How Big Do Aussiedoodle Minis Get?

Size. Living up to its name, the

mini aussiedoodle

is small in size, regardless of gender. Both male and female Mini Aussiedoodles can grow 12 to 18 inches tall and weigh 15 to 25 pounds.

At what age are mini Aussiedoodles full grown?

Tiny Aussiedoodles typically reach their fully developed size at around eight months. Miniature Aussiedoodles typically finish growing after 12 months Standard Aussiedoodles also tend to reach there maximum size around 12 months of age.

Are mini Aussiedoodles good dogs?

While they’re not the most well-known breed in the world, Miniature Aussiedoodles can be the

perfect dogs

for active households They’re smart as a whip, generally healthy, require little in the way of grooming, and incredibly affectionate, making them ideal companions for both you and your children.

Does a Mini Aussiedoodle shed?

Do Mini Aussiedoodles shed? Contrary to the widespread belief that Aussiedoodles do not shed, there’s no such thing as a completely non-shedding dog However, Aussiedoodles do have a

great advantage

compared to many other breeds – even the

purebred australian shepherd parent


How much is a

mini aussiedoodle puppy


In most cases, Mini Aussiedoodle puppies cost around $2,500 The cost of the Mini Aussiedoodle will be highly dependent on the parents’ temperament, health as well as the color of the dog’s coat. You may find some for as low as $800, but beware if the price seems too good to be true.

Can mini Aussiedoodles be left alone?

From their birth, the breeders make sure they are not felt alone until they are able to find a good house for the pups. Aussiedoodles do not like it when they are left alone That is why it is not such a great idea to leave Aussiedoodles alone in the house.

Is it better to get a male or female Aussiedoodle?

Male vs Female Ultimately, both male and female Aussiedoodles make wonderful companions There are not very many differences between males and females, and any differences that can be made are generalizations. At the end of the day, each dog is an individual with individual personality traits.

How long do mini Aussiedoodles live?

The average lifespan of a Miniature Aussiedoodle is 12 to 15 years For most dog breeds, 15 years of age is the highest expectation.

Are mini Aussiedoodles smart?

Mini Aussiedoodles are friendly with everyone, which may affect their ability to be an effective watchdog. They are intelligent and have an eager-to-please attitude which makes them easy to train using positive training methods.

Why you should not get an Aussiedoodle?

Aussiedoodles will develop very naughty habits quickly without training However, if you are very hands-on with your dogs and love to train, this is the breed for you! Aussiedoodle thrive with constant engagement and stimulation. The sky is the limit in terms of what you can teach these dogs.

Do Aussiedoodles like to cuddle?

Don’t be surprised if you wake up with one sleeping on your head. It doesn’t matter their size, they’ll want to cuddle with you If you allow Aussiedoodles on the bed, be prepared to make it a nightly tradition. As soon as you invite them up, they’ll find a comfortable spot, even if it means hogging the sheets.

Are Aussiedoodles chewers?

Aussiedoodles also like to chew on things , so investing in some chewable dental toys can be a great way to keep your dog busy while also helping to keep his teeth clean.

Are Aussiedoodles high maintenance?

AussieDoodles are considered more of a “high maintenance” dog Both the Australian Shepherd and Pooodle are very intelligent and active breed. This means your AussieDoodle puppy will need a little more exercise and mental stimulation than some other doodle breeds would.

Are Aussiedoodles easy to potty train?

Aussiedoodles are brilliant dogs. Training them is easy , but you also need to be careful what you’re training them. You can unintentionally train them things without realizing you’re even doing it. Remember that training them with anger will only teach them that humans cannot be trusted.

Are mini Aussies hyper?

Mini Australian Shepherds are beautiful, good-natured, fun-loving dogs. They are well known for their abundant energy, so prospective owners may be wondering: Are Mini Aussies really that hyperactive? Yes – but don’t let that scare you away!.

What is an F1 Mini Aussiedoodle?

F1 aussiedoodles – mini Australian Shepard / Mini poodle The Mini Aussiedoodle is a cross between a Mini Australian Shepherd and a Miniature Poodle Both of the breeds used to create miniature Aussiedoodles are considered to be canine Einsteins, making this one super smart cross-breed.

What is a teddy bear dog?

The Shichon is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise dog breeds Affectionate, intelligent, and outgoing, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Shichons go by a few other names including the Shih Tzu-Bichon mix, Zuchon, and Teddy Bear dog.

Do mini Aussiedoodles have tails?

Most poodles and Australian shepherds have their tails docked(cut off) and dew claws removed. These procedures are usually performed at 3 days old.

How much do Aussiedoodles cost?

Factors that Determine Aussiedoodle Price. On average most breeders will charge somewhere in the region of $2,500 for an Aussiedoodle puppy. However, you could find these dogs available for as little as $500 Conversely, you could find yourself forking out up to $5000!.

How long do Aussiedoodles live?

In addition, Aussiedoodles can live 10 to 13 years , so an adult dog will still be a part of your family for a long time to come. Puppy or adult, take your Aussiedoodle to your veterinarian soon after adoption.

Which is better Aussiedoodle or Bernedoodle?

Aussiedoodles are much more athletic and active , so they often require more food. Bernedoodles also tend to gain weight easily, so it’s important to watch their diet and ensure they receive the proper amount of physical activity.

Do mini Aussies shed a lot?

Mini Australian Shepherds shed all year long , just like their larger counterparts do. They shed less frequently during the fall and winter months, but they tend to shed excessively during the spring and summer months.

Are Aussiedoodles good house dogs?

Are Aussiedoodles good family dogs? Yes, Aussiedoodles make great family dogs They combine the smarts and low-shed traits of the Poodle with the active and friendly nature of an Australian Shepherd. They love spending time with their family and are generally great with children.

Are Aussiedoodles diggers?

Digging holes is a classic bored dog behavior unless the dog is bred to be a digger. Other than burying the odd bone, the Aussie is not naturally inclined to dig He was bred to herd, run, and watch his master’s every move. He is dedicated to being outdoors where he can enjoy an active lifestyle.


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