How Big Will A Pointer Pit Mix Get?

Pointer Pit Bull Mix Appearance Pointers vary between 23 and 28 inches in height, and weigh around 45 to 75 lbs Pit Bulls stand anywhere between 17 and 21 inches tall, and weigh around 30-60 lbs. They are solidly built,

muscular dogs

, with a wedge-shaped head, wide-set eyes, and half-pricked ears.

How long do

pitbull pointer mixes


A healthy Pointer Pitbull mix will most likely have the same lifespan as their parents, ranging from 8 to 16 years Nonetheless, they are prone to some diseases and health conditions.

Are pointer mix dogs good?

In general, Lab Pointers are loyal but not especially suited to being guard dogs. Instead, they’re a friendly and gentle mixed breed that will want to become a part of your family If you have kids, all the better. They’ll quickly find a new best friend in the Lab Pointer.

Is a pointer a good family dog?

Pointers are wonderful family dogs who thrive when they can spend time with their people. A Pointer should not live outdoors but should enjoy the same comforts as his family. Although Pointers do very well with children, especially when raised with them, they are not best suited for homes with toddlers.

Are Pointers easy to train?

Due to their high intelligence and history of being trained for hunting, Pointers are fairly easy to train , and can be quick learners.

Do pointer dogs bark a lot?

English Pointers are athletic dogs who need regular opportunities to vent their energy and gallop. Otherwise they will become rambunctious and bored, which dogs usually express by barking and

destructive chewing


Do GSP ever calm down?

A GSP will calm down and mature around 2-years of age They will always be a high energy breed of dog, ready to run and hunt, even into their older years. With adequate training, exercise, and boundaries in place, they will be better managed.

Do Pointers like to swim?

Pointers will need a lot of exercise, typically twice a day since they have so much energy. Swimming isn’t the only form of exercise to keep your dog healthy, but it easy on their joints and hips. Since they can run around for hours on end, swimming will help keep them cool as well.

What do Pointers dogs do?

5. Pointers are bred primarily as hunting companions, and as such, they are single-minded when out in a field environment. Their sole focus is locating birds , and they will run hard and fast to do so. Many Pointer owners take advantage of this high-spirited instinct and participate in field trials with their dog.

Are Pointers aggressive?

german shorthaired pointers

(GSPs) are not naturally aggressive dogs but will occasionally show behavioral, pathological, or idiopathic aggression Most cases of behavioral aggression have a good prognosis, whereas the prognosis for idiopathic and pathological aggression tends to be poor.

Are Pointers loyal dogs?

Pointers are dedicated and loyal dogs They enjoy the company of children and generally get along with other pets. They can be reserved with strangers and should be thoroughly socialized. Pointers are protective of their homes.

How do you train a Pointer dog to point?

Go get your dog or recall him. Bring him back to the spot where he located game and tell him to “whoa”. Make him stay still in the correct spot where he should have stayed frozen to avoid flushing the game. Reward your gun dog after an appropriate amount of time for staying at the correct point location.

Can pointers be left alone?

Can German Shorthaired Pointers be left alone? The GSP can learn to stay home alone , but they are human-focused dogs who prefer to be close to their people, so some may experience anxiety or have trouble with boredom and destructive behavior when left alone.

Do pointers like to cuddle?

Yes, German Shorthaired Pointers as a whole, love to cuddle ! From snuggling up to watch a movie to resting their head on your lap for no reason at all, this

breed definitely

loves to cuddle.

Do pointers smell?

While German Shorthaired Pointers do have a unique smell, they do not naturally stink However, some factors may lead to them smelling bad. With proper diet, grooming routine and health care, your stinky German Shorthaired Pointer will be smelling better in no time.

Do Pointers point naturally?

The name pointer comes from the dog’s instinct to point, by stopping and aiming its muzzle towards game This demonstrates to the hunter the location of their quarry and allows them to move into gun range. Pointers were selectively bred from dogs who had abundant pointing and backing instinct.

Are GSPs good with babies?

The GSP is a very affectionate, loving companion that mostly likes children and other dogs, though since they’re so rambunctious, some experts advise against having them in households with children under seven.

How much should I feed my puppy pointer?

But how much should you feed if feeding raw? The average suggestion is to feed between 2-3% of your GSP’s body weight, split up between two meals each day So if your dog is 50 pounds, they would get between 1-1.5 pounds of food each day.

How much do Pointers shed?

Because pointers are short-coated, all the grooming usually required is a quick brushing or rubdown two or three times weekly. These dogs are considered average shedders They need to be protected from frigid weather because their coats are short.

Do Pointers have webbed feet?

According to AKC breed standard for German Shorthaired Pointers, their feet are “compact, close-knit and round to spoon-shaped.” They also have webbed toes , which helps them swim in rivers and ponds where they may hunt. Even non-hunting GSPs tend to love the water!.

