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$450-$1,100 A purebred Siamese tends to be quite expensive. The price will vary between breeders, so you might want to look around. Don’t just look for the cheapest breeder you can find, though. Make sure that your money supports a high-quality breeding business.

Siamese Cats: How long do Siamese cats live on average

Life span: Up to 15 years , and reaches senior age at 12.

Should I adopt a

siamese kitten


Being one of the

friendliest cat breeds

, they absolutely love being held, cuddled, and given love and affection. They make the perfect lap kitties and will remain by your side as they are loyal to their owners. So if you’d rather get a cat that ignores you or doesn’t think you exist, then just don’t adopt a Siamese.

Siamese Good Indoor Cats: Are Siamese good indoor cats

While they are great indoor cats , the Siamese is so playful, entertaining and energetic that they require a great deal of

human interaction

to remain happy. They may not suit owners who leave them home alone for extended periods of time as they are prone to mischief if left to their own devices.

Siamese Cat: Is Siamese cat a good pet

Siamese cats are among the most vocal cats, enjoying long ‘conversations’ with their human friends. They are loving, loyal and crave human companionship, making them excellent family pets.

Siamese Cats: Do Siamese cats need another cat

Yes, a Siamese cat needs companionship It should not be left alone for a long period of time as they easily get lonely and sad. In fact, the Siamese cat can even become depressed if they are unable to fulfill their social needs.

Do all Siamese cats have

blue eyes


Siamese cats are always pointed, and this is the only breed that will always have blue eyes Within the breed, there are variations in eye color. For example, the eyes of a Seal Point Siamese can be a deep blue shade while those of a Lilac Point Siamese usually are a paler, grayer shade of blue.

Siamese Cats: What is wrong with Siamese cats

health problems

And Nutrition It’s a fact that Siamese cats are prone to suffering from a variety of health problems, the most common one being progressive retinal atrophy Gastrointestinal and neoplastic problems, urinary tract disease, and gum diseases are also common health issues for this breed.

Siamese Cats: Are Siamese cats loud

Siamese cats are often very vocal Siamese cats are notorious for their distinctive vocal antics and don’t shy away when expressing their feelings and demands for attention with loud meows. Their meow has often been compared to that of a baby crying. Adelaide is up for adoption through our foster program.

Siamese Cats: What food do Siamese cats eat

Royal Canin Siamese Dry Cat Food Royal Canin Siamese Dry Cat Food is another great cat food for Siamese cats, and it’s one of the only brands you’ll find that uses a formula specifically for this breed. Its high protein ingredients deliver 35% per serving.

Female Siamese Cat: Is it better to have a male or female Siamese cat

Outside of diseases related to the reproductive system, there are no notable differences between the health of male and female Siamese cats Since males are more needy and affectionate than females, their overall care may require more one-on-one time to prevent behavioral problems, like spraying, from developing.

Siamese Cats High Maintenance: Are Siamese cats high maintenance

Love and attention are extremely important to the high-maintenance Siamese to ensure that they thrive in a new home. In contrast, their grooming requirements are extremely easy, and definitely low maintenance Siamese have a fine, short coat which needs no grooming and most cats will effectively groom themselves.

Siamese Cats: Do Siamese cats cuddle

There is a reason why Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds around. Not only do they have the most fantastic and

intelligent personalities

but they love to show their owners affection and they often do this with a loving cuddle.

Siamese Kitten: How much should I pay for a Siamese kitten

The normal Siamese kitten can cost you anywhere from around $600-$800 however, If you want a premium origin Siamese cat with noticeable features, be prepared to give $1000-$2,500 depending on the breeder.

Siamese Cats: Do Siamese cats shed

Siamese cats are among the lowest shedding breeds Not only does this reduce the amount of cat hair around your home, but it also saves you time spent grooming your furry friend.

Siamese Cat Hypoallergenic: Is Siamese cat hypoallergenic

Siamese – One of the most recognizable of all cat breeds is also considered hypoallergenic The Siamese extra-short hair limits shedding and their beautiful coat comes in four traditional colors.

How can I tell if my Siamese is purebred?


Look at the cat’s ears In some purebred modern Siamese, the ears may be nearly as large as the head itself. The ears of an applehead Siamese are more proportional to its body, and less angular and pointed. The ears of an applehead Siamese will also be closer together on the top of its head.

Siamese Cat: What is the best type of Siamese cat

Classic Siamese Cat The Classic version is the most athletic and tall version of the traditional Siamese. They have long, sleek bodies with a long tail. Their ears are slightly bigger along with a pointed face and slightly upturned nose. The Classic cat is more energized then the other two, as well.

Siamese Cats Smart: Are Siamese cats smart

The Siamese cat is not only beautiful, but also she is highly intelligent She can be trained to walk on a lead. This intelligence does not mean, however, that she can be trained to do everything you might wish. Like most other highly intelligent breeds, the Siamese has her own desires.

Siamese Cats: Are Siamese cats more prone to illness

According to Harligen Veterinary Clinic, Siamese cats are prone to many health issues Like any cat breed, Siamese cats can become obese, which can lead to health issues like arthritis. Your Siamese may also develop dental disease, which involves infection in the gums and roots of your cat’s teeth.

