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Green variations are often considered precious True green bettas do not exist, and if you do find one, the color appears as turquoise.

Green Betta Fish: Do Green betta fish exist

Green betta fish are usually solid green in color but can come in various shades, from turquoise to a deep green that in a certain light, looks almost black The one predominant feature of all green bettas is that they have a metallic wash that shimmers in the light.

Rare Betta Color: What is the most rare betta color

purple purple bettas

are one of the rarest colors, and if you find one it will probably be the most expensive betta fish you could buy. True purple bettas are almost unheard of. Many fish have purple colors shading to blue, red, or lavender.

Betta Fish: Why did my betta fish turn green

green water

” outbreaks are caused by a sudden population explosion of suspended algae known as phytoplankton Unlike other algae species that grow on the glass or objects in the aquarium, green water algae float about the tank and multiply by the billions in a short period of time, in what’s known as a “bloom”.

Rarest Betta Fish: What’s the rarest betta fish

The rarest type of Betta is the

fantail variety

This fish has two caudal fins that are side by side but fused at a small point at the top, making it look similar to a fantail goldfish. This variety is so rare that you can’t really find any information on them or anywhere to buy them.

Betta Fish: Can you put 2 betta fish together

In some instances, yes. If you have a

single male betta

and a female betta this can work just fine Additionally, two females or more in the tank can work just fine, as they typically do not show the same aggressive behavior as their male counterparts.

White Bettas Rare: Are white Bettas rare

Are white bettas rare? White bettas are perhaps one of the more unusual color variants that you find in fish stores , as many hobbyists prefer the brightly colored specimens that really pop in the tank. However, you can find plenty of White Opal specimens online or from specialist dealers.

White Betta: Why did my white betta turn blue

Yes, stress is one of the primary causes of color changes in betta fish Just as people change colors under stressful situations, like turning white as a ghost when shocked or sporting a bright red face while angry, your betta fish reacts in a very similar way.

Betta Fish: How can I play with my betta fish

With patience and a little persistence, you can teach him to do things like follow your finger, eat from your hand, swim through a hoop, play soccer, and even jump out of the water or come up to be petted Fish food is the best reinforcement for desired behavior.

Dragon Betta: What is Dragon betta

The dragon scale betta, or simply referred to as dragon breeds, is a relatively new variety of betta fish with accentuated scales and often metallic coloration While these fish are desired by many for their stoic appearances, the consequences of selective breeding are often seen through eventual blindness.

Nemo Betta: What is a Nemo betta

The Koi Nemo Plakat Betta (Betta splendens “Koi Nemo Plakat) is a very high-grade coloration fish of the

ever-popular plakat body

and fin variety Specimens of this fish boast a variable mix of most colors and often display 5 or more colors on one fish!.

Betta Fish: How do you know a betta fish is happy

Effortless Swimming A happy betta will swim around their tank daily Sometimes they will move almost lazily about, and other times they’ll flit from side to side quickly. If the betta appears to have no trouble swimming and isn’t leaning to the side or struggling, your betta is healthy and happy.

Betta Fish: What stresses betta fish

Fluctuations in water temperature , which is the main cause of stressed Betta fish. Lack of hiding places to relieve stress. Aggressive fish in the same tank. Overstocking the aquarium, which leads to poor water quality and less oxygen.

Do bettas like light?


Do Betta Fish like Light? Yes, they won’t like anything too intense, but a standard aquarium light is perfect Bettas also love aquarium plants, which need an aquarium light to grow and survive.

Gallons Good: Is 10 gallons good for a betta

Bettas enjoy swimming and are energetic fish. Therefore, a

minimum tank size

of 5 to 10 gallons is recommended Your Betta can swim freely in a tank this size. The toxicity of the water builds up more slowly with more significant amounts of water, providing your fish with a healthier environment to live in.

What type of betta is least aggressive?


The Betta Imbellis is the least aggressive species in the betta fish family. These bettas are highly docile and have a very calm and well-behaved attitude throughout their life.

Mustard Gas Betta Rare: Are mustard gas betta rare

Are mustard gas bettas rare? In a nutshell, yes! A mustard gas betta that’s directly descended from those that were originally bred 20 or so years ago is an incredibly rare find Most of the fish you see these days are bred from one male mustard gas betta and a female of another species.

Purple Betta Rare: Is a purple betta rare

Are Purple Bettas Rare? A true, completely purple betta is a very rare type of betta fish With betta fish being one of the most common fish to be bred over time, there have been numerous color variations of betta fish spawned into existence.

