Do You Need A Carp Cradle?

While it is not required , it is the best way to ensure that your carp are healthy and unharmed after being caught. You could also use an

unhooking mat

, but these don’t offer the protection or support that a carp cradle does.

What is a carp cradle used for?

A carp cradle is an alternative option to an unhooking mat by utilising a raised padded perimeter to keep lively carp safe Using a carp fishing cradle means even if your catch is thrashing around, it will not go anywhere and the raised sides will help to calm it down.

What is carp care?

Some carp care kits may also include: Removing the landing net handle and carefully lifting carp out of the water Using a

retention sling

to transport carp between the lake and cradle/mat. Use a carp cradle, or well padded unhooking mat. Holding carp correctly, and low to the ground.

What is the best unhooking mat?

  • Trakker Sanctuary Cradle.
  • Fox Carpmaster AIR Mat.
  • Nash Deluxe Carp Cradle.
  • Aqua Atom Camo Unhooking Mat.
  • JRC Defender Flat Fold Mat.

What is an unhooking mat?

Unhooking mats are made of a protective outer fabric and a soft foam-based center and used to protect the fish from harming itself while you handle and unhook it on land They come in many different shapes and sizes and are most commonly used for carp fishing.

How much is a carp care kit?

Korda Carp Care Kit – £19.99.

How long can carp stay out of water?

Typical pond fish species, such as koi carp and goldfish, are not equipped with special mechanisms for surviving outside of water. They will quickly deteriorate within a few seconds of gill exposure to air, and will seldom survive past the 3- to 5-minute mark without access to water.

Can you grab a carp?

Make sure that the carp is tired already, and place the net under it in the water. Grab the carp by putting one hand on the bottom of its belly and the other safely secured on its tail To prevent yourself from getting cut by its fins, make sure to wear gloves. Once you have the carp, remove the hook from its mouth.

Can you put carp back in the water?

They are considered as a Noxious Species and must not be returned to the water alive Carp must be killed immediately.

How do you stop carp flapping?

By using either your hands or a wet sling/mat, gently place something dark over the fish’s eyes The darkness will calm the fish down and stop it from flapping. Make sure you consistently keep the fish wet whilst it’s on the mat, this will also help to stop the carp from misbehaving.

Can you use

barbed hooks

in UK?

Any Angler found using them should be banned from fishing , TOTALLY (Weather that be Saltwater or Freshwater), have all equipment confiscated and a fine should be issued. So please the Department for Environment, Food and

rural affairs

take action against these in-humane hooks.

What to do if you can’t unhook a fish?

Use Tools If You Can’t Unhook with Your Hands Scissors, disgorgers and

long-nosed pliers

give you a more precise grip and keep the fish from biting your hand. Scissors let your cut off the barb, while pliers have a tapered head that fits well in the fish’s mouth and can straighten the hook.


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