How Much Is A Blue And Tan French Bulldog?

Are blue and

tan french bulldogs rare


The rarest colors of French Bulldogs are blue, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan Add that Merle coats. A

blue merle

is perhaps the rarest of them all. In a world where a standard French Bulldog costs several thousand dollars, these rare colors can sell for tens of thousands.

How much is a tan French bulldog worth?

Another very beautiful and unique coloration. The price range is wide. You can expect to pay 7000$ for a Black and Tan French Bulldog, to up to 9000-12000$ for a Lilac and Tan or Merle and Tan one.

What is blue Tan French Bulldog?

Blue and tan French Bulldogs have a solid blue base color with beige markings on their paws, chest, bottom, cheek and eyebrows Usually the more distinct the color difference is, the more beautiful these puppies look. People love blue and tan Frenchies because they are simply adorable!.

What is the rarest color of French Bulldog?

Cream Cream French Bulldogs are the rarest of the nine official colors. They are actually one of the rarer colors to find because they inherit their coat from a recessive gene which is a dilute form of fawn. These cute puppies have an eggshell colored coat and are much lighter than a fawn who has more of a reddish hue.

Why are blue French Bulldogs disqualified?

Unfortunately for Blue French Bulldogs, and some other breeds which express this dilute gene, they can suffer from a genetic condition known as color dilution alopecia (CDA) This is a recessive and inherited condition and arises due to a faulty version of the dilution gene.

How much is a blue merle Frenchie?

The average price of Blue Merle French Bulldog is $8,000 and can get as high as $50,000 Depending on the breeder, the Blue Merle French Bulldog cost of puppy deposit is half of the puppy price. For the female Blue and Tan Merle French Bulldog price, it is around $8,000.

What is the most

expensive dog


A golden-haired Tibetan mastiff puppy has reportedly been sold for a whopping $2 million in China, potentially making it the world’s most expensive dog.

What is a lilac and tan French Bulldog?

Lilac and tan French Bulldogs have a lilac base color with beige markings on their paws, chest, bottom, cheek and eyebrows Usually the more distinct the color difference is, the more beautiful these puppies look. People love lilac and tan Frenchies because they are simply adorable!.

Are blue brindle French Bulldogs rare?

Finding a Blue Brindle Frenchie is going to be difficult because they’re relatively rare For this reason, expect to pay premium dollars if you plan to get your hands on one of these. However, you can still find them at some reputable AKC-registered breeders, such as Lindor French Bulldogs.

How much is a blue brindle French Bulldog?

How much are Blue French Bulldogs? Blue French Bulldogs from professional breeders can range in price from $1,500 to $4,000 and higher in the United States, sometimes costing more than double the price of a

standard frenchie


Can you breed 2 blue French Bulldogs?

In recent times it does not hold true any longer since related blue french bull dogs are no longer bred with each other The gene pool is now large enough to have several healthy non related blue french bull dogs which can be bred with each other to create healthy blue puppies.

Why are Frenchies so expensive?

The main reason why French Bulldogs puppies are so expensive is that the

breeding costs

are extremely high For Frenchies to reproduce, they require artificial insemination & c-sections, which will cost the breeder anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. And that’s on top of all the other breeding expenses!.

Do blue Frenchies shed a lot?

They Don’t Shed You will never regret buying a blue French bulldog once you see the amount of hair on his chair or your jacket. They shed no more than twice a year , which is comparatively lesser than what any other breed does.

What is a Merle Frenchie?

Merle Frenchies typically have a base color on their coat and then patches or blotches speckling their coat This unique patterning is what makes these types of Frenchies so rare. This pattern is often dark, multicolored patches mixed into the fur. This often covers all parts of their fur from head to tail.

What is a lilac French Bulldog?

Lilac French bulldog has a noticeable lilac hue of the coat. It occurs due to the same dilution gene that causes a blue hue of hair. If you would ask us to describe this coat color, we can say it a pale greyish-brown coat This type of color occurs spontaneously when a dog is a carrier of a recessive gene.

Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

Despite their sorta aggressive appearance, French Bulldogs are not known as an aggressive breed whatsoever While most Frenchies are friendly, this does not mean it’s impossible for one to be mean & aggressive.

How much is a lilac French Bulldog puppy?