Fancy Betta: What is a fancy Betta

The Fancy Plakat Betta (Betta splendens) is a very high-grade coloration fish of the ever-popular plakat body and fin variety Specimens of this fish boast a variable mix of bright red, bold blue, powder blue, soft iridescent pink, and/or elegant white. sometimes all in the same specimen!.

Pet Store Bettas: How old are pet store bettas

Because a Betta purchased at a pet shop is often one year old already. Males, in particular, are allowed to fully mature, so their fins and colors are well developed. Females may be sold at a bit younger age, but they will generally be at least six months old when offered for sale.

Can betta fish change gender?


In Experiment 1, female Betta given daily injections of testosterone (T) for 9 weeks acquired anatomical features characteristic of males as indicated by changes in fin length, body coloration, and gonadal morphology. These findings suggested that a potential for sex reversal exists in females of this species.

Can I put a snail with my betta?


Snails are great little guys to put in with bettas The fish probably won’t even realise they’re there. Make sure they aren’t too little or the betta may attempt to eat them. That said, there’s a few types of aquarium snails that’ll go great with your betta!.

Betta Fish Worth: How much is a betta fish worth

Although prices vary between bettas, you can generally gauge how much you’re going to spend based on the breed you choose. You can find different varieties of betta, ranging from around $2 per fish to as much as $30 for a betta.

Common Color: What is the most common color of betta fish

Just as the veiltail shows a dominant trait in all types of bettas, so does the red color It’s the most prevalent of any color, which is why you often see it in pet stores. Bettas of other color types may even have a “red wash” due to the prominence in their genetic code.

Do bettas recognize their owners?


These fish are smart enough to recognize their owners and respond to your presence While they may not show affection like our furry types of pets or respond to their name, they can show interest and affiliation toward their owners and will reciprocate if you spend the time to develop a positive relationship with them.

Bettas Happy: Are bettas happy alone

Betta fish can experience frustration and depression. While most of them can be happy in a tank alone , their environment still needs plenty of enrichment, such as caves, plants, and room to explore. They also experience stress—especially when their fins are picked at by other noncompatible fish placed in the same tank.

What do bettas like in their tank?


Your Betta will love swimming in a tank which contains caves to hide in and plants that provide plenty shady areas Betta’s enjoy lounging on leaves and have comfortable places to hide and sleep. It’s important you check ornaments for spots that could snag or tear your Bettas delicate fins.

Betta Need: What size tank does a betta need

Bettas need an aquarium with at least 3 gallons (11 liters) , a filter and a heater. Set up their new home at least one day before they arrive.

Female Betta Fish: Can female betta fish lay eggs without a male

Can Female Betta fish lay eggs without male fish being present? Yes, they can However, the eggs will not hatch into baby fish as they have not been fertilized by a male fish. Female fish are constantly producing, and typically, the female fish will reabsorb the eggs rather than waste them.

Koi Betta Rare: Are koi Betta rare

Breeders in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia usually ship them to Betta enthusiasts on demand. Finding a Koi Betta at your local fish store by chance is therefore very rare but not impossible!.

Dumbo Betta: What is a Dumbo Betta

The Dumbo Betta is one of the most ornate and unusual varieties of Betta splendens This variety has very enlarged pectoral fins that look like large elephant ears on either side of the betta’s head. These fins may have similar coloration to the body or may even be a contrasting color.

Butterfly Betta: What is a butterfly betta

August 25, 2021 Robert. The butterfly betta is a much-sought-after freshwater tropical fish It is extremely popular, both because of its striking and unusual colors and its distinctive shape. This freshwater fish is among the many varieties of magnificent tropical fish that are commonly known as Betta.

Betta Fish: Why is my betta fish turning GREY

If the body becomes splotchy or one confined area becomes dull or gray you may have a bacterial or external fungal infection Keep in mind that it is normal for a betta’s color to change slowly as it ages and older bettas will often get a “beard” or an area under the mouth that becomes dull or gray in color.

Marble Betta: What is a marble betta

“Marble” is used to describe a type of betta fish by its physical blotchy appearance but more importantly by the special genes they have called, jumping genes or Transposons as they are now called These Transposons are what make marble bettas notorious color changers. Genes are responsible for a variety of things.

Betta Fish: Can I touch my betta fish

A betta fish should not be touched ; it may get spooked and respond by biting you or becoming afraid of you (which would undo any training and playing you’ve been doing to get it used to you). Touching a fish can also affect the natural slime coating by removing it and if this happens, the fish is vulnerable to disease.

Betta Fish: Can my betta fish hear me

They also use their senses to detect changes in the water’s vibrations to find prey of their own. Keep in mind that betta fish do not have super hearing, and water will dampen sound. However, yes, they can hear your voice They are not like a cat or a dog and can recognize their name.



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