How Do You Use A Googan Lunker Log?

What is considered a lunker?

Definition of lunker : something large of its kind —used especially of a

game fish


How big is a Lunker?

There’s no standard length or weight to qualify a bass as a lunker (though the Bassmaster Lunker Club™ has set the mark at any largemouth over 10 lbs.) —it is more of an informal way to talk about an unusually large or fat bass.

What size bass is considered a lunker?

Share Your Lunker and Be Recognized! Anglers who reel in any largemouth bass at least 8 lbs. or 24 inches can participate simply by entering their lunker catch information.

What are Lunker logs good for?

The Lunker Log is a

stick bait

designed with the highest quality soft plastic to give you the perfect shimmy on a wacky rig, weightless Texas rig, or whatever rig it goes on.

Are Googan baits good?

To save you from the entire article – the short answer is yes Googan Baits/Squad can be a trusted manufacturer for all of your lures They aren’t a gimmick. They all will catch bass.

Do you need a weight with stick bait?

There is no need for a weight , the bait will fall slowly through the water column and shimmy on the way down. It’s perfect for shallow weeds or structure where you don’t want to get hung up.

What is a Carolina rig in fishing?

The Carolina rig is a plastic bait rig similar to the Texas rig, but with the weight fixed above the hook, instead of sliding down to it The Carolina rig is suitable for beginning fishers. This specific rig is designed to help fishermen catch bottom feeding fish, particularly bass fish.

Where did the term Lunker come from?

What is the origin of lunker? The noun lunker has two meanings: something large and unruly, and a large game fish, especially a bass. It was originally an Americanism, and its etymology is obscure : lunk, lunkhead, and clunker have all been suggested. Lunker entered English in the second half of the 19th century.

How big is a Lunker trout?

The trout are reared at the Division’s Pequest Trout Hatchery, and most of those stocked in the spring are 1½

years old

and average about 10½ inches in length and weigh about ½ pound.

What is considered a Lunker trout?

Oxford on the other hand gave different wording as they have defined it as: An exceptionally large specimen of something, in particular (among anglers) a fish In order to catch a lunker, you need to have a strong fishing rod and a quality fishing reel!.

What’s the biggest bass caught in Texas?

The fish measures 27-1/4 inches with a girth of 23-1/4 inches. According to Josh Jones of Josh Jones Fishing, Davis’ catch ranks No. 7 all-time in Texas. The state record, an 18.18-pound largemouth bass caught at Lake Fork, has stood since 1992.

What’s the biggest bass ever caught?

On June 2nd, 1932, George Perry caught the

current world record bass

out of Lake Montgomery, an oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River in southern Georgia. The fish (the whopper) weighed 22 pounds, 4 ounces.

What’s the world record largemouth bass?

18.66lb ! This monster of 18.66lb (8.48kg) was caught at Lake Biwa, Japan, on 6 April 2008 by t he holder of the current Japanese Record Bass and joint World Record Bass, Manabu Kurita.

How old is a 7lb bass?

We have seen bass that were 7 pounds at age two and 14 pounds at age 6 ½. Three to four pounds in one year is max.

How old is a 10 lb largemouth bass?

In a Florida study, 822

trophy bass

(10 pounds and up) given to taxidermists showed a mean age of 9.7 years That’s a growth rate of about a pound a year.

How old is a 5 lb largemouth bass?

A big bass, say five pounds, might be anywhere between six and 16 years old Growth rate is an important aspect of the biology of bass and all other fish species, and it takes a careful examination of many fish to provide information of value to Division biologists.

Who are the Googans?

The Googan Squad is nonetheless a group of Youtubers that usually fish for bass The group consist of Robert Terkla (LunkersTV), Jonathan Barzacchini (Jon B.), Michael Hsiao (1rod1reelfishing), Andrew Flair (Andrew Flair Outdoors/ fishing_with_flair), and Alex Peric (apbassing).

What does a stick bait mean?

Often called jerkbaits, slashbaits or minnow baits, the term “stickbait” refers to a series of versatile hard-body lures that may be the most well-known multi-species baits in the history of sport fishing.

What Rod does LunkersTV use?