How much is a pointer dog?

A German Shorthaired Pointer costs between $600 and $1,500 , depending on the breeder you choose. A more experienced breeder will know how to breed a dog with fewer health problems, but they will also charge more and may have a long waiting list.

What are pointers good for?

Pointers reduce the length and complexity of a program Pointers make possible to return more than one value from the function. Pointers increase the processing speed. In other words, Execution time with pointers is faster because data are manipulated with the address, that is, direct access to memory location.

Are GSP hard to train?

German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP) are full of energy, need lots of exercise, and “ can be extremely challenging from six months to three years old ,” according to the AKC breed description. The good news: they’re also highly receptive to training and picking up early obedience commands.

How long do Pointers usually live?

The Pointer has a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years It is prone to tail-tip injuries and will occasionally suffer from deafness and cataracts. Some minor health conditions affecting Pointers are hypothyroidism and canine hip dysplasia (CHD), while entropion is a major health issue which can affect the breed.

What are Pointers like owning?

A pointer from a working line, they may be too active and highly strung to make a good family pet. Some are strong willed and stubborn Many pointers, however, are raised for show and dogs from these lines can make great family pets that are patient with children, good with other animals and calm within the home.

Are Pointers needy?

Pointers make a great family dog. They are friendly, playful, and love being around people and kids. Pointers are very friendly, but they can also be very needy They may constantly try to be right with their owner, so it this is not something you’re looking for, a pointer may not be the right dog for you.

How much walking does a pointer need?

Pointers have huge amounts of energy and thrive in the great outdoors where they can put their muscles to good use. To stay healthy and stimulated, your Pointer will need 2 long walks a day If you’re active and love to go jogging, hiking or even on bike rides, your Pointer will gladly accompany you on your conquests.

What dog is a good family dog?

  • acquiring a puppy.
  • golden retriever.
  • labrador retriever.
  • french bulldog.
  • beagle.
  • kids.
  • newfoundland.
  • bulldog.

Which breed of dog barks the least?

  • 5 – GREAT DANE
  • 2 – PUG
  • 1 – BASENJI. The Basenji or Africa’s “Barkless Dog” is a unique breed and contender for the title of oldest AKC breed.

What is the smallest pointer breed?

The small Munsterlander – the smallest German pointing dog – is a breed separate from the large Munsterlander, not merely a size variant. Both breeds are skilled pointers, trackers, and retrievers, but their temperament, conformation and coat colors differ.

Are GSPs emotional?

Conclusion. German Shorthaired Pointers are very affectionate, loyal, and playful dogs that get along well with children in the family. GSPs have high energy, and owners need to provide sufficient exercise to stop them from becoming destructive.

Why should you not get a German Shorthaired Pointer?

The German Shorthaired Pointer has an almost constant supply of energy, and a profound desire to be with their humans. So, when you put these two things together, one could have an incredibly destructive dog while its family is out of the house due to how easily this breed can develop separation anxiety.

Are pointers anxious dogs?

You may never know what caused your dog’s anxiety. Some breeds of dogs, including poodles, Siberian huskies, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, Great Pyrenees, German shorthaired pointers, border collies and Bernese mountain dogs, are more likely to develop anxiety.

What breed of dog can’t swim?

Bulldogs Both English bulldogs and French bulldogs possess the triple threat of flat faces, barrel-shaped bodies and short legs. In other words, bulldogs simply aren’t made for swimming. Only one of these traits would make swimming a challenge for these dogs, imagine having all three!.

What dog is the best swimmer?

  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
  • Labrador Retriever.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Newfoundland.
  • Portuguese Water Dog.
  • Poodle.
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.
  • Irish Setter.

When can I start running with my GSP?

Wait until your GSP is 18 months old , after the growth plates in her long bones have closed, to start running with her. Hiking Miles: Once conditioned, the German Shorthaired Pointer can easily keep up with you on marathon hikes, and in fact often makes “top five” lists for best hiking breeds.

What dog breeds lift their front paw?

The focused paw raise is common for hunting breeds like English Pointer, Beagle, English Spaniel, or Bloodhound When the dog lifts their front leg, it means that they are fully focused on something and waiting for the perfect moment to start chasing the chosen object.

Why do dogs point with their paw?

Pointing The Way “ If he’s a Pointer, he’s picking up a scent and raising one foot to point in the direction he smells prey ,” says Diane Townsend, president of the American Pointer Club. “There’s nothing more natural in this breed than to point.”.

What type of breed is a pointer?

A pointer dog is a hunting or sporting dog breed that stops and points at small game that a hunter might not be able to see.

Are pointers territorial?

Pointers are protective of their territory , which they’ll indicate with barking rather than physical aggression.


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