How Much Do Congo African Greys Cost?

How much would an

african grey parrot cost



exact price

of the bird will depend on type, age, gender, etc., but for an African Grey Parrot, expect a cost of $500 to $4,000 Shop around to find an African Grey Parrot that fits your budget.

Are Congo African greys good pets?

They can be wonderful and affectionate, but, like other large parrots, African greys are considered high maintenance pets While “greys” are entertaining and rewarding to keep, they prefer a routine schedule and require a substantial amount of time with their owners.

How much is an African GREY in

south africa


Approximately thousands of African Grey Parrots have taken place in South Africa’s domestic markets every year as a byproduct of trade. Currently, auction prices for birds range anywhere from R900 – 3,500 (US$300 – 1,167) per couple Captive-bred birds are generally perceived to be more expensive than wild-caught ones.

What is the cheapest talking parrot?

The Budgie is the cheapest talking parrot to own worldwide. What is this? These

small parrots

are the perfect choice for those of us who want a talking parrot but have a limited budget. This little bird is actually capable of a lot of speech and can learn a large number of phrases and songs to speak to you.

What is the smartest parrot?

The Kea has been enlisted by many as the worlds most

intelligent bird

among top ten intelligent birds. The Kea is found in New Zealand and it is basically a parrot.

Which parrot talks the most?

African Grey Parrot This African Grey is highly regarded as the most intelligent talking bird species. They are able to mimic a wide variety of words with their vast vocabulary. Some experts would say that their approach and ability to speak is on par with a toddler!.

Do African grey parrots bite?

When your African grey is hurt and scared, it might associate these negative aspects with its owner. A fearful African grey can start to bite or be aggressive It can also cause further damage to itself by trying to fly away from what frightens it, likely falling again.

What parrot is best for beginners?

The best parrots for beginners are small, friendly, and easy to train. Budgerigars, cockatiels, parrotlets, and some conure species are easy to care for and enjoy handling. Senegal parrots, pionus parrots, quaker parrots, and white-fronted Amazons are docile with fun personalities.

Can African grey talk?

It is among the best talkers in the parrot family, able to repeat words and phrases after hearing them just once or twice This bird reaches full talking ability around a year of age, and most individuals become capable mimics much earlier.

Do all African greys talk?

Do African grey parrots talk? Yes, many African grey parrots can—and do—talk ! Owners and bird aviculturists often count African grey parrots among the best talkers.

Are African GREY parrots legal in Australia?

yes, parrots are legal in Australia , but it’s illegal to import parrots into the country since 1995 because of a ban that occurred due to a fear of spreading an avian disease.

Why are parrots so expensive?

African Grey Parrots are expensive compared to the other species of parrots because the very process of obtaining legal ownership over this rare species of parrots is costly And then there is also the proper maintenance and upbringing cost of these parrots which tend to live for around 50 years.

How much is a red macaw?

Scarlet macaws are usually sold only at avian specialty pet stores or by breeders. They can cost $2,000 to $4,000 The price range is dependent on the breeder, if it was hand-raised, and its vibrancy.

Do African grey parrots scream?

Your African Grey parrot may be becoming excessively loud because he/she may not like the conditions they are living in. They tend to scream or shriek when they are frustrated, not happy or feeling threatened by something their surroundings.

What is the price of a cockatoo?

With the initial cost of purchase, you can expect the cockatoo price to run up between $375 and $16,000 , with each additional year costing you up to between $405 and $780.

How much does a macaw parrot cost?

$1000–$18,000 The cost of your Macaw will depend on the species. There are a variety of Macaws available in the pet trade and you will want to do your research to determine the most compatible type for you. You can expect the price of a Macaw anywhere from $1000 to $18,000 for your bird alone.

Are parrots expensive to keep?

$300-$1500 per year A healthy parrot can cost anywhere between $25-$100 per month depending on the species, and this doesn’t even include treats or fresh foods! We highly recommend buying food in bulk, as this can save you a huge chunk of money in the long run.

Can you put two African greys together?

They should each always have their own cage and their own play stands or alternate perches. Just because they are the same species, does not guarantee that they will become good friends However, you should all be able to live peacefully and happily in your home together.

Can you potty train an African grey?

However, did you know a parrot can be potty trained? Yes, your feathered friend can be trained to deposit their droppings in a designated area too If you are one of the lucky owners, you may notice your feathered friend has trained itself, choosing to defecate only when in its cage or on its t-stand.

How often do African greys poop?

Bird poop frequency can range from once every 15 minutes to once every hour during the day , depending on the size of the bird. Smaller birds like pigeons poop more frequently, but large parrots poop less frequently. Birds hardly poop during nighttime during sleep but will poop more in the mornings after.


How Much Is A Parrot Bird In South Africa?