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northland tackle brand

and product offerings are sometimes viewed and thought of as one for walleye and pan fisherman, but the founders, brothers, John and Duane Peterson are bass heads just like us and offer tackle that puts big bass in the boat across the country, including some hot new products that Northland.

Northland Tackle: Is Northland Tackle Made in USA

Manufactured in the heart of Minnesota’s

finest fishing waters

, Northland® is one of the country’s leading producers of premium quality jigs,

live bait rigs

, spinnerbaits and spoons for Panfish, Perch, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Northern Pike and Muskie.

How big do minnows need to be for walleye?


Bigger Minnows The 5 to 6

inch minnows

will work well for walleye in the 18 to 30 inch range and even bigger.

Stinger Hook: What is a stinger hook


stinger hook

is simply an extra hook added to the existing rig There are stinger hooks readily available for sale but it is also possible for you to improvise – just tie the hook to a leader line and connect it to your rig, be it a live bait, jig, anything.

Bagley Baits: Is Bagley baits still in business

BAGLEY BAIT COMPANY Bagley Bait Co. has been crafting high quality balsa and resin fishing lures since 1954 and today its lures are valued by serious fishermen worldwide.

What fish can you catch with a jig?


Jigging can be done for all types of fish; the list is nearly endless—from salmon and trout to bluegill and bass Kokanee salmon are just one of many fish species that can be caught jigging. Like the name suggests, a little bit of a dance is involved with jigging, but on the lure’s behalf.

Jig Head: Do you put bait on a jig head

Jig heads can be fished shallow; they can be fished deep and anywhere in between. Jigs can be tipped with live bait or it can be teamed with plastics to pretty much catch any fish that swims. Looking at the jig head you can make the statement that it is one of the most versatile delivery systems known to fishermen.

Where is the

best place

to hook a minnow?

If you intend to cast multiple times, the best way to hook the minnow is through its lips Start by hooking the lower lip and then the upper; the hook will be upright, and should allow the minnow to move normally. Another

effective method

is to hook through the minnow’s spine.

Frozen Minnows: Can you fish with frozen minnows

We use frozen minnows year round I actually use those insulated bait pucks just to keep my minnows thawed out when I’m ice fishing, they will freeze on the ice otherwise. Cam do you notice any difference between salted and non salted minnows?.

Best Bait: What’s the best bait to catch a walleye

Live Bait. Live bait can be highly successful for walleye, which usually involves still fishing, drifting, or trolling the bait. A bottom-bouncing rig or slip sinker is effective for drawing the walleye’s attention in clear water. The best choices of live bait include leeches, minnows, and nightcrawlers.

Best Lure: What is the best lure to use to catch walleye

If live bait is not readily available or you’re set on targeting trophies, then lures are the way to go. These are some of the most historically popular lures: Crankbait, Grubs, Paddle Tails, and Ring Worms The best walleye lure of all time, grubs on a jig, are the most popular alternative to live bait.

Stinger Hooks: Can you use Stinger hooks for walleye

Walleye are well known for being a species that often bites light or strikes short. To maximize fishing effort, adding a stinger hook often is the difference between a fish dinner and going home empty handed.


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