Siamese Cats Hard: Are Siamese cats hard to raise

Siamese cats are strong-willed and intelligent. If the Siamese sets its sights on doing something then they will do it regardless of the obstacles or consequences. Expect difficulty training your Siamese cat. Because of their intelligence and stubbornness, Siamese cats are very difficult to train.

Siamese Cats: Should you get two Siamese cats

It is best to have a pair of Siamese Cats together , but they can still be happy and entertained by other cats or cat-friendly dogs (more on Siamese cats and dogs here). They are eager to play and have fun, it doesn’t particularly matter to them how, or with whom, they are doing so.

Siamese Cats Easy: Are Siamese cats easy to train

Training a Siamese cat is quite simple and straightforward as they are quite intelligent and smart cats. It learns a variety of amusing tricks to please their owners at a very fast pace. Simple tricks like opening the bridge or climbing on the shelves is something that these cats teach themselves.

Should a cat sleep on your bed?


Bill Fish, cofounder of, says, without question, there are positives to allowing your cat into your bed each night, including giving both of you a sense of security, emotionally and physically “Having a guest in bed with you also reduces stress as well as brings warmth and comfort,” he said.

Siamese Cat: How often should I bathe my Siamese cat

It is a common misconception that cats do not need a bath at all, but they do. Cats with extremely short coats like Siamese, Burmese, Cornish and Devon Rex can get along with few or no baths Longhaired cats and other shorthairs with dense coats need to be bathed every 1-3 months.

Siamese Cats: Are Siamese cats one person cats

Siamese cats are known to “choose” a favorite person with whom it will be very attached to This is normal behavior for a Siamese cat, but it’s not always the case. There are also Siamese cats that bond well with all members of the family quite equally, so it really depends on the personality of the Siamese cat.

Siamese Cats: Do Siamese cats scratch furniture

Yes, Siamese cats do scratch furniture and other objects This is a way of getting exercise, stretching, and getting rid of old nails. Scents are left behind also. Scratches also let other cats know that a fellow feline is nearby.

Siamese Cats Moody: Are Siamese cats moody

The Siamese is one of the most well-known breeds of cats. Their striking coloration and elegant frame make the Siamese instantly recognizable. A little like a teenager, Siamese are known to be talkative and sometimes moody Given enough attention, they can be a loving and dedicated companion.

Hardest Cat: What is the hardest cat to take care of

Korat The Korat breed is known to suffer from “gangliosidosis, an inherited enzyme deficiency that affects the nervous system causing paralysis,” according to International Cat Care. TICA adds: “Korats need your companionship and do not like to be left alone for long periods or ignored when you are home.

Male Cats: Are female or male cats more loving

Myth: Male cats are more affectionate towards humans and bond really well with their owners. Female cats are aloof and, because of their mothering instincts, prefer other cats to humans. Reality: This usually comes down to your cat’s individual personality.

Siamese Cats: Do Siamese cats protect their owners

Siamese cats have some of the strongest protective instincts amongst all cats Once your Siamese has dedicated its love and loyalty to you, they will prioritize your protection whenever they feel it’s necessary.

Siamese Kitten: What should I look for when buying a Siamese kitten

They should be inquisitive and happy to be handled Kittens shouldn’t have dirty ears, runny eyes or noses, or show any signs of a cold. They should also have clean bottoms (a dirty rear end is a sure sign of illness). Ask whether the kittens have been raised in the breeder’s own house.

Siamese Cat: Why do Siamese cat meow so much

Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot? Yes they do, they are one of the cat breeds that is known for its talkative nature. The Siamese is a high maintenance cat that requires much time and attention. Their meowing has much to do with this personality trait.

Blue Eyed Siamese Cats Deaf: Are blue eyed Siamese cats deaf

Most blue-eyed white cats are born deaf This does not mean that all white cats with blue eyes suffer from the condition, and it does not affect Burmese and Siamese breeds that are very light colored with blue eyes. Many cats with one blue eye and one yellow eye also are prone to deafness.

Siamese Cats Blind: Are Siamese cats blind

The inquisitive and vocal Siamese has plenty of positive traits that make it a unique and lovable breed. Unfortunately, good eyesight isn’t one of them. Siamese kitties are often born slightly cross-eyed, but they are also predisposed to severe vision problems that can make them eventually go blind.

Do Siamese like water?


Do Siamese cats like water? Yes, Siamese cats are a breed known for liking water Even if a Siamese seems to dislike being wet, they will almost never shy away from playing with water.

Siamese Cats: Do Siamese cats see cross-eyed

So if a Siamese cat’s eyes were pointed straight ahead, it’s retinas would be looking in different directions, sending a very confused message to the brain. By turning its eyes in, a Siamese cat looks cross-eyed , but its retinas are now lined up like a normal cat’s, sending the brain a clearer picture.

What is the personality of a Siamese cat?


Personality and Temperament Siamese Cats are highly intelligent, talkative and sociable They have a deep, loud voice and enjoy “chatting” with their owners. They are often described as being “dog-like” in their fondness for playing fetch and capacity for affection.

Separation Anxiety: Do Siamese cats have separation anxiety

This “Royal Cat of Siam” is accustomed to being the center of attention and when ignored or kept from people will develop serious emotional and mental issues such as depression and anxiety, especially separation anxiety.


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