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On average, Dachshund puppies go from $300 to $3500. However, Dachshund puppy prices in Ontario range between $1000 and $3500.

How much do

dachshunds cost


The Dachshund is becoming quite a

popular dog choice

for many reasons, and their price is dependent on several different factors. The

short answer

is you can expect to pay, on average, around $500-$1000 for your puppy. Depending on where you acquire your dog, prices range between $300 and $3500.

Rarest Breed: What is the rarest breed of dachshund

Tan Dachshund Tan, or wheaten Dachshunds, are extremely rare. This

coat color

looks like a golden brown or wheat brown and originally only appeared in wire-haired dogs.

What are 3 types of dachshund?


Dachshunds are bred with three coat varieties: (1) Smooth, (2) Long, and (3) Wirehaired , and is shown in two sizes: standard and miniature.

Dachshunds Smart: Are dachshunds smart

Dachshunds are average-intelligent dogs , according to canine psychologist, Stanley Coren. In fact, the breed is the

92nd smartest dog breed

for working & obedience IQ. However, this low ranking is largely due to their stubborn nature.

Dachshunds Good Family Dogs: Are dachshunds good family dogs

As family dogs, dachshunds are

loyal companions


good watchdogs

They are good with children if treated well. They can be slightly difficult to train. Some dachshund fanciers say there are

personality differences

among the different varieties of the breed.

Dachshund Dogs: How long do Dachshund dogs live

The Dachshund breed, which has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years , occasionally suffers from diabetes, gastric torsion, deafness, seizures, patellar luxation, keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) and Cushing’s disease.

Why are dachshunds so expensive?


The Law of Supply and Demand applies here. Some dachshunds are more in demand than others based on their coat textures and colors The more popular a dachshund breed is, the higher it may cost.

Dachshunds Difficult Dogs: Are dachshunds difficult dogs

Yes, the dachshund, the weiner dog, better known in some countries as the sausage dog. This vicious beast, despite enjoying a good reputation, is at the very top of a list of 33 dog breeds that were rated for their aggression in a study that analyzed the behavior of thousands of dogs.

Fluffy Dachshund: What is a fluffy Dachshund called

Smooth-Haired Dachshunds The majority of U.S. dachshunds have smooth coats. These coats are soft, short, shiny, and dense. They also require very little grooming.

Isabella Dachshund: What is a Isabella Dachshund

An Isabella Dachshund is a light brown or fawn-colored Dachshund that carries a recessive gene from both parents that diminishes the chocolate color of their fur Their

entire body

may be of one color and some may exhibit some patterns of cream or tan mixed in.

Do dachshunds like to cuddle?


Dachshunds are loyal to their people. What is this? They love to snuggle with you on the couch , sleep with you in bed, and follow you around the house (including into the bathroom).

Dachshunds Bark Alot: Do dachshunds bark alot

Learn how to quiet them here. Dachshunds were bred to be hunting dogs, and like all hunting dogs, they tend to bark Their bark can be loud, especially considering their small size. Many Dachshunds are sensitive to changes in their environments, which increases the likelihood of excessive barking.

Dachshunds High Maintenance: Are dachshunds high maintenance

They love being with their family, to the point that some would describe them as a little needy. However, if they are left for long periods without human interaction, they can become distressed. Whatever the case, the Dachshund is not a low maintenance dog temperament wise.

Do dachshunds shed?


It’s likely no surprise that longhaired dachshunds shed the most of the three coat types (and that when they do shed, it’s more obvious!). These doxies have a dense undercoat, so like their wirehaired friends, longhaired dachshunds shed more prominently two times a year with the seasons.

What is a dapple dachshund?


Dapple dachshunds are a breed of short-legged long wire-haired dachshund dog They make excellent pets due to their intelligence and friendliness, and their small size. Dapple

dachshund puppies

are interesting dogs. They have a long, tapering body with short legs and ears that point to the sky.

Cheapest Puppy: What is the cheapest puppy

Chihuahuas are the cheapest dog breed because of how affordable it is to take care of them.

How often do dachshunds need to be walked?


Your Dachshund will need a minimum of an hour exercise every day (half an hour if you have a miniature variety). This should be split into a couple of walks , one slightly longer to allow lots of time for sniffing. They will also need plenty of time to run and play off-lead in a secure area.

Do dachshunds have an odor?


Doxies typically don’t have a doggie odor and can usually go months between baths. Any unusual odor typically means there’s something medically amiss, and you’re smelling the results of the issue.

Red Dachshund: What is a red Dachshund

Red Dachshund An easy way to distinguish a Red Dachshund is by their black nose and nails If the Dachshund doesn’t have a black nose and nails, then it’s not a true Red. It might be a dilute Red or even carry the chocolate gene, but this won’t make them chocolate-red. They are simply referred to as Red Dilutes.

