How Do You Compete In The Retired Racehorse Project?

  • Registered with The

    jockey club

    and have a lip tattoo or microchip.
  • Raced or had a published work on or after July 1, 2020.
  • Not have started in training for a second career before December 1, 2021 (other than a maximum of 15

    allowable rides


What is the purpose of the retired racehorse project?

Our mission is to facilitate the placement of retired Thoroughbred racehorses in second careers by educating the public about the history, distinctive characteristics, versatility of use, and appropriate care and training of the iconic American Thoroughbred.

What is the Thoroughbred makeover?

The 2021 Thoroughbred Makeover was a unique “Mega-Makeover” format, with two

separate competition years

running side-by-side to accommodate horses from the postponed 2020 competition as well as the regular 2021 class The week of competition culminated in two separate Finales crowning their own champions.

How much does it cost to buy a retired race horse?

How Much Does An OTTB Horse Cost? An OTTB horse will cost on average between $1,000 to $3,000 The price of an off-the-track Thoroughbred will vary based on its race pedigree, temperament, height, and bloodline.

What are retired racehorses called?

What are retired racehorses called? A retired Thoroughbred racehorse is called an “ Off The Track Thoroughbred,(OTTB) An OTTB is registered with the Jockey Club and retired from racing or training due to injury, lack of talent, or

old age


How old do you have to be to do the Thoroughbred makeover?

The Thoroughbred Makeover is open to professionals, amateurs, juniors (ages 12 and over ), and teams. Applicants are required to provide information about their riding and competition background as well as references, including one from a veterinarian.

What is RRP eligible?

For a horse to be eligible to compete, the trainer must have been the primary rider of the horse after July 30 , and the trainer must ride, drive, or otherwise direct the horse in the Makeover competition, unless a catch rider is approved.

How do I find a retired racehorse?

Online shopping Most of the farms and organizations in this directory, as well as Retired Racehorse Project itself, have online horse listings. As difficult as it is to evaluate a horse from a photo, video, and description, it is a place to start.

Where is the thoroughbred makeover?

Entering its seventh year at the

kentucky horse park

in Lexington , the Thoroughbred Makeover features competition in ten disciplines for recently-retired Thoroughbreds in their first year of retraining for a career after racing.

Can you adopt retired race horses?

New Vocations is proud to be the oldest and largest racehorse adoption program in the country , serving more than 500 horses a year. Since our inception in 1992, we’ve carried out our mission to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome retired racehorses and placed more than 8,000 in adoptive homes.

Is a racehorse a good investment?

As mentioned, investing in racehorses is extremely risky and isn’t likely to be profitable for most investors However, for a very small number of investors who own or have a stake in a successful horse, the winnings can be substantial. Investing in racehorses can best be thought of as a lifestyle investment.

How much does a jockey make per race?

Rather than earn a salary, a jockey receives a “mounting fee”, often $50-$110 , for each race, riding sometimes eight races per day. The real money for jockeys comes from prize money, if they can ride a horse to finish first, second or third in a race and earn part of the purse.

What age do race horses retire?

Flat racehorses can start their racing career at just two years old – and some of them retire by the age of four, although many can go on racing much longer, until they are ten or older.

What is horse RRP?

The versatile, athletic, capable off-track Thoroughbred is the star of all our stories, but every star needs a stage. The Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) built that stage and switched on the spotlight.

How much is a Kentucky Derby horse worth?

Sometimes, a horse is sold for a few thousand; other times, they can go for $1 million or more This year, 13 of the 20 prospective entrants (as of April 30) in the May 7 Kentucky Derby Presented by Woodford Reserve at Churchill Downs were sold at public auction.

Would you buy an ex racehorse?

Rehoming, buying or loaning an ex racehorse can be a rewarding way to find a versatile, athletic and intelligent horse Many ex-racehorses have proven they can turn their hoof to anything after life on the track be it dressage, eventing, hacking, endurance riding, hunting or showjumping.

How much does it cost to enter horse in Kentucky Derby?

The entry fee for the Kentucky Derby is another $25,000 Another $25,000 is paid if the horse enters the starting gate. By now, the owner has also paid entry fees at a number of other races through the winter and spring as the trainers prepare the horses in “prep” races.

What happens to dead racehorses?

The horse becomes anesthetized (and therefore unconscious) to such a degree that its heart stops beating and death follows. If it is used then the carcass must be disposed of either by burying (see below) or cremation It cannot be used for human consumption or animal food.

Do ex racehorses make good horses?

Former racehorses are typically athletic and intelligent and, with the constant handling they have received during their racing career, they can make excellent riding horses in the right hands But the time and effort involved in retraining them off the track means they aren’t suitable for everyone.

What is the average lifespan of a racehorse?

The majority of racehorses will have a racing career of only 2-3 years yet their life expectancy is 25-30 years Whatever the reason or age at which it occurs, all racehorses will eventually cease racing.

How many race horses retire each year?

They also represent an uncomfortable reality for the horse racing industry. Over the past decade, an average of more than 600 thoroughbreds a year have died because of racing , according to research by the USA TODAY Network.

How long does it take to retrain an OTTB?

Healing from strained tendons. If your horse has minor tendon problems or low-grade tendonitis, you’re most likely looking at six months to a year of rest and rehabilitation before you can put your horse to work again.

What can you do with OTTB?

Begin With Training Your OTTB to Lunge Correctly Use the time on the lunge to train your horse to your voice. Simple commands such as Walk, Trot, Canter, Steady and Whoa, will go a long way to helping him understand your new seat and leg aids when you do mount up on him.