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generous floor space multi-level

living A

multi-level cage

with different platforms will make the most of the available space, giving your hamster more areas to explore Wire sides will allow them to climb around the bars of the cage – a favourite pastime and

great exercise


What cage is best for a hamster?


A large wire cage designed specifically for hamsters, a glass tank, or a

plastic habitat

is your best choice for hamster housing. Of course, these big cages take up space. If you are short of space you might go for a multi-tier wire or plastic cage.

Syrian Hamster: What cage is best for a Syrian hamster

Aim for a minimum of 24 inches by 12 inches, and at least 12 inches tall However, to keep your hamster active and happy, try to get a bigger cage—when it comes to hamster cages, bigger is always better. Syrian hamsters need ample space to run and play, and the actual floor space of the cage is important for this.

Cage Better: Is a tank or wired cage better for a hamster

The Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine, however, recommends using a wire cage over a glass tank. A wire tank offers easier maintenance and a healthier living environment for your pet. Either way, hamsters are delicate creatures, so weekly cleaning and sanitizing is a must.

Hamster Cage: How often should you clean hamster cage

Besides scooping out dirty bedding every day, plan to change out all of the bedding in your hamster’s habitat once a week. This includes removing any food your hamster may have stored throughout the week, as well. Wash the entire habitat once a month.

Do hamsters get lonely?


The simple answer to this question is no; hamsters do not get lonely Although they’re now often kept as pets, hamsters were originally desert animals. In the desert, resources such as food and water are limited, so hamsters have evolved to protect their territory and resources from other hamsters.

Sand Baths: Do hamsters need sand baths

Because hamsters naturally clean themselves, they shouldn’t need sand baths However giving your hamster a sand bath can actually help it clean itself. Additionally, whilst sand baths are allowed for hamsters, dust baths are not recommended, as they could give your pet respiratory problems.

Is it cruel to keep hamsters in cages?


Hamsters Need Large, Secure Homes If an enclosure is too small, the animal can develop “cage rage,” a condition caused by stress that can lead to various behavioral issues, including biting, excessive urinating, and incessant cage-bar biting that can cause serious harm to teeth.

Hamster Cage: Do you have to cover a hamster cage at night

No Need to Wrap Their Cages It’s only natural for hamsters to not sleep at night, because they’re nocturnal. Wrapping or covering your hamster’s cage and making his environment darker won’t encourage him to sleep. Darkness encourages these

little rodents

to be awake, after all.

Syrian Hamsters: Do Syrian hamsters like to be held

The Syrian hamster is the most popular pet hamster. Often referred to as teddy bear, short hair or fancy hamsters they are known to be very docile and enjoy being held.

Syrian Hamsters: Can I keep 2 Syrian hamsters together

It is often recommended that Syrian hamsters are housed on opposite sides of a room and in such a way they cannot see each other. While some Syrian hamsters can live in habitats near each other without incident, there are others who cannot even have another Syrian in the same room.

Fish Tank: Can I put my hamster in a fish tank

Using an Aquarium for your Hamster Cage. If you have one Syrian hamster, or a pair of dwarf hamsters, an aquarium is a good choice for a hamster cage The glass or plastic 10 or 20 gallon fish tank offers a lot of benefits including visibility, safety, and cleanliness.

What bedding do you use for hamsters?


timothy hay

or dried grass can be a

suitable bedding source

and can be found at your local Petco. Wood shavings are a common bedding source, and Aspen shavings are recommended most for your little one. Stay away from Cedar shavings, as they can cause nasal and bronchial irritation for your hamster.

Hamster Need: How much bedding does a hamster need

Hamsters need a minimum bedding depth of four to six inches The best depth of bedding depends on the type of hamster. For example, Syrians need deeper bedding than dwarf hamsters.

Do hamsters prefer to live alone?


All hamsters are different, and some of them really do prefer to be alone — and they won’t be afraid to show it. A territorial hamster won’t hesitate to use lethal force on another, so if yours seem often embroiled in battle, it’s best to separate them before anyone gets hurt.

Do hamsters need hay?


Hamsters can eat hay, but they don’t need it like guinea pigs do Instead, they will eat it only if they like it with their regular food. Hamsters get some nutritional benefits from eating hay, although their diet will not be much more balanced if they eat it. Some hamsters will chew hay instead of eating it.

Hamster Cage: What happens if a hamster cage is too small

This is one of the largest problems pet hamsters face. You need to make sure your hamster cage is big enough as a small cage can cause a lot of stress which could lead to depression and your hamster become more open to illnesses.

Do hamsters sleep when stressed?


Hamsters That Are Stressed Will Sleep More Than Usual Hamsters can sleep a lot and at odd hours of the day, so it’s normal not to see them come out of their homes all the time while you’re around.

Hamster Poop: How do you clean hamster poop

Every day, scoop the poop , spot-clean the toilet area, and provide your hammy fresh food and water. Use a scoop or

gloved hands

to remove soiled bedding and dispose of it.

Can you potty train a hamster?


Yes, you can ! If you want a cleaner cage that doesn’t smell like ammonia, potty training your hamster is the answer for you. Hamsters are very intelligent pets that learn quickly; therefore, hamster potty training will be quite a breeze. They’re clean animals who naturally prefer to potty in the same spot.

