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If you do find one through a breeder, you should expect to pay about $300 to $400 for an Albino.

What is the price of

cockatiel bird


The price of Cockatiel Birds in India can range anywhere between Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 90,000 , and this generally depends on where you live, the quality of the bird, and the types of Cockatiel bird.

How can I get albino cockatiel?


Albino cockatiels are produced by breeding two other cockatiel morphs together — specifically whiteface cockatiels and

lutino cockatiels

. Lutino cockatiels often have entirely white or

yellowish plumage

, along with

intense orange markings

on their cheeks.

Grey Cockatiel Cost: How much does a GREY cockatiel cost

Pet shops sell the common grey cockatiel (called “normals”) for $50 to $70 , but often breeders sell normals for as low as $25. The grey normals are the healthiest of all the colors, but the birds also come in cinnamon, lutino (a white bird with a rosy cheek patch) and pearl.

White Cockatiels Rare: Are white cockatiels rare

Today, the White-Faced cockatiels are not present in the wild They are among the most popular pet birds from the parrot family.

Are all albino cockatiels female?


Sexual differences. For white-faced cockatiels, the males will have a whiter head and the females will have more of a grayish head The females will also have the barred markings underneath their tail feathers while the males will have none.

Which cockatiel is best?


Go with the classic, gray-feathered cockatiel for the most affordable option. The classic cockatiel has mostly

gray feathers

on its body, with patches of white here and there. It also has a vibrant yellow crest on its head and tiny orange patches on its cheeks.

Pink Cockatiels: How much are pink cockatiels

Get to know someone who has experience raising these birds before you decide if they are right for you. Also, be aware that these birds can cost about $700 to $3,000.

Rarest Cockatiel Color: What is the rarest cockatiel color

Blue – One of the rarest cockatiel colors, blue cockatiels aren’t actually blue, but have overall white plumage with darker gray or black wing markings, and a hint of blue-gray on the tail. These birds have no cheek patches or yellow wash on the head.

White Cockatiel: What is a white cockatiel called

They are commonly referred to as “albinos” as they are all white with red eyes. However, they should more appropriately be called ” White-face Lutino” Silver Mutation: The plumage is a light,

silvery grey


Lutino Cockatiels Rare: Are Lutino cockatiels rare

You might think that the lutino cockatiel is one of the most common variations of cockatiel around because they are so popular as pets. In fact: They are quite a special species which were developed by breeders and not seen in the wild This makes them an even more unique addition to your family.

Emerald Cockatiel: What is Emerald cockatiel


emerald cockatiel

is the thirteenth official breed mutation A couple named Norma and John Ludwig had an aviary where the emerald first appeared. Afterward, they contacted breeder Margie Mason, who thought up the name emerald—being the breed’s original name.

Does Petsmart sell cockatiels?


With a wide selection of small birds, including zebra finches, canaries and parakeets (budgies), medium-sized birds, like cockatiels and doves , and large birds, like parrots and conures, we can help you find the perfect companion.

White Cockatiel: What is a grey and white cockatiel called

Whiteface Cockatiel These birds retain their grey and white bodies like the Yellowface, and Grey (normal) do, but they do not have any color yellow or orange color markings on their cheeks. Adult males feature white heads, sometimes with grey markings. Females usually have a completely grey face.

Do cockatiels talk?


Talking ‘Tiels Like most parrots, cockatiels are also capable of talking A cockatiel’s vocabulary is generally not as extensive as other parrots, such as African greys and Amazon parrots, but some can be taught to say a few words or phrases, such as “Hello,” “Pretty bird,” “I’m a good bird,” etc.

Albino Parrot: What is albino parrot

An albino bird lacks all of the

color pigment melanin

It sports completely white plumage and is usually devoid of any regular field marks, making it tricky to identify. The genetic mutation is called albinism. Look past its feathers to tell if it’s a true albino—the eyes, beak and legs are always red or pink.

Cockatiels Loud: Are cockatiels loud

When are cockatiels loud? As we’ve discussed, cockatiels can definitely produce some pretty loud screams The thing is, though, that they generally don’t, which is why they’re classified as one of the quieter parrot species. As with other parrots, cockatiel noise levels vary throughout the day.

