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As much as they enjoy swimming, most Cavapoos enjoy playing in

shallow water

rather than swimming in deep water They’re active and playful dogs that enjoy a good game of water Frisbee or fetch. Even if they are good swimmers, they’ll still get tired after a while.


cavoodles water dogs


Poodles also like water, as their ancestors were duck hunters and were always in or around water. This means naturally, cavoodles should also be good swimmers and love the water.

Do Cavapoos get hot easily?


These doggies sometimes inherit the shorter-muzzles from their Spaniel lineage. As a result, they’re very

heat sensitive

and so should not be left out too long on a hot summer’s day. They are notorious for their soft nature. Because of this trait, many Cavapoos end up making great therapy dogs.

How often do Cavapoos need a bath?


Bathing your Cavapoo The longer your pup’s coat is and the more dusty or muddy your surroundings, the more often you need to bathe him. If you keep your dog in a short cut, you only need to bathe him every 4-6 weeks If his hair is long and your yard muddy you can bathe him as often as every 2 weeks.

Do Cavapoos like snow?


When people ask, “do Cavapoos like the snow,” their owners typically respond with, “ They sure do” Although they can’t spend

countless hours

in the snow, they do enjoy it in moderation.

Do Cavapoos like to cuddle?


Cavapoos will usually tolerate cuddling and, in many cases, enjoy it a lot! Cuddling is a way for your dog to show affection towards you, it releases the “love hormone” of oxytocin, and it also keeps them warm on chilly days.

Are Cavoodles smelly dogs?


Do they smell? Cavoodles are usually a low odour dog but all dogs do have some odour and require regular bathing. If your Cavoodle always smells it could be suffering from a skin condition, ear infection or bad teeth – it’s always best to get your vet to diagnose these conditions.

Cavoodles Indoor Dogs: Are Cavoodles indoor dogs

Because of their small size, Cavoodles are the perfect doggo for indoor obstacle courses and other games.

Why shouldn’t you buy a Cavapoo?


Cavapoos may develop certain hereditary health issues that are present in their parents They are prone to diseases like syringomyelia, mitral valve disease, cataracts, hip dysplasia, luxating patella,

progressive retinal atrophy

(PRA), skin issues, and epilepsy.

Why are Cavapoos so clingy?


Why are Cavapoos so clingy? Cavapoos become clingy when they are showered with too much love and attention Give them space and time alone when they are very young and also avoid picking them up all the time as this encourages them to become clingy.

Cavapoo Smell: Why does my Cavapoo smell

Cavapoos that are not bathed or groomed regularly can develop a bad odor from bacteria on their skin, hair, and nails The most common parasites that cause this type of smell are called Demodex mites, which live in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of dogs’ skin.

Cavapoo Puppy: How much should I pay for a Cavapoo puppy

Expect to pay $1500 and up for a Cavapoo puppy from a

reputable breeder

. The

average price

of a puppy from a

reputable breeder

is usually north of $1,500. Some breeders may charge slightly more, but the general rule is if they are cheaper than $1,200 and more expensive then you should be cautious.

How long should you walk a Cavapoo?


A healthy adult Cavapoo needs at least 40 minutes of exercise per day This could be split across a couple of walks but could also include playtime and dog sports.

Can Cavapoos be left alone?


Because they were bred to be constant companions, Cavapoos don’t react well to being left alone Many of these pups experience

severe separation anxiety

and may feel as if they’ve been abandoned, which can make socialization with people and other dogs much harder later on.

Cavapoo Bark: Do Cavapoo bark a lot

Although they are not known for barking problems – the average Cavapoo is vocal and can develop a serious bark Cavapoos are hyper intelligent and can be trained to overcome this barking issue.

Do Cavoodles have webbed feet?


Poodles have a lot of energy that needs expending! Poodle’s are excellent retrievers and were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl, their webbed paws allowing them to be quick and precise while working in the water.

Can Cavoodles be left alone for 6 hours?


Absolutely! Cavoodles are more than capable of staying home alone Separation anxiety doesn’t affect every dog, and even if your Cavoodle has it, it’s not the end of the world. Training and positive reinforcement will allow you to safely leave the house without your Cavoodle.

Cavapoos Sensitive Stomachs: Are Cavapoos sensitive stomachs

Cavapoo have a reputation for having sensitive stomachs and being picky eaters, which means getting their diet right is really important.

Female Cavoodle: Is a male or female Cavoodle better

Gender Related Health Differences Luckily, gender doesn’t play a huge role in the health of Cavapoos. Males and females both live for the same amount of time on average , and any health problems they do face are less about whether they are a male or female Cavapoo and more about their DNA and environment.

Cavapoo Sleep: How many hours a day does a Cavapoo sleep

An adult cavapoo will sleep for 15 hours per day , that is typically comprised of sleeping throughout the night with several naps throughout the day. Smart owners will soon realise that a morning walk first thing (45 minutes to one hour) is an excellent way to stimulate both dog and owner.


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