Syrian Hamster: How much food does a Syrian hamster need a day

So, How Much Do Hamsters Eat? Hamsters eat, on average, only about one to two tablespoons full of food per 24 hours They avidly put everything else into storage. Syrian hamsters—the larger ones, also called Golden Hamsters—may eat a little more; dwarf hamsters eat a little less.

How much space do hamsters need to be happy?


A hamster cage is a cage designed to house a hamster or hamsters. Hamster cages need to be at least 450 square inches of floor space or bigger like the one shown, although many experts such as Gernot Kuhnen recommend that hamsters thrive with larger cage sizes.

What should a hamster live in?


A suitable home cage – wild hamsters live in deep burrows and naturally build nests. They quickly dig burrows and can escape easily from poorly constructed cages. Pet hamsters prefer to occupy a cage with a solid floor covered by a suitable litter material.

Hamster Cage: Where do you put a hamster cage

Keep their cages away from direct sunlight, and away from fireplaces or radiators They should also be kept away from bathrooms, drafts, damp areas, or air conditioning units. Hamsters should never be kept in a conservatory or any other sunny garden-based room or outbuilding.

Hamsters Water: How often should I change my hamsters water

Make sure you check the water bottle daily for leaks and/or blockages and change your hamster’s water at least once a day You should also make time to regularly clean the bottle and nozzle properly to avoid contamination.

Can I leave my hamster alone for a week?


While you can leave your hamster without food or water for a recommended amount of 3 or 4 days max, you can leave him alone for up to a week, if you provide the proper amount of food and water It’s best, though, if you can have someone take care of your hamster for you or at least check in on him once or twice.

How often do you feed a hamster?


Feeding Your Hamster. Feed your hamster once per day in either the morning or evening. Specialists differ as to whether it is better to feed your hamster in the morning or evening. It is important, however, that hamsters eat regularly.

How do hamsters like to be stroked?


Remember that hamsters are small, delicate creatures that can easily be injured. Pet the hamster gently with your index and middle finger down the hamster’s back. Use gentle strokes and never make sudden movements Chances are your hamster will become relaxed and may even fall asleep while you pet him.

How do you tell if your hamster loves you?


If the hamster likes you, they will be interested in the sound of your voice Watch the hamster’s behavior when you walk up to the hamster cage and place your hand near it. If they show interest in you by coming up to you or looking at you, they like you.

Can hamsters eat cheese?


Many hamsters love the taste of cheese, but its high fat and sodium content is not especially healthy for hamsters If your hamster enjoys cheese and seems to tolerate it well, you can offer it occasionally in small amounts. Hamsters should get no more than a pea-sized amount of cheese just once or twice a week.

Hamster Smell: Why does my

hamster smell

like pee

Why does my hamster’s cage always smell like urine? It might not be the litter that’s causing your hamster cage to stink of pee. It might be the cage itself Most hamster and rodent cages are made of metal or plastic – two materials that tend to absorb odors.

Salt Licks: Do hamsters need salt licks

Hamster do not need salt licks any more than they need mineral chews They get enough salt from their food mix, so they should not have any deficiency.

Terrible Pets: Why hamsters are terrible pets

Many people who choose hamsters as a pet fail to take into account the animal’s nocturnal lifestyle These rodents will spend much of the day curled up asleep and can become aggressive and bite if they are disturbed. At nighttime, when their human owner is trying to sleep, they get active.

Do hamsters recognize their owners?


In the beginning, your hamster won’t know you from anyone else With proper socialization, however, not only will your hamster recognize you, he’ll bond with you. In order to maintain this bond, you’ll need to handle your hamster regularly. You can’t expect your hamster to bond with everyone, though.

Do hamsters need light at night?


Hamsters typically eat their meals at night, and they also typically get their exercise at night. Darkness makes them feel energetic and ready to conquer their “days.” Because of that, hamsters need to have the lights off at night.

Is it cruel to take a hamster’s wheel out at night?


Hamster wheels should not be taken out during the night because hamsters are nocturnal animals that prefer to be active whenever it’s nighttime. They can even run up to five miles every single night. Taking the hamster wheel out at night will be sort of cruel because of how you are taking away its source of fun.

Do hamsters stink up your room?


Odor is a primary concern when keeping your hamster’s habitat in your bedroom , or anywhere for that matter. If you don’t clean out the cage regularly, the smells that accumulate will make your bedroom smell unpleasant, not to mention letting cleanup lapse is inhumane for your pet.

How long should I leave my hamster to settle in?


Do’s and Don’ts. Do allow your pet to settle in for 24 hours before handling it for the first time. Play with your hamster as often as possible, when handling it be gentle and stay close to the floor. Exercise is essential, let your hamster have a supervised run around indoors as often as possible.

How do you pick up a hamster without scaring it?


Bring the hamster out of its carrying case and up to your chest. With both hands still cupped around the hamster’s body, lift it up out of the cage. Do this slowly so the hamster doesn’t feel frightened. Bring the animal up to your chest and rest your hands against your sternum.

How do you play with your hamster?


Just be sure your that hamster is hand-tamed and that you play with them in a safe, enclosed area. Cuddle your hamster and let them crawl on you Hamsters enjoy being cuddled, so long as you don’t squeeze too hard, and they’ll also have fun exploring you.


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