Favorite Fishing partnered up with the Robert Terkla (AKA LunkersTV) to provide a one of a kind, special edition fishing rod. A high-modulus graphite blank, paired with a low profile reel seat and Fuji guides make this stout rod feel unusually light.

What is Lunkar?

1. something unusually large for its kind 2. Angling. a very large game fish, esp.

What is the ShareLunker program?

The Toyota ShareLunker program is year-round and offers four levels of participation for bass over 8 pounds caught in Texas In 2020, anglers entered 4 Legacy Class bass over 13 pounds and loaned them to TPWD for the selective breeding and stocking program during the spawning window Jan. 1 through Mar.

Is a 5lb bass big?

What is Considered a Big Bass? Most anglers would consider anything larger than 5 pounds a big bass A 5 pound bass would likely be a weekend angler’s personal best outside of California, Florida, Texas and few other southern states. A 5 pound bass will also make a professional angler very happy.

Why do bass get stunted?

This happens when there is not enough forage to feed an overabundance of fish in a given size class When this occurs, most fish caught only vary in size by a few inches. Many impoundment managers and largemouth bass anglers view a stunted largemouth bass fishery as a negative situation.

What’s considered a trophy bass?

Usually, anything between 8-20 pounds would be considered a trophy bass. There is an argument that to be considered a trophy largemouth bass, the fish must be at least 51% of the world record. This idea would mean that a bass would need to weigh at least 11 pounds, 3 ounces to be considered a trophy.

Who owns the Googan squad?

Matt Kendrick , CEO of HOO, will lead the holding company and Winston Tucker, CEO of Googan Baits, will run the fishing products and innovation at Googan.

What company makes Googan Baits?

The Googan Squad and Catch Co. have collaborated to bring a new line of fishing products to the market. From some of the biggest disruptors in the industry, Googan Squad baits incorporate the flash and pizazz of the Googan Squad, without sacrificing quality.

Can you swim a bandito bug?

The body style and flapping appendages allow the Bandito Bug to easily swim and kick , creating water disturbance throughout each cast. Since it debuted in 2019, the Bandito Bug has been among the most favored soft plastic by both their fans and the Googan’s themselves.

Should I use a swivel with a Texas rig?

The method is especially effective on pressured fish and in deep water The clearer the water or the more fishing pressure an area has, the longer the leader should be. If you like to use a Palomar knot, tie the swivel to the leader line first, then attach the swivel to the main line and, finally, attach the hook.

Should I peg Texas rig?

Liao explains that a bass expects its prey to be neutrally buoyant, so it strikes accordingly. If you peg the weight of your Texas rig, there’s a higher probability of that bass holding your bait for a shorter period of time which, of course, results in missed opportunities for the angler.

How do I make my 10xd quieter?

Silent but deadly “The process is really simple,” Garrett said. “ Start with drilling a hole on top of the bill where it meets the body of the bait. If you look from underneath the lure, you’ll see the chamber in which the rattle sits. Squirt superglue into that chamber to lock the rattle in place.

Which is better Texas rig or Carolina rig?

A Texas rig will catch some bass hugging bottom along points in bright sunshine, but a Carolina rig outperforms the Texas rig because the setup’s heavy weight permits anglers to make longer casts to cover more water.

What do beads do on fishing line?

The bead ensures the bobber stops at the knot and prevents friction and wear at that junction Bead color is pretty irrelevant in this case. Beads are also used on flies like this olive wooly booger. It serves as an attractant as well as some added weight to help get the fly to the proper depth.

Can you Texas rig a Senko?

Simply put, the Senko, when using the Texas rig, looks like the real thing to a bass fish, and this is the main reason the lure is so good at what it does. The Texas-rigged Senko is great for both beginners and more experienced fishermen because of these things.

What is the most popular Senko color?

Green pumpkin tends to be the most popular and productive color. However, color selection is often based on water clarity. Darker and murky water should be fished with a dark color Senko like black and blue. On sunny days and in clear water, use a more natural-looking color such as green pumpkin.

Do Senko worms float?

If you use a monofilament leader, the Senko will float and slowly wave back and forth throughout your retrieve. It’s great for targeting fish on rocky points, shell beds, river bars and bluff walls.