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Report sick or injured raccoons to 311 If you have a raccoon issue, call a professional. The law does allow

unlicensed homeowners

to destroy raccoons that damage property.

Can I have a

pet raccoon


new york


Raccoons are important furbearers, providing income and recreation to hunters and trappers in New York State. Many people enjoy watching or photographing raccoons. Some people feed them, but this is unnecessary and unwise. Keeping raccoons as pets may be harmful to both humans and raccoons, and is illegal.

Local Wildlife Rehabilitator: Who is my local wildlife rehabilitator

If your

state wildlife agency

doesn’t list wildlife rehabilitators in your area, you can check for the nearest wildlife rehabilitators by going to the AnimalHelpNow website You can also locate wildlife rehabilitators by visiting the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association’s (NWRA) “Finding a Rehabilitator” page.

Are there raccoons in Brooklyn?


Yes, there are Raccoons in Brooklyn ! However cute they may be, they can be a nuisance when they forage in your trash, nest in your roof, or sneak into your kitchen. Here are tips from your PSP neighbors!.

What should I do if I see a raccoon in my yard?


What To Do if You Find Raccoons in Your Yard. If you find raccoons on your property, removal is essential. It is dangerous to attempt to remove them on your own, though. Instead, you’ll need to contact a pest control company that is knowledgeable about raccoon removal.

Pet Raccoon: How can I get a pet raccoon

If they are permitted where you live, the best way to get a pet raccoon is through an established breeder Raccoons bred and raised in a home with humans can bond more easily and adjust faster to life as

domestic animals

as opposed to a

wild raccoons

. Wild raccoons should stay right where they are in the wild.

Good Pets: Do raccoons make good pets

Raccoons can be difficult to keep as pets , and you may face challenges having one in your home. Various temperaments. Raccoons can be aggressive and might bite anyone, including family, pets, strangers, and other animals. Adult raccoons, if not domesticated, can become aggressive as young as six months old.

Can you house train a raccoon?


Raccoons are nearly impossible to house train It could take months to train a raccoon to use a litter box.

Sick Possum: What to do if you find a sick possum

Seek immediate assistance. Contact your local Opossum Society of the United States member, state department of wildlife, veterinarian, wildlife rehabilitator or animal control.

Where do racoons go during the day?


During the day, raccoons find shelter in all environments In urban areas,

raccoons sleep

in abandoned cars, dumpsters, and sewer drains, but hide in attics, garages, and underneath decks in suburban areas. In the wilderness, they live sleep in tree hollows, under rocks, and vacant animal dens.

Why are there so many racoons in NYC?


As the city urbanized, their population declined due to habitat loss but then began to rise again in the past few decades as raccoons figured out how to thrive in our improving green spaces and among

dense human populations

Our likeness to these creatures extends beyond their affinity for fire escapes and park space.

Where do raccoons sleep in NYC?


Daytime Hiding Places for Raccoons They build their dens in hollow logs or tree trunks, the abandoned dens of other animals, and areas of dense, wooded underbrush that will offer them protection from predators and the elements.

Will raccoons leave on their own?


Homeowners with an infestation may wonder, “Will raccoons leave on their own?” Generally speaking, these pests won’t leave without intervention because they have found food and shelter in the home, allowing them to avoid their natural predators during scavenging.

How long do raccoons stay in one place?


How Long Do Raccoons Stay In One Place? It is not common for raccoons to stay in one place for longer than a few nights , except when a

mother raccoon

gave birth to babies. Young individuals start leaving the safety of their den at 8 to 9 weeks old, which is when they move from one place to the next with their mother.

In what states is it legal to own a raccoon?


It’s legal to own a pet raccoon in the following states: Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.