together?


Overall, our conclusion is that guppies and goldfish should not live together It’s far better to choose to keep only one species or to house them in their ideal conditions within separate tanks. There many species of fish in the aquarium hobby that go perfectly together in the same tank setup.

Do guppies know their owners?


They recognize you – Guppies are smarter than most people give them credit for. They can recognize their owners , even though they have limited capabilities of showing it. They may see you sticking your hand in their aquarium as an opportunity to greet and interact with you.

Do guppies like light or dark?


No, guppies don’t need light at night Guppies need darkness to sleep and rest properly. Having the aquarium lights on all the time may result in poor sleep quality, sickness, and eventually, death. Guppies need six to eight hours of sleep each day and thus, you should keep the lights off for the same amount of time.

Do guppies always swim at top of tank?


Guppies tend to be top swimmers This means that they spend most of their time swimming near the top of the tank. They might also sometimes swim towards the bottom, but by and large, they prefer to be at the top.

Do guppies need sunlight?


Yes, if you’re going to look after guppies, then they definitely need light Just like humans, guppies have a circadian rhythm, so they need light to figure out when to sleep and when to wake up. So if you’re going to house guppies in your aquarium, make sure you have a light for them as well.

Different Guppies: Can I mix different guppies

Can You Keep Different Types of Guppies Together? Yes I actually recommend this option if you want a more diverse tank. There are nearly 300 species of guppies available with a variety of subspecies and presenting incredible color and pattern variations.

Guppy Fish: What is the lifespan of guppy fish

Total lifespan of guppies in the wild varies greatly, but it is typically around 2 years.

Do guppies need a filter?


So, Do Guppies Need A Filter? If you plan on keeping guppies then you should definitely add a filter to their tank This is especially important for

smaller tanks

which can become a lot filthier a lot quicker. While you can get away with not having a filter in your tank it’s definitely not recommended.

How many Litres do guppies need?


Fishkeepers also ask how much water does a guppy need. There is no correct answer, but keeping 1 Guppy per 1 liter isn’t good. As mentioned already I recommend at least 5 liters (1.32 US gallon or 1.09 Imperial gallon) per Guppy.

What eats fish poop in tank?


There is no fish that will eat poop in an aquarium Occasionally fish are seen chewing on fish poop, but that is because they mistake it for food. Even catfish, plecos, or shrimp do not eat fish poop. The only way to remove fish poop is to use a gravel vacuum and remove it manually.

Guppies Expensive: Are guppies expensive

In Conclusion Guppies usually sell for anywhere between $1 per fish to $100 per pair The cost is usually dictated by rarity.

Are guppies a good first fish?


Yes, guppies are easy to care for even by beginner fish keepers Guppies are easy-going, adaptable fish, capable of coping with a variety of environmental variations, so long as they are not too extreme. If you’re ready to set up a fish tank today, I recommend getting your guppies from a reliable source.

How many times do guppies eat a day?


Mature Guppies Feed adult guppies once or twice a day At least one meal should consist of live food. Unlike young fish, whose frequent meals support rapid development, adults function well with fewer meals.

Guppy Tank: How do you prepare a guppy tank

To set up a guppy tank, start by getting a tank that’s at least 10 gallons and lining the bottom of it with 2 inches of aquarium gravel Then, set up an external power filter to clean the tank water, and fill the tank halfway with water before adding any decorations you want to use.

When should I feed my guppies?


Adult Guppies should be fed once or twice a day If you feed them more, you can overfeed them, and they can get sick. Guppy Fry can be fed three to five times a day. You want to give them smaller amounts of food during each feeding because they are smaller and cannot eat a lot.

How long should water sit before adding guppies?


The first is to age the tap water by letting it sit in an open container for at least 24 hours Chlorine dissolved in the water escapes into the air. Or add dechlorinating chemicals (included in the kit) to tap water.

Why are my guppies swimming up and down?


Fish exhibit many behaviors that tell us how they are feeling, and glass surfing (also known as pacing) is one of them. This is when fish constantly swim up and down the sides of the aquarium glass. One reason they do this is stress It could mean they aren’t happy in their environment, for one reason or another.

Fake Plants: What kind of fake plants do guppies like

Anacharis Elodea Densa Also known as Brazilian Taer Weed, Anacharis Elodea is the perfect background plant for a guppy tank. This fast-growing plant can get up to 8-inches tall with dark green stems and lots of leaves. These leaves make the perfect shelter for guppies to lay eggs and for the fry to grow and hide.

What kind of filter do guppies need?


Sponge Filters They’re an ideal choice for Guppy and other smaller sized fishes since small fish don’t create a lot of waste. Since their filtration intake isn’t as strong as the other aquarium filter types, small fishes, fry and small invertebrates won’t get caught in them.


What do Guppies Need in Their Tank?