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Q: WHERE ARE PETFUSION’S PRODUCTS MADE? A: Designed in the U.S. and produced in China , all of PetFusion’s products undergo rigorous quality assurance checks to make sure they meet our high standards, are safe for use in your home, and are manufactured in a way that is environmentally / ethically responsible.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Worth: Is an orthopedic dog bed worth it

Yes, in general, orthopedic beds are a good option for dogs —especially those who have arthritis, joint problems, or mobility issues. For dogs with joint conditions, orthopedic beds are much more comfortable and will provide dogs with a better rest.


memory foam

beds good for dogs?

Benefits of a Memory Foam Dog Bed This is especially important for dogs because they can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping, depending on the breed. A memory foam mattress helps to protect your dog from

hard surfaces

and provide them with support for common health problems that occur in aging: Arthritis Hip dysplasia.

Casper Dog Beds: Are Casper dog beds made in USA

Casper. Designed and assembled in the USA using CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, all Casper orthopedic dog beds are designed to provide durable, pressure-relieving support for your pup’s hips and joints while they rest. The foam bolsters also offer head and neck support.

Do dogs prefer hard or

soft beds


Dogs don’t need soft beds , but instead need to rest on a firm surface;

too-soft pillow beds

don’t offer the support needed for comfortable rest and healthy joints, and an older dog who sinks into a plush bed may have trouble getting into and out of it.

How many beds should a dog have?


Even if your dog is allowed to sleep with you in your human bed, every dog should have a bed of their own, or two or three or four , actually. There are plenty of benefits to having dog beds. They can be used for napping during the day and sleeping in at night.

Do dogs really need beds?


This is true not just for people, but for dogs, too. Dogs sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day, depending on age. So, they need a comfy bed to snooze on just like you do. Although you might find your pup occasionally, or often, snuggled at your side during the night, dogs need to have a bed of their own.

Orthopedic Beds Bad: Are orthopedic beds bad for dogs

It’s good for his health because sleeping on a cold floor or other cold hard surfaces can damage your dog’s health Orthopedic beds go so far as to help in easing the pain and discomfort of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other structural ailments, particularly for the older dog which is prone to these conditions.

Memory Foam: What’s the difference between memory foam and orthopedic

Just because one mattress claims to be orthopaedic because of its memory foam material, it doesn’t mean that it provides the same firmness and support that a true orthopaedic mattress can. Memory foam is also built to conform to the body’s natural shape, while orthopaedic mattresses are built to support it instead.

How long do orthopedic dog beds last?

Much like us humans, dogs can’t simply sleep on the same bed for the rest of their lives. Though higher quality products will tend to last longer, there will come a time when a replacement is necessary – usually every one to five years.

Should dogs sleep on the floor?


Absolutely. Dogs are actually very comfortable with sleeping on hard flooring Their main motive in life is to feel safe, protected and often prefer the coolest spot they can find during resting periods.

What is the difference between gel foam and memory foam?


A gel foam mattress is like a memory foam mattress, but with gel pods added to the top layers of foam These gel pods provide extra support for your lower back and neck. In addition, they add more bounce to your mattress, allowing the foam to mold back to its original shape faster.

Memory Foam Dog: How thick should a memory foam dog be

Generally, 2 – 4 inches of memory foam is ideal for most dogs. Thicker layers may be suitable for larger breed or giant dog breeds, but will be overkill for small breeds.

Where is FurHaven manufactured?


Yes, FurHaven dog beds are made in the USA FurHaven is headquartered in Bellingham, a vibrant city between picturesque Mount Baker and bustling Seattle in the United States. All FurHaven products are designed and manufactured here.

Big Barker: Where is Big Barker located

He personally oversees our supply chain and the production of all Big Barker beds at our workshop in Orwigsburg, PA Big Barker workshops in Pennsylvania and Delaware employ more than 20 experienced craftsmen and craftswomen with extensive backgrounds in upholstery and furniture production.

Orvis Dog Beds: Where are Orvis dog beds made

And every Orvis dog bed is crafted-to-order by our skilled team in Roanoke, Virginia.

Do dogs need pillows?


We as humans love our pillows because they are soft and help us sleep. While a dog doesn’t need a pillow , they know a soft spot is a brilliant spot to sleep. Since dogs sleep upwards of 14 hours a day, it makes sense they want to be comfortable.

Covered Beds: Do dogs like covered beds

Just like most people enjoy sleeping with a blanket or comforter covering them, some dogs also appreciate the

extra security

and comfort of a covered dog bed Style-wise, covered dog beds can range from cave-like numbers to options with attached blankets and even teepee beds.

Orthopedic Dog Bed: How do I choose an orthopedic dog bed

To choose an orthopedic dog bed, compare your dog’s weight to the size charts provided with dog beds to determine which size you should get Avoid getting a bed that’s too big or too small since it could be uncomfortable for your furry friend.

