How Fast Will A 150 Hp Pontoon Boat Go?

A 150

hp motor

on a

pontoon boat

has an average top speed of 38.2 MPH, but speeds range from 35 MPH to 43.7 MPH.

Can you

deep sea fish

on a pontoon boat?

They’re not good for deep sea fishing As mentioned, pontoon boats can coast over

choppy water

. But when it comes to big waves and rough waters, they are not the boat of choice. To get the best performance out of a pontoon boat, you’ll want to stay somewhat close to land.

How fast does a 40 HP pontoon go?

A 40hp Pontoon boat with an average load of people can expect to reach speeds of around 10 – 15 mph A lot depends on the size of the pontoon boat, how many people are on it, and the weather conditions.

Do pontoon boats hold their value?

Regardless of the brand, pontoon boats lose their value faster than many other boats After owning a pontoon for two to three years, the resale value drops by about 25 to 30 percent. After this sudden decline, the value drops slowly between $400 to $500 yearly and plateaus after ten years.

Can you pull a tube with a pontoon boat?

As a general rule, you can pull a tube behind a pontoon as long as it has enough horsepower relative to the weight it is hauling Using a tube created for pontoon tubing, such as the RAVE Sports Escape™ or Getaway™, will also help because they feature a Skim-Fast™ slick bottom to help create speed and glide.

How big of a motor can you put on a 20 foot pontoon?

What Size Motor For A 20′ Pontoon Boat? If you want to get at around 20MPH-24MPH, you can get by with a 60 HP motor If you want speeds around 24-29 MPH or more, then you should go with a 90HP motor.

Can pontoon boats go in the Gulf of Mexico?

In Other Words, Yes Thanks to modern design and technology, as well as advancements in both materials and construction, the answer to the original question, can you take your pontoon boat into open waters, is a resounding yes.

Do pontoons make good fishing boats?

Pontoons are extremely stable. That not only enhances comfort, but also means they’re great for fishing with kids Although many pontoon boats don’t come with fishing accouterments, they can be added (or on a new boat, ordered from the factory) with little effort.

How long can pontoon boats stay in saltwater?

A boat can only safely stay in saltwater for about one week , but in most cases, three to four weeks in freshwater will not cause damage. When you leave a boat sitting in water, it never gets a chance for the construction materials to dry out.

Will a 40 hp pontoon pull a tube?

Can you pull a tube with a 40 HP pontoon? While a 40

hp engine

might be okay to push a pontoon boat around the lake for a leisurely ride, it’s not going to be strong enough to pull most skiers … This size motor will give you plenty of speed for towing tubes, as well as pulling most skiers and wakeboarders too.

Is a 20 foot pontoon big enough?

20 to 22-foot boats are well suited for lakes and rivers that do not have large waves The mid-sized boats are well equipped to seat up to 13 passengers. The larger 23 to 28-foot boats are capable of cruising through rough waters and offer enough space for up to 15 people to enjoy a day on the lake.

How many MPG does a pontoon boat get?

Pontoon Boats The average pontoon boat will consume around 5 gallons per hour at cruising speed. This means that a five hour trip out on the water will take 25 gallons of gas.

What are the disadvantages of a pontoon boat?

  • Speed. Pontoon boats can go over 100mph (160kph) in extreme circumstances, but most pontoon boats sit right around the 28 – 35 mile per hour mark if you have a 90hp engine or faster (and an overall length under 24′)
  • Rough Water
  • Wake Shape
  • Handling
  • Outboard Noise.

How long do pontoon boats last?

Pontoon boats may last for 10–20 years if they’re new and if you take good care of them.

What is a good horsepower for pontoon boat?

115hp has become the starting point for horsepower and can be a very suitable boat for lots of boaters; 150-175hp choice is a great all-around pontoon and can truly be a versatile “do it all” boat; 200+hp is the way to go if you have a need for speed and want the best performance out of your pontoon.

How fast will a 300 hp pontoon boat go?

Here are five pontoon boats, with tested horsepower ranges from 300 to 800, that qualify as heavy artillery. All of them are capable of topping 50 mph , and a couple can even exceed highway speed limits.

Are Tritoons better than pontoons?

Both pontoons and tritoons are good for a relaxing day on Rice Lake and are also great for fishing. While a tritoon theoretically offers greater stability, you’re unlikely to notice the difference on small bodies of water.

How do I protect my pontoons from salt water?

  • Check the pontoon’s construction quality
  • Read over your pontoon manufacturer’s warranty
  • Consider a Saltwater Series pontoon
  • Pick the right locations
  • Avoid electrolysis deterioration
  • Apply aluminum anti-fouling paint
  • Give it a freshwater cleanse.

Will a pontoon boat sink?

“ Pontoon boats can’t sink” Shepler later confirmed this fact in our discussion. “It’s very hard to sink a pontoon boat. Unless you pierce one of the pontoons – and even then it’s only going to list,” said Shepler, who suggested letting the roller come in from the side next time.

Do pontoons have live wells?

Livewells are a biggie, and can be found on plenty of pontoon boats They do tend to be smaller than those found on center consoles, bass boats, and some other dedicated fishing boats, however, plenty of models offer dual livewells and in many cases, additional livewells can be added as options.

How fast will a 9.9 hp pontoon boat go?

