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The command or skill “heel” simply means that the dog must walk directly next to you instead of behind or in front of you The dog is required to keep pace with you, only stopping when you stop and walking when you walk.

How do I teach my dog to walk to heel?


Start inside the house and walk around a spacious room or up and down a hallway. Call your dog’s name and point to the side that you want him to walk on (whichever side you choose but left is in the traditional heel side). As soon as your dog comes alongside you, use a clicker or say “yes,” then reward.

What is

heel puppy training


The goal of “Heel” training is to teach your puppy to follow alongside the heel of your foot on the side they are walking on While walking forward or, changing directions you will give the command “Heel” to your puppy to keep them alongside you.

Basic Dog Commands: What are the 7 basic dog commands

More specifically, a

well-behaved pup

should respond to seven directions in order to become a good canine citizen: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Off, and No.

Is heel the same as sit?


The Heel command means for your dog to get by your side and stay by your side. If you are moving and call “Heel,” the dog walks at your side. If you are standing still and call “Heel,” the dog comes to your side and sits Sounds pretty basic and hopefully we’re all on the same page.

How do I teach my dog to heel without pulling?


Say your dog’s name followed by the cue ‘heel’ and move off with your hand tapping your side to encourage her to follow Once you have compliance, begin using food intermittently while still praising her. If your dog walks ahead of you, reverse direction and repeat the cue, tapping your thigh again. Praise her warmly.

Stubborn Dog: How do you teach a stubborn dog to heel

Have the dog on a collar and leash in a

quiet place

with few distractions. Hold a treat in your left hand, just in front of the dog’s nose to encourage him to walk forward matching your stride. Once the dog has taken a few steps forward in the heel position, say “Heel” and quickly click and reward him.

What age to teach a dog to heel?



weeks old

At this point, you will begin to expand on your pup’s commands, socialization, and impulse control. Introduce more basic obedience commands such as Place, Down, and Heel inside the home, still using food rewards.

Heel Command: What is the heel command for dogs



of heel is for your dog to be at your left side, walking parallel to you with no more than six inches between you The right side of your dog’s head is lined up with your

left leg


Why is heel on the left?


In the old days, when men still wore swords, it was necessary to mount horses from the left side for safety purposes. With the swords hanging on the left side (for right handed riders), it was easier and safer to mount from the left.

Dog Training: What is a

release word

in dog training

A release word is a word that tells your dog he is allowed to move, following the “stay” command “Stay” needs to have a defined beginning and end, otherwise your dog will learn he can move anytime he feels like it.

What should I teach my dog first?


Five basic commands that are useful for your dog to know are; sit, down, stay, come and walking nicely on the lead 1) Have your dog standing in front of you. 2) Show him that you have a food treat in your hand. 3) Slowly move your hand and treat above and over his head towards his tail, as you give the command “sit”.



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