Red Dapple Dachshunds Rare: Are red dapple Dachshunds rare

Red Dapple Doxies are by far the rarest It is also important to note, however, that the Dapple coat is a pattern, not a color. The Dapple coat is a merle pattern, which is the contrasting lighter areas on a dark coat. The amount of ”spots” on any given Dapple Doxie can vary greatly.

White Dachshund: What is a white Dachshund called

The piebald Dachshund pattern is growing in popularity. They have a white or cream coat with patches and spots in another, darker color. Dogs with this pattern are similar to all other Dachshunds in terms of size and physical traits.

Potty Train: Are dachshunds hard to potty train

Introduction. As cute as they are, Dachshunds are notoriously hard to potty train In fact, statistics show they are among the top 20 breeds considered to be the hardest to housebreak.

Mini Dachshunds: How long do mini dachshunds live

Miniature Dachshund Lifespan The miniature Dachshund is a smaller version of the Dachshund and has a life expectancy of 12-16 years They only reach a weight of 11 pounds while a standard-sized Dachshund can weigh about 30 pounds.

Can dachshunds swim?


Can Dachshunds Swim? Dachshunds can often naturally swim , and they can be taught to swim. But just because Dachshunds can swim doesn’t mean they like to.

How long can dachshunds hold their pee for?


These estimates are a good starting point but may not be accurate for every dog. Adult dogs can hold their pee for up to 10-12 hours if needed, but that doesn’t mean that they should. The average adult dog should be allowed to relieve itself at least 3-5 times per day. That’s at least once every 8 hours.

Male Dachshunds: Are female or male dachshunds better

In short, male Dachshunds are more playful, affectionate, and easy-going, while females tend to be more independent, reserved, and temperamental Both can be somewhat hard to train because of their stubbornness, and both might not get along with the same gender.

Do dachshunds bite?


1. Dachshund. This may be the breed most likely to bite These dogs are usually playful and make great pets, but they do chase smaller animals, show aggression to strangers and new dogs, and if they develop separation anxiety, tend to be destructive and chew up the house.

How do you pick up a Dachshund?


To hold a dachshund properly, slip 1 hand under its upper body to support its chest. Spread your fingers to support as much of the dog’s upper body as possible. Then, place your other hand under the dog’s rump to support the lower body. Slowly lift the dog while keeping its body level and its back fully supported.

Dachshund Calm: At what age does a Dachshund calm down

When Do Dachshunds Calm Down? In my experience, Dachshunds start to calm down around 1 year of age As with most small breed puppies, that 1 year mark can be a game changer for many.

What is the longest a Dachshund has lived?


The world’s oldest living dog is a miniature dachshund named Funny, aged 21 years 169 days (as verified on 12 November 2020).

Shortest Lifespan: What dog has the shortest lifespan

Flat-faced dog breeds, including French Bulldogs and Pugs , have the shortest life expectancy, a new study has found. According to vets at the Royal Veterinary College, brachycephalic dogs don’t live as long due to the increased risk of breathing problems, skin fold infections and spinal disease they face.

Are dachshunds better in pairs?


In many cases, two is better than one But, getting two littermates together, can sometimes lead to behavioural issues and aggression in the future. It’s called ‘littermate syndrome’. This can also happen with puppies of the same age and size that come from different litters (especially two females).

Is a Dachshund a good first dog?


Dachshunds may be a little stubborn, but they’re an excellent dog if you are a first-time dog owner As long as you are patient with them, they can be patient with you.

Favorite Person: Do dachshunds have a favorite person

Are dachshunds loyal to one person? Yes. Dachshunds are a loyal breed and often attach intensely to one person (usually the one that feeds them or spends most time with them). If he’s constantly following you around don’t overindulge him, as this can lead to problems with separation anxiety.

Why you should not buy a dachshund?


Dachshunds can be wonderful companions but are not a good fit for everyone. These reasons include: Dachshunds are stubborn and “tenacious” according to the AKC breed description. That means they aren’t always the best for for first-time dog owners.

Why do dachshunds nip?


Dachshunds, like all puppies, use their mouths to explore their world. They bite or ‘mouth’ people and other dogs to get their attention. They nip when they’re playing and having fun They chew when they’re teething to sooth sore gums.

Harlequin Dachshund: What is a Harlequin dachshund

The dictionary defines “harlequin” as “ clown- like ” or “comical”, a definition that suits our miniature dachshunds well. Thus, our kennel name, Harlequin Dachshunds.

What does EE cream mean in Dachshunds?


Clear Cream or EE Contrary to the shaded cream, clear cream Dachshunds or EE cream Dachshunds are born very light and only exhibit a slightly darker tone as they mature They don’t have any dark pigments on the tip of their ears and tail because they are genetically incapable of producing any color.

Double Dapple: How can you tell if a dachshund is a double dapple

How can I spot if my Dachshund is a Double Dapple or Single Dapple? Double Dapples will tend to show large white areas on the body that are usually not symmetrical which is why they can be prone to be confused with Piebalds. A single Dapple will not show large areas of white and will not have micro eyes.