A 9.9 HP engine is great for slow cruising, but don’t expect to go faster than a 5 MPH We highly recommend (and include in our price) a “high-thrust” 9.9 HP engine from Yamaha that has a larger propeller and makes it much easier to maneuver your pontoon boat, even with a small engine.

Is a 16 ft pontoon too small?

Carrying Capacity For one to five people, a 15-foot-long boat is sufficient. For six to 10 people, you’ll want something in the range of 16 to 21 feet If you want to take along an even bigger crowd, you should consider a model that’s 21 to 28 feet long.

Can a 40 hp pull a tube?

Depending on how many people your tube accommodates, a light 14-foot fiberglass boat with a 35-40HP engine could tow a small person on a single-seater tube.

How many hours is alot for a pontoon boat?

Recreational boats are used between 75 and 150 hours per year Using 100 hours as an average, a ten-year-old boat with 1000 hours on the engines should have plenty of life left in it.

How much water do you need for a pontoon boat?

It’s often possible for an average pontoon to be safely navigated through water that is two feet in depth But, this can be a risky process as there may be unexpected hazards in the water which could cause damage to the motor of your boat.

Are pontoon boats easy to drive?

Another reason why pontoon boats are popular is because they are relatively easy to drive They are good boats for beginners to learn how to drive a boat. They handle well at slower speeds and give the driver a good vantage point and view of the water because they sit relatively high off the water for their size.

How fast will a 115 hp pontoon boat go?

On a standard 24-foot pontoon boat with a 115 HP engine and a medium load you could go as fast as 25 miles per hour Alternatively, a Gigantic 30-foot pontoon boat with a 115 HP engine will probably only go as fast as 15 miles per hour.

How much horsepower does a pontoon boat need to pull a skier?

A pontoon boat with a 70 horsepower engine is plenty for tubing. At that level, you might be able to get up on skis too, but 90 HP will serve you much better. After that, the more HP in your engine, the more adventurous you can get with your water sports.

Is 90 hp enough for a pontoon boat?

Just about ANY pontoon boat with a 90hp motor can do that as long as it isn’t loaded down with people With a 115, you should be hitting the optimal speed even if your boat is pretty well loaded down with people. For most pontoon boat captains, the real goal is to hit the golden 22 mph (36 kph) mark.

How much does a pontoon motor cost?

There is a wide variety of outboard engines ranging anywhere from 25HP to 450HP which will run approximately $6,000-$80,000 just for the engine. The higher the horsepower, the more expensive the engine. Some pontoon manufacturers also offer the option of having two engines on the boat.

Do pontoon boats plane out?

Pontoon boats have a multi-hull aluminum construction and float through the water’s surface with a shallow draft. Pontoons can climb over the water and get to plane almost instantly when taking off , and they do not experience as much horizon reduction as speedboats and other fiberglass ships do when accelerating.

Can a trolling motor push a pontoon boat?

The good news is that, yes, you can, indeed put a trolling motor onto a pontoon boat As long as you select the right shaft length and thrust (minimum 52 inches length and 55 lbs thrust), you should be good to go!.

Can a pontoon boat handle rough water?

The short answer is yes. Pontoons are actually pretty good at handling rough waters , especially if you compare them with one-hull recreational boats. The two hulls of a pontoon create more friction between the water surface and the bottom of your boat, making it a pretty stable vessel..

Can a pontoon boat flip over?

Due to the design of pontoon boats, it’s almost unheard of for them to tip over, and the chances are very, very slim. Pontoon boats very rarely tip over or flip over , with recorded cases being very uncommon.

What do you do on a pontoon boat in a storm?

A sudden shift in wind direction accompanied by much cooler air is often the sign that a storm front has just moved over your location. In any of these situations, the best response is to get off the water before the storm strikes Tie up at the nearest marina, if possible, and get off the boat.

Can you leave a pontoon boat in the water in the winter?

During the winter months you should never leave your pontoon boat in the water If you do, you’re leaving it at risk to the elements and can get hit with some expensive maintenance bills.

Does salt water hurt pontoons?

Bottom line: feel free to use your pontoon on salt water if conditions are good A protected saltwater bay, inlet, or mangrove swamp is often a more suitable pontoon boating environment than the open ocean. Keep an eye on the weather, keep your weather radio set for alerts, and avoid rough conditions.

Do you have to take your boat out of the water in the winter?

All thru-hulls, except those for cockpit drains, have to be protected by closing and winterizing all seacocks and gate valves If your boat has thru-hulls at or below the waterline that can’t be closed, it should be stored ashore for the winter.

Can a 115 hp pontoon boat pull a skier?

If your pontoon boat has a 115hp engine, you’ll likely be able to tow tubes or ski even with a full boat It won’t be as much of fun as with only 4 or 5 people, but you’ll be fine.

How fast will a 50 hp Yamaha outboard go?

The 50 hp and the 70 hp are essentially the same motor, displacement wise. You will not see a 9 mph difference. I have a 17′ aluminum boat with a 50hp Yamaha and it’ll run about 31mph max , cruise around 22-24mph.

Can a 60hp pontoon pull a tube?

Most modern pontoon boat motors that are 60hp or larger should have ample enough power to pull people behind a 22-foot pontoon on an inner tube at a basic level When you scale up to a 90hp pontoon boat, things are going to be much better from a performance and fun perspective when inflatable tubing behind.


How Fast Will A 40 Hp Pontoon Boat Go?