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costs $99/year, or $8.25/month , and gets your dog’s collar added as a device to the LTE-M low power cellular network, which was specifically designed for such devices, and offers 20-30% more cellular coverage in the US than 3G networks.

Fi Dog Collar: How accurate is Fi dog collar

The Fi collar uses a

home base

, LTE-M cell signal, and GPS to achieve

tracking speed

and accuracy. It’s the first dog collar to use the LTE-M cellular network, which reaches 30% farther than 3G/4G/5G/LTE. In an open field,

gps tracking

is accurate within 7 feet.

Cell Service: Do Fi collars work without cell service

The biggest weakness of Fi in our eye is that while the LTE-M network provides

better coverage

compared to other LTE/3G trackers, it still needs the cellular network to communicate. This means that the tracker will not work AT ALL if you do not have cell coverage or run out of mobile data.

Can you use Fi collar without subscription?


Without a subscription, the Fi collar will still function – but if your dog wanders outside the range of your smartphone, base or Wi-Fi (Series 2 customers only), we will not be able to locate your pup. We highly recommend purchasing a subscription if you’re worried about your dog running off!.

Better Fi: Which is better Fi or whistle

The Verdict. With all this information at hand, we highly recommend Fi tracker for its affordability and multitudes of advanced features. Fi highly overpowers Whistle most especially in the accuracy of Fi’s tracking ability The Fi tracker is much more affordable with its subscription being not mandatory.

How long do Fi collars last?

The company claims one charge can keep Fi going for up to three months The solution they came up with was connecting to a low-energy cellular network, called LTE-M, often used for industrial sensors, smart buildings, and water and gas metering.

Fi Series: Is the fi series 2 worth it

The $129 Fi Series 2 features the same streamlined design that helped earn its predecessor our Editors’ Choice award , along with better performance thanks to improved GPS and LTE antennas for more precise location tracking and faster escape detection, as well as Wi-Fi support to help extend battery life.

Fi Dog Collar Use: What cell network does Fi dog collar use

Fi is the first tracking collar to use the LTE-M cellular network to communicate GPS information.

Fi Collar Use: What network does the Fi collar use

With an active subscription, the Fi collar will act as its own cellular device on the AT&T LTE-M network. Your smartphone can be on any cellular network – it does not need to be on AT&T for the Fi collar to function. Note: Without a subscription, AT&T LTE-M network connectivity and ‘Lost Dog Mode’ are not available.

Fi Dog Collar: Is Fi dog collar a fence

As highly as we wish we might keep our pet dogs with us at all times, daily work has a practice of hindering. Fi Collar Invisible Fence. The majority of canine owners are compelled to leave their friend behind for many hours daily while they’re at work, institution, or out running duties.

Fi Collar Charge: How does the Fi collar charge

Charging Your Dog’s Fi Collar: To charge your dog’s Fi collar, place the collar module on the base. You’ll notice the LED light on the

module pulse blue

as the collar charges When fully charged, the LED light will remain blue and stop pulsing. For full recharge time, allow 3 hours.

Fi Collar Update Location: How often does Fi collar update location

Depending on the state of your pup’s Fi collar, you can expect a GPS update every 1, 5, or 15 minutes If your dog is lost, we recommend enabling Lost Dog Mode, as this will ensure the Fi Collar is attempting to look for a signal every minute.

Fi Collar Track: What does a Fi collar track

First up, the Fi collar functions as a basic pedometer, allowing you to track your dog’s steps via a mobile app , much like you would do with a Fitbit or similar device. In theory, the more steps and exercise you take, the better.

Dog Gps Trackers Worth: Are dog GPS trackers worth it

According to a survey by the ASPCA, 15% of pet parents had lost their dog or cat in the past five years 1 Some even estimate that 1 in every 3 dogs will go missing in their lifetime. And for many pet parents, that’s the number one reason to get a GPS tracker – to stop that from happening to their furry friend.

Gps Tracker: Can you put a GPS tracker in a dog

GPS dog tracker:

real-time tracking device

for lost dogs Unlike a microchip, a GPS tracker allows you to track your dog in real-time , so you can find your dog immediately, should they ever go missing.

Can you put a tile on your dog?


Attach the Tile pet tracker to your dog or cat’s collar, or even stick it on your turtle’s shell ! It’s easy to keep track of your pet at home or on-the-go with Tile. When you can’t locate your pet or they aren’t responding to your calls, simply click “Find” in the Tile app on your mobile device to make the Tile ring.


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