Albino Cockatiel: How do you know if your

albino cockatiel

is a boy or girl

To tell if your cockatiel is male or female, look at its head, since males usually have vivid orange spots and a bright yellow face, while females generally have lighter spots and grey or faded yellow faces.

Cockatiels Wings: Is it OK to clip a cockatiels wings

While some people prefer the more cosmetic appearance when the outermost one to two feathers are left untouched, many small birds, like budgies and cockatiels, may still fly when these feathers are left at the end; ideally the outermost feathers should always be clipped.

Pearl Cockatiels: Can Pearl cockatiels be male

The trait is linked to the sex of the birds, and those genes dictate their pearling. This is why most Pearl cockatiels are female Breeders have only recently started to be able to retain pearling in males past their juvenile molt.

Cinnamon Cockatiel: What is a cinnamon cockatiel

Also known as the Isabelle Cockatiel or Cinnamon Teil, the Cinnamon Cockatiel has a unique and beautiful coloration caused by a recessive gene This recessive gene affects the bird’s melanin pigment, resulting in a brown pigment that doesn’t change to the grey or black coloring commonly seen in other Cockatiels.

Is it better to have 1 or 2 cockatiels?


Cockatiels are affectionate birds that seek companionship and attention from others. Two cockatiels will keep each other company They will establish a pecking order, so be sure their cage is large enough, has extra perches and twice as many food and water bowls.

Blue Cockatiels Real: Are blue cockatiels real

Blue cockatiels are simply cockatiels that have a blue color. Nonetheless, they are rare , as the vast majority of cockatiels are gray-the blue color results from a gene mutation.

Rarest Cockatiel: What is the rarest cockatiel

The rarest cockatiel color mutation is white face This is one of the variations that lack orange patch cheeks both in mature male and female birds. They are the opposite of normal grey cockatiels in the sense that they produce a richer, coal-like coloration.

White Cockatiels: How long do white cockatiels live

In the wild, a cockatiel may live anywhere from 10 to 14 years Contrast that with cockatiel lifespan in captivity, which can be anywhere from 15 to 25 years. But the best news is that pet cockatiels have been known to live as long as 35 years.

Which parrot can talk?


The African grey parrots (Psittacus) are particularly noted for their advanced cognitive abilities and their ability to talk.

Home Illegal: Is keeping birds at home illegal

Birds are covered under the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) 1972 making it illegal to catch, keep, kill, buy or sell birds or even damage their nests The punishment is a fine and up to five years in jail. And this applies all over the country. All indigenous bird species are covered under this act.

Is a boy or girl cockatiel better?


If you do not like a lot of noise, females tend to be calmer and may be the better option for you If you love spending many hours of the day interacting with your cockatiel, a male may adapt better to your needs. Both female and male cockatiels can learn tricks and be a great companion.

Single Cockatiel: Can I keep a single cockatiel

Cockatiels, unlike many birds, can live alone without a partner , but if they are alone they will need a lot of attention from their owners. They will begin to see their owner as their mate and will want to be in regular contact with them.

Do cockatiels need a bed?


They should have a quiet and relatively dark place to get their necessary sleep each night The ten to twelve hours of sleep is in addition to any naps it may take during the day. You might need a separate sleeping cage if the environment around their daytime cage cannot be quiet for at least 10-12 hours a night.

Blue Macaw: How much is a blue macaw

Purchase a blue and gold macaw from a reputable breeder or adoption agency. Contact breeders to see if you can spend some time with them and their birds. Talk to someone who has experience raising these birds before you decide if they are right for you. These birds cost about $1,000 to $2,000.

Do cockatiels fly?


Some birds are best seen in flight Flying cockatiels are the high-speed gazelles of the air. The natural phenomenon of wild flying Cockatiels can only be appreciated at speed. And speed is what they do best. These streamlined racers can reach speeds of 64km per hour.

Honey Toxic: Is honey toxic to cockatiels

Honey is, in fact, listed among the safe people food for cockatiels to enjoy There are many, many treats available at local pet stores for birds that include honey. Among these are seed sticks and seed balls.

How long do cockatiels live for?


Cockatiels live an average of 10-15 years , depending on whether they are wild or captive. Many wild cockatiels won’t make it to this age— many don’t live to see adulthood, given the threat of predators and environmental factors. However, domesticated cockatiels can live long and rich lives.


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