Explained: Is Cat Food OK For Hedgehogs

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feeding hedgehogs

Leave out foods like tinned dog or

cat food

and crushed cat or

dog biscuits

If the hedgehog is very young – roughly apple-sized – you’ll need to soak the biscuits in water first. You can also get good quality,

meaty hedgehog food

from wildlife food suppliers.

What kind of cat food do hedgehogs eat?


Chicken and turkey are the easiest for hedgehogs to digest. Chicken also contains a little bit of L-carnitine, which is a chemical vital for a hedgehog’s heart health. The best cat food should also have a lower fat content for your average hedgehog. Aim for cat foods that contain between 5-15% of crude fat.

Dry Cat Food: What dry cat food is best for hedgehogs

What food should I feed to wild hedgehogs? Good quality proprietary hedgehog biscuits, dog biscuits and cat biscuits are best in that order.

Can hedgehogs eat cat food in gravy?


Yes, nutritionally there will be no difference between those in gravy, jelly or loaf form Hedgehogs wild diet is very varied and can even include carrion, so any stomach upsets are very unlikely to be caused by the gravy or jelly in tinned foods. How do I stop cats eating the food I put out for hedgehogs?.

Adult Cat Biscuits: Can hedgehogs eat adult cat biscuits

Cat and dog food has been scientifically balanced to be safe and nutritious, and contains no ingredients that are harmful to hedgehogs. Although both dog and cat food are

perfect supplementary foods

for hedgehogs, because they have

small mouths

the tiny size of kitten biscuits is ideal.

Can hedgehogs eat cat food with rice?


Hedgehogs should only be fed small amounts. The rice should not be seasoned or cooked in oil, or have any salt added to it. You can mix other foods with the rice to provide nutrition to your hedgehog such as cat food , dog food, special hedgehog feed, cooked meat, some fruits and some vegetables.

Friskies Good: Is Friskies good for hedgehogs

But don’t feed the one you linked – Whiskas is not a good brand. Nor is Friskies, Fancy Feast, etc Try looking for some of the brands that are suggested for dry foods, they usually have canned food available too – Solid Gold, Wellness, Natural Balance, Chicken Soup, etc.

Why can’t hedgehogs eat fish based cat food?


A common misconception surrounding hedgehogs and cat food is that they cannot eat fish based cat food. However, this is not actually the case. They can eat fish based cat food with no issues. The only problem that may arise is that the hedgehog will not be as keen on the flavor.

Can hedgehogs eat Dreamies?


Water in heavy bottomed, shallow container so that smaller ones can reach it easily too. Have put down various food items for our visiting hedgehog but his favourite is the chicken flavour cat treat, Dreamies A small packet lasts for ages.

Purina Good: Is Purina good for hedgehogs

Purina One was recommended to me when I first purchased my hedgehogs and they have liked it and are healthy eating it Be sure to watch their weight. If a hedgehog can no longer form into a ball, it’s too heavy. Hedgehogs should eat around 100 calories or 1-2 tablespoons of dry cat food per day.

Salmon Cat Biscuits: Can hedgehogs eat salmon cat biscuits

Statement – ‘ You shouldn’t feed hedgehogs fish flavoured cat food ‘. False – Whilst some hedgehogs do not find fish flavoured food particularly palatable, there is no nutritional difference between fish flavoured food and any other flavour.

What wet cat food is best for hedgehogs?


What kind of cat food can pygmy hedgehogs eat? Favourite brands among African pygmy hedgehog owners are Purina One and

iams high quality

, poultry-based cat biscuits seem to be the number one choice among hedgehog owners.

Can hedgehogs eat Weetabix?


Feeding hedgehogs: Use a plain, meat-based cat food, or a specialist hedgehog food (sold in garden centres), which helps to keep their teeth sharp and clean. If you have a problem with cats eating the food, try unsweetened muesli or Weetabix instead.

Mealworms Ok: Are dried mealworms OK for hedgehogs

We DO NOT recommend feeding dried meal worms to hedgehogs , they contain almost no nutritional value and can harm their health. The x-ray of the entire hedgehog shows the effects of feeding large quantities of mealworms, she had severe metabolic bone disease.

Can hedgehogs have canned tuna?


Can hedgehogs eat tuna? Yes, only if the tuna is freshed, unseasoned and no oil drizzled on it Canned tuna that is usually drenched in oil is a strict NO for your hedgehogs. As canned tuna is being preserved with a high salt content, it might not be ideal for your hedgehog in terms of its health.

Can hedgehogs have scrambled eggs?


Cooked meat: High protein, low-fat canned dog or cat food, as well as cooked chicken, can be offered in small amounts to a pet hedgehog. Cooked eggs: An occasional bit of scrambled or hard-boiled egg is a nice treat that’s packed with protein for a hedgehog.

Is cat food or dog food better for hedgehogs?


What can I feed hedgehogs? Hedgehogs will relish any combination of meat-based wet dog or cat foods, or dry cat/kitten food , as these are high in the protein that they need. Just remember, they will be getting most of their food from insects and worms in the wild, and this food is only supplementary.

Royal Canin Good: Is Royal Canin good for hedgehogs

For hedgehogs younger than 6 months Royal Canin Mother and Babycat can be given For very active hedgehogs who battle to keep weight on, a combination of the two foods can be give. For hedgehogs who put on weight easily, or are overweight, Eukanuba Resticted Calorie dry cat food is recommended.

Do hedgehogs eat

bird seed


Bird Seed? Hedgehogs are often first seen in gardens eating spilled bird food under feeders. They will be eating the seeds as well as all the insects and invertibrates that gather there. Small quanities of seeds and nuts are not harmful to hedgehogs but can cause issues if eaten to excess.

Human Food: What human food can hedgehogs eat

Some commonly enjoyed human food treats to offer include cooked chicken, scrambled or boiled egg, other cooked meats, melons, strawberries, peaches, other soft fruits, peas, cooked carrots, green beans, cooked sweet potato, tomato, cottage cheese, yogurt, small pieces of cheese, baby foods, baby turkey sticks, and more.

Sunflower Seeds: Can hedgehogs eat sunflower seeds

Good Food: – Biscuits such as Purina One or similar kitten biscuits (chicken). – Sunflower seeds (in small amounts) – Nuts (Ideally crushed so they don’t choke).

Should I feed hedgehogs in my garden?


Feeding hedgehogs in your garden should only be a supplement to their natural diet, or to help them during the harder Winter months , so it is important to not offer too much of any one type of food. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant so milk can make them very ill and should never be offered.




What do hedgehogs eat & what can you feed them?

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