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Is Obie the Dachshund still alive?


Thankfully, Obie is now a happy and healthy hound who lives in terrific care with his owner He also has a Facebook page “Obie Dog Journey” where you can continue to follow his progress and learn some tips on how to keep your hound healthy. Watch the video below to learn more about Obie’s incredible journey!.

How are Dachshund so long?


Why Do Dachshunds Have

long bodies

? Dachshunds have long bodies for crawling into burrows to hunt

badgers german breeders

used a gene mutation called chondrodysplasia to stunt the growth of a Dachshund’s legs. So although Dachshunds appear to have a long body, they actually just have short legs!.

Are dachshunds very smart?


However, potential owners may be wondering just how intelligent these little badger dogs really are. Dachshunds are

average-intelligent dogs

, according to canine psychologist, Stanley Coren. In fact, the breed is the 92nd smartest dog breed for working & obedience IQ.

How old do dachshunds live?


The Dachshund breed, which has an

average lifespan

of 12 to 14 years , occasionally suffers from diabetes, gastric torsion, deafness, seizures, patellar luxation,

keratoconjunctivitis sicca

(KCS) and Cushing’s disease.

Fattest Dog: What’s the world’s fattest dog

However, some dog breeds are more likely to pack on the pounds than others. The heaviest dog ever reported by the Guinness Book of World Records was Zorba, an English Mastiff , who weighed an impressive 343 pounds.

How did Obie get so fat?


Obie originally belonged to a well-meaning

elderly couple

who frequently overfed him as a way of showing affection. But that, coupled with a lack of exercise , ultimately caused Obie to balloon to 77 pounds, more than twice the

normal weight

for a dog his size.

Can dachshunds be aggressive?


Yes, the dachshund, the weiner dog, better known in some countries as the sausage dog. This vicious beast, despite enjoying a good reputation, is at the very top of a list of 33 dog breeds that were rated for their aggression in a study that analyzed the behavior of thousands of dogs.

Why are dachshunds so clingy?


Why Are Dachshunds So Needy? Dachshunds are needy because they’re pack animals that don’t like being left alone They’re incredibly loyal and clingy with their owners and are very demanding of love and attention. If they get too needy, it can lead to separation anxiety when you leave the house.

What two dogs were bred to make a dachshund?


The dachshund was bred in Germany hundreds of years ago to hunt badgers. “Dach” means badger and “hund” means dog. The three varieties of dachshund, smooth-, wire-,and long-coated, originated at different times. The smooth was the first and arose from a mixture of a miniature French pointer and a pinscher.

How long is a full grown Dachshund?

The Dachshund has an overall body length of roughly 21.5”-25” (55-64 cm) , standing height of 13”-14.5” (33-37 cm), and a typical lifespan of 12-16 years. A unique member of the hound group, the Dachshund is a German canine famous for its elongated torso, short, stubby legs, and droopy ears.

Longest Dog: What is the longest dog in the world

The Guinness World Record has confirmed Zeus, an American Great Dane from Texas, as the tallest living dog in the world. The two-year-old pup stands at 3 ft. 5.18 inches “He’s been a big dog since we got him, even for a puppy,” Zeus’ owner Brittany Davis told Guinness World Records.

Rabbit Dachshund: What is a rabbit Dachshund

The miniature dachshund and kaninchen were bred to specialize in hunting small prey like rabbits In fact, the name “kaninchen” is literally the German word for rabbit, and the breed is often referred to in English as the “rabbit dachshund.” This small breed is friendly, courageous, clever, and tenacious.

What is Crusoe the

celebrity dachshund net worth


With a huge social media following, two New York Times bestsellers, and frequent public appearances, you bet Crusoe the Celebrity is a rich dog. According to Trend Celebs Now, the dachshund was worth $1 million to $5 million. Idol Net Worth puts this figure at $3 million.

Why is my Dachshund so fat?


Weight gain in Dachshunds is often caused by eating too much and not exercising enough However, weight gain can also be caused by neutering, heart disease, tumours, parasites, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, or even certain medications.

Who is Obie the dog?

Obie: Obie is a dachshund from Washington state who at his heaviest weighed 77 pounds in August, 2012. His original owners were elderly, and showered him with treats until he became obese. Keep clicking to find out more about Obie’s weight loss journey.

Can Dachshunds swim?


Can Dachshunds Swim? Dachshunds can often naturally swim , and they can be taught to swim. But just because Dachshunds can swim doesn’t mean they like to.

Is it good to have two Dachshunds?


Yes. Because they are a social breed, they go better together in pairs or packs They can entertain and engage each other with less reliance on humans. Also, having a bonded pair allows the dogs to transition into a new home easier.

Strong Bite: Do Dachshunds have a strong bite

Dachshund The reason that they are not reported for aggression is a common one: they are small, so their bites do not cause serious injuries.