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The breed was officially renamed by the UK Kennel Club to “Alsatian Wolf Dog”, after the French region of Alsace bordering Germany.

Is German Shepherd a

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German shepherds can be very

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of this breed can make it a good choice for families with children (as long as the dog is properly trained).

German Shepherd: What is the difference between an Alsation and a German Shepherd

The real fact is that there is no difference between the two The only difference is that they were called by different names in different countries. An Alsatian breed was so called after the Alsace-Lorraine region bordering France and German. The German Shepard gets its name from Germany.

Why are so many dogs abandoned in Romania?


Romania’s problem with stray dogs stems from the country’s communist period when some people had to move into apartment blocks that did not allow pets , and so had to abandon their dogs.

European Village Dog: What is a European village dog

A European village dog is the oldest known fossil dog The dog lived nearly 15,000 years ago in what is now Germany and was buried with a human family.

Better German Shepherd: Which dog is better German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois seems to be the healthier of the two breeds , primarily prone to dysplasia in the joints and eye issues, though they can also suffer from allergies. Their overall health makes them more ideal than German Shepherds for police and military work as well.

German Shepherds: Why are German Shepherds used as police dogs

German Shepherds are calm-under-pressure, they’re highly intelligent and trainable, and they love to work This makes the breed well-suited for working in high-stress situations, and it’s no surprise they’ve been used in police work for more than 100 years.

Black German Shepherd: What is a black German Shepherd called

Breed Origin Horand was the first breed standard for the German Shepherd breed and was bred alongside dogs with a similar appearance to give German Shepherd litters. They are thought to have first appeared in the United States in 1906 and were recognized by the AKC in 1908.

German Shepherds: Why German Shepherds are not good pets

German Shepherds are bad as they shed a lot, are high-energy, and can become aggressive if not socialized They are prone to separation anxiety, don’t do well in apartments, may try to dominate you, and are expensive. Above all, they may develop medical conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

German Shepherd Aggressive: Are German Shepherd aggressive

German shepherds are rarely aggressive towards their owners or family since that is the thing they’re protecting. They may at times become overprotective of family members, but this trait should be manageable with proper training.

German Shepherd: What two breeds make a German Shepherd

The breed was actually created by the cross breeding of working sheep dogs from rural Germany by an ex cavalry officer called Max von Stephanitz whose aim was to create a working dog for herding which could trot for long periods.

German Shepherd: Will my German Shepherd protect me without training

The first German Shepherd Dogs were bred to protect peoples’ land, their livestock, and their homes. When a habit like this has been ingrained in the breed for hundreds of years, it’s no wonder they are so eager to protect their loved ones, even without training.

German Shepherd: Will a German Shepherd bite a stranger

The German Shepherd is more likely to bite a stranger than a Labrador Retriever , but it is not nearly as aggressive breed as a Pit bull or Rottweiler. When approaching a German Shepherd, use caution. The breed is powerful and naturally protective of its territory and family.

Metis Dog: What is a Metis dog

Metis. A mixture of French Bulldog with Yorkshire Terrier playing in the field. Portrait of a small dog.

Dog Dna Test Uk: How much is a dog DNA test UK

The price of the DNA My Dog Breed test is £65 A second or third Dog Breed test for your other dog or maybe for a relative or a friend can be purchased at £55 (£10 discount). You can also benefit from a £15 discount if you decide to order a Dog Allergy Test (priced at £85) with your Dog Breed test.

Romanian Shepherd Dogs: Do Romanian shepherd dogs make good pets

The Romanian Sheepdog makes an excellent and fearless guard dog. Yet this trait is balanced out by their loyalty and calmness allowing them to make great family pets A dog like this is gentle enough to be around the family whilst still being able to ferociously protect them.


Difference Between Alsatian and German shepherd

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