Gel Memory Foam Toxic: Is gel memory foam toxic to dogs

Gel Memory Foam allows for the bed to mold around your dog’s body. This foam helps relieve pressure points and prevent pressure sores. The construction of our foam products follows furniture industry standards. We use only certified non-toxic memory foam free of formaldehyde, phthalates, PVC, and BPA.

Egg Crate Foam Good: Is

egg crate foam good

for dogs

Any dog with a painful health condition will appreciate the softness of a therapeutic foam bed. Egg crate foam beds tend to be mattress shaped and low to the ground which makes them easy for older dogs to get in and out of. They are also a good choice for dogs who like to spread out when they sleep.

Why does my dog like sleeping on my bed?


Wolves are pack animals, and like most pack animals, they share affinity for one another, so they sleep together as a pack. Sleeping as a pack also provides extra warmth and security This instinct to be a part of a pack remains with dogs. Since you’re the leader of your dog’s pack, she wants to be near you.

Paw Com Products: Where are paw COM products made

Canadians will also be able to receive products directly from warehouses in Canada , shortening order delivery time to two to four business days, and eliminating additional fees related to duties and tariffs.

Furhaven Dog Beds: Is Furhaven dog beds made in the USA

Manufacture: Pet bed is designed, assembled, warehoused and shipped in the USA using USA-sourced filling materials.

Casper Dog Bed Good: Is Casper dog bed good

I’ve gone through a lot of dog beds, and the Casper Dog Bed is the best one I’ve seen It’s large, supportive, and it holds its shape while contouring around your pup. And it has a removable, machine-washable cover, so when you run into the inevitable pet mess, you can easily clean it.

Casper Mattresses: Are Casper mattresses made in China

Casper is a world wide company, which sources products from China, Canada, Mexico and multiple other countries to produce their products When defending themselves from the Serta Simmons Bedding company they disclosed where each layer of the Wave comes from.

Where is Casper manufactured?

Casper Sleep (also known as Casper) is an e-commerce company that sells sleep products online and in retail locations. Headquartered in New York City, the company has showrooms in New York City, Chicago, and elsewhere. Its mattresses are manufactured in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Why do dogs lay next to you?


It’s a sign of affection, closeness, and connection, and your ‘furkid’ is saying that it feels safe to be with you It’s a continuation of the bonding process that began when you and your dog first met each other. Your dog is reassured by your presence and it needs constant confirmation that you are there for him.

Why do dogs like to lie on you?


Since dogs consider their owners a part of their family and pack, they want to lay on top of them to show them that and to provide them with comfort and security as well as receive it in the process Laying close to their owner is also their way of protecting what they love, even if there is no real threat or danger.

Why does my dog sleep so close to me?


Your dog is bonding and showing that they want to get close to you or their furry siblings A dog sleeping this way feels very loving and affectionate, and they’re completely comfortable with whoever they’re napping with. Try showing your love in return by taking a snooze with your pup.

Dog Circle: Why does a dog circle before lying down

in circles before lying down is inherited.” Turning in circles before lying down is an act of self-preservation in that the dog may innately know that he needs to position himself in a certain way to ward off an attack in the wild.

Do dogs like sleeping with their owners?


Maximizes Comfort The level of comfort a dog brings to the bed helps put you at ease and makes you feel cozy. That furry, cuddly animal is likely to love lying with you just as much as you enjoy laying with them This adds to that snuggly atmosphere that most dog owners find so comforting.

Where should you put your dog’s bed?


A corner, or at least against a wall , is usually the best location. Dogs like to feel safe and closed-in when settling down for the night, and wide open spaces don’t make for a good night’s sleep. The bed should not be in the middle of the room or in a noisy corridor.

Dog Bed: How often should you wash a dog bed

Keeping Your Pet’s Bed Clean One of the easiest ways to make sure that your dog’s bed stays clean is by washing it regularly. According to PetMD, dog beds should be washed once a week or at a minimum of once every two weeks to maintain the optimum health and safety of your pet.

How should dogs sleep at night?


Regardless of the style of bed, dogs tend to like having a place or two to call their own. Even if you don’t give them a specific bed, your dog may still find one or two nooks around your house where he can take a nap. A good dog bed can help him have an extra comfortable space to sleep overnight.

How often should I replace my dog’s bed?


Dogs tend to trust our judgment, after all, and will often copy our behavior if they deem it reasonable. If all else fails, simply get a new bed. It could be that the bed just isn’t comfortable anymore, so replacing it about once a year is reasonable.

Are elevated dog beds good for arthritis?


A raised bed provides firm, even, orthopedic support across your pet’s entire body. This can alleviate pressure on his joints and help protect them for the years to come.