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Hungarian Polish Czech Croatian Serbian Slovak and Jewish (from Poland): from korda ‘rope’ (from Latin corda ‘rope’) used as a nickname in various senses including as a metonymic occupational name for a monk with reference to the rope used by monks as belts.

What is the most

popular korda goo


Almond Supreme – The old faithful Almond Supreme has to be the most popular Goo in the range.

Korda Carp Line: Is Korda carp line any good

Korda Carp Monofilament Line Last on our list of the

best fishing line

is Korda’s all purpose Carp Line This quality mono is suitable for just about any carp fishing situations, but it will also win favours with specimen bream, tench, and barbel anglers, not to mention pike anglers as well.

Korda Goo: What is Korda goo used for

This Goo can be used as a

bait soak

for Tigers, Pop-ups or with any PVA presentations All the Supremes are great in

cold water conditions

as the thinner viscosity reacts much quicker in the cooler temperatures. A very sweet and rich natural Garlic Goo which can be used for many bait applications and PVA presentations.

What does Danny Fairbrass own?

GALLERY. Danny Fairbrass is founder and Managing Director of Korda He started making leads in his kitchen 24 years ago. He first sold the leads out of two little black buckets, walking round Walthamstow Reservoirs in the early 1990s.

What happened to Korda?


I’m not expecting too much,” Korda said. The 23-year-old seemed nervous at first as she began detailing what happened when she was diagnosed with the

blood clot

in March. She said she was simply “feeling funny” and that her arm didn’t feel right. After speaking with her family doctor, she went to an emergency room.

Korda Goo Smoke: What’s the difference between Korda goo smoke and supreme

Consistency matters There are two types of Goo – Supreme (or what used to be called Power Smoke) and Smoke. Smoke is much thinner and better for soaking baits in Supreme is syrupy and I find it works well added to pellets to go into a PVA bag or feeder.

How many Korda goos are there?

There are now 24 variants in the range, including blockbusters like Squid Supreme, Pineapple Supreme and the four Almond Goos, to name but a few.

Do carp like almonds?


Carp are nuts about nuts That’s no secret, really, is it? Tigers, peanuts, and even the odd almond and brazil nut has featured in many captures of big carp over the years and they can be a real edge when nobody else is using them.

What is the most abrasion resistant fishing line?

Fishing lines made from different materials vary in abrasion resistance. The four main types are fluorocarbon, monofilament, copolymer and braid. All things being equal in terms of diameter, fluorocarbon is usually the most abrasion resistant.

Korda Goo Supreme: What is Korda goo supreme

The Jungle Juice Goo Supreme is a tropical mix of sweet and

sour citrus flavours

A quick smell will give you a strong ,zesty, fresh aroma – reminiscent of tropical fruit juice. The unique citrus blend, subtle colouring, and abundance of essential oils, help to make Jungle Juice Goo an immediate future classic.

Korda Goo Pva Friendly: Is Korda goo PVA friendly

It’s PVA friendly most of the year , but always remember to shake the bottle well to distribute the ingredients evenly. It’s best during the warmer months, when the weather gets up to 15 or 16 degrees, so spring and summer really. This is an extremely natural, extremely sweet, yet subtle Goo.

Korda Worth: What is Korda worth

The young player, Sebastian Korda has an estimated net worth of $2 million USD in 2022. His major income is from the Tennis prize money and his endorsements. Korda has earned $1,966,262 USD as prize money over these years.

Does Korda own guru?

Korda employed James Armstrong as the first angling journalist to work for a manufacturer, producing a raft of top-notch features for the dedicated carp fishing titles. 2009 saw the launch of Korda’s sister brand, Guru and the unveiling of the Krusha – one of the best-selling carp fishing products ever!.

What does no name goo smell like?

The ‘No Name’ flavour is intriguing and subtle but travels extremely well as a fish attractor in the water. The overall smell is organic and natural … giving an

immediate sense

that something different is going on with the molecular composition of this flavour. It is also free of colour.

