How Do You Set The Drag On A Shimano TLD?

Where are

shimano tlds


These are the original ” made in Japan ” TLD’s that are about fifteen years old. Not a lot of difference in these and the

later ones

made in Malaysia. The Japanese ones have a black arm on the stock handle as well as a made in Japan engraving on the reel seat.. So, all the drags in these reels are two sided.

What is the

best game fishing reel


  • The best 50-pound-class reels for chasing marlin, tuna and other pelagic game fish
  • Accurate ATD-50T Platinum Twin Drag Courtesy Accurate
  • Accurate ATD-50W Platinum Twin Drag Courtesy Accurate
  • Alutecnos Albacore 50W Two-Speed Courtesy Alutecnos
  • Avet T-RX 50/2W Courtesy Avet
  • Daiwa 50 Saltiga Two-Speed Courtesy Diawa.

How tight should drag be?

Your drag should be set at 25 percent of the breaking strength (pound test) of the line you are using You can check the breaking strength by tying the line to the scale hook, holding your rod at a 45-degree angle and pulling down on the scale.

How much drag do I need?

According to traditional theory, drags should be set to between one quarter and one third of the line’s rated breaking strength.

What does maximum drag mean on a reel?

Max drag is measured when the line is loaded to maximum on the spool In the actual fight, your line is out of the spool for the depth where the fish is. Your line load is less in diameter. Your spool is harder to be dragged to turn.

How much line can a TLD 25 hold?

Shimano TLD 25 Graphite Bodied Lever Drag Trolling Reel The TLD 25 is rated for 30-50lb test line and can handle many species from Striped Bass to School Tuna.

How much line does a TLD 15 hold?

Capacity: 20 lb/450 yd, 25 lb/350 yd, 30 lb/300 yd; Braid 50 lb/700 yd , 65 lb/530 yd, 80 lb/405 yd.

What is star drag?

: a friction brake on a saltwater fishing reel.

How much drag do I need for a 30lb line?

Setting the Drag for Braided Line But the cushion against sudden spikes in tension is nonexistent, so lighter drag settings are in order. With braided lines up to 20-pound-test, set the drag at 15 percent of the line’s breaking strength. With 30- through 65-pound braid, set it at 20 percent.

How much drag do I need for surf fishing?

As a

general rule

, the optimal drag for surf fishing is 30% of your line breaking strength However, you can adjust this rule depending on the targeted species, the beach structure, and the type of line and rod you are using.

What are TLD 25 used for?

Shimano’s TLD reels are arguably the most

versatile lever drag overhead reels

around, built tough to take on those fish that you don’t want to get away. This Shimano Triton TLD 25 Lever Drag Reel great for light to medium tackle game fishing , and also makes a pretty good casting reel.

How do you set drag for tuna?

Rule of thumb: drag should be set for 25% of the breaking strength of the line at strike , in your case 50LBs. Full will be about 65-70lbs. Now remember, as line is peeled off the reel, the drag will increase as the spool diameter gets smaller!!! So be careful when pushing it to full on a big fish.