Isotonic Goo Smell: What does Isotonic Goo smell like

It has a fruity, ester smell to it and is strong enough that it catches the back of your throat when you sniff it, and it is great for soaking into pop-ups and wafters, to basically create an Isotonic Goo ‘sponge’ which can be used in any water temperature!.

Do carp see colors?


Carp have well developed colour vision that they use for locating food and avoiding predation. The carp’s eyesight isn’t the most useful of senses where the water is highly turbid and light penetration is low. In these environments, the sense of smell and taste are utilised far more in locating food.

Can you use fluorocarbon as a main line?


Fluorocarbon can be used as a mainline, provided you invest in a high-quality fishing line Using a high-end fluoro line as a mainline offers many benefits such as excellent casting distance,

abrasion resistance

and is virtually invisible underwater. Fluorocarbon lines are fantastic lines in their own right.

Fishing Line: What fishing line sinks best

For starters, understand that braids and monofilament float. Fluorocarbon sinks With fluorocarbon, you’re getting low visibility, thin diameter, and good sensitivity. It has some stretch when you set the hook, but not as much as monofilament.

Isotonic Goo: What is Isotonic Goo

Type selected: Isotonic Supreme It has a fruity, ester smell to it and is strong enough that it catches the back of your throat when you sniff it, and it is great for soaking into pop-ups and wafters, to basically create an Isotonic Goo ‘sponge’ which can be used in any water temperature!.

Ali Hamidi: Does Ali Hamidi still work for Korda

Ali Hamidi, a major European carp influencer and mainstay at Korda for 16 years, has announced his decision to leave the UK-based company and set up his own business.

Mainline Baits: Who is the owner of Mainline baits

07 Mainline Baits In 1992, rolling bait out of their mate’s garage, little did Kev Knight and his partner Steve Morgan know they’d be the owners of the largest producer of freezer bait – in the world.

Jessica Korda: Is Jessica Korda married

She married her longtime boyfriend Johnny DelPrete on December 11, 2021.

Nelly Korda: Is Nelly Korda recovering

“ I am now home recovering and preparing to start rehab I am looking forward to getting back to 100 percent so I can begin practicing.” Korda originally announced her blood clot diagnosis on March 13th. Despite her break from tournament play, she’s still ranked No.

Why is Nelly not playing Korda?


Nelly Korda won’t play in LPGA season’s first major while recovering from blood clot. World No. 2 Nelly Korda, who revealed on March 13 that she was suffering from a blood clot in her arm , will not play in the LPGA Tour’s first major of the season, the Chevron Championship next week in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Cc Moore Live System: What is CC Moore Live System

Live System is a highly attractive, sweet, creamy, milk protein and bird food-based boilie which has earned a almost legendary reputation as both an instant and a long-term big fish bait since its release in 2002.

What attracts carp the most?

Carp are omnivorous and will eat plankton, insects, and larvae, as well as tender plant stems and river weeds, so baiting carp is relatively easy. Boilies are the go-to bait for most carp anglers The scent of the fishmeal in the boilies drives carp wild.

Do carp like honey?


2 Clear runny honey Also try Fructose – a perfect hookbait soak which carp just love.

Do carp like cheese?


Do Carp Like Cheese? Cheese is a popular bait choice for carp fisherman mainly due to its strong scent , and its ability to be molded around a hook in a “cheese ball” or “bait ball”.

Carp Fishing: How long should a leader line be for carp fishing

In most cases, the length of your fishing leader should be between 24 to 30 inches Your leader length can be shorter or longer than this, depending on your fishing style, main fishing line, weather, and surrounding underwater features.

Colour Fishing Line: What Colour fishing line is best

Like camouflage, the green line blends into its surroundings and makes a good choice for anglers looking to keep their line invisible to fish. On the other hand, green may be more visible than clear in very clear water. Overall, green is a good line color choice for many different situations.

Lb Line Good: Is 8lb line good for carp

A monofilament mainline around 10-15lb should be absolutely fine for the majority of carp fishing , you just need to take into account the weight of leads you are casting, type of water your fishing and the size fish your targeting.