As expected, rare animals tend to be more expensive than others, and it’s not any different with Frenchies. The Lilac French Bulldogs price usually starts at about $30,000.

What is the most popular French Bulldog color?

Brindle French Bulldog One of the most popular color patterns—not just on Frenchies, but other breeds, too—is the brindle French Bulldog. Brindle isn’t just a color, but more of a color pattern. It’s a pattern made up of different predominantly dark shades usually with one more pronounced than the other.

What is a fluffy Frenchie mixed with?

On seeing a Fluffy Frenchie for the first time, many people assume that these dogs are mixed breeds, but that is not the case. Fluffy Frenchies are the purebred puppies of two French Bulldogs.

What is a blue fawn French Bulldog?

Blue fawn in French Bulldogs is a combination of a light fawn color and blue More specifically, blue fawn Frenchies have blue parts around their muzzle and eyes instead of black, and their light coat has a beautiful bluish shine.

Do blue Frenchies have blue eyes?

Yes, Frenchie eyes do change color. When they are born, their eyes will initially be blue Around 10 weeks, their eyes will then start to change color to brown. The exception to the rule is Blue Fawn Frenchies who can have blue or green eyes in adulthood.

How much is a fluffy Frenchie?

The average price of a male fluffy Frenchie is usually $12,990 to $14,990, while females cost $13,990 to $15,990 These dogs aren’t even from top quality lines, so imagine how much more expensive are those who are of premium quality.

What is isabella gene?

The same dilution gene that causes a black dog to become blue also causes a liver dog to become isabella (aka lilac), which is a pale greyish brown Dilution and liver are both recessive and relatively rare in the dog population as a whole, so isabella is generally a rarely seen colour.

What are isabella Frenchies?

Isabella French Bulldogs are considered the rarest in the Frenchie world Similarly to lilac Frenchies, they are the combination of blue and chocolate but they have a much more unique greyish liver coat color. Isabella Frenchies are extremely hard to come by, which makes them incredibly valuable for breeding purposes.

What is isabella fur?

1. An Isabella French Bulldog is just like any other French Bulldog, but with a unique coloring on its coat It’s very similar to a liver-colored coat, but with a gray-blue hue to it In fact, it is often compared to lilac or blue and looks very similar to any Frenchies described as such.

How much is a chocolate and tan French Bulldog?

The average Chocolate brindle French bulldog price can be $8,000 or higher , depending on how the seller markets them.

What does D D mean in French Bulldogs?

The D Gene Two alleles (variants) are described: the dominant full colour (D) and the recessive dilute (d). Two copies of dilute are needed to lighten black pigment to grey (often called blue) and red pigment to cream (also called buff). A diagnostic DNA test identifies the specific variants of the MLPH gene.

Are Frenchies hard to potty train?

Are French Bulldog puppies easy to potty train? French Bulldogs are not the hardest breed to train, but they’re not the easiest either ! Some Frenchies take up to 8 months to potty train, which can be frustrating for the owner. It’s important you stay persistent and calm throughout the whole process.

Do blue dogs have more health problems?

It is a very rare genetic disease. Being blue or fawn may be a risk, but virtually all dogs of these colours are unaffected.

Why are merle dogs more expensive?

In a nutshell, merle dogs are expensive because puppy buyers are willing to pay a lot of money for them The pattern is very sought-after, and the more demand there is, the higher breeders can set their prices. In addition, merle breedings can be quite rare in some breeds.

Why are merle French Bulldogs so expensive?

5) Merle French Bulldogs are Expensive- French Bulldogs in general are expensive. They require 24/7 care as puppies, c-sections, high quality food and high fees are associated with raising puppies and adults Merle French Bulldogs are rare, exotic and expensive.

Are merle Frenchies healthy?

Merle French Bulldogs Have Health Issues Because this dog has a unique genetic condition, it could result in stunted limbs, blindness, or deafness. Numerous merle French bulldogs also suffer from allergies, immune disorders, heart murmurs, and hip dysplasia.

What dog cost $1000000?

But you can buy man’s best friend – for a cool $1.5 million. That’s the price a Chinese business tycoon paid for a purebred Red Tibetan Mastiff named Big Splash , now the most expensive dog in the world.

What dog cost $5000?

The Egyptian Pharaoh Hound An Egyptian Pharaoh hound puppy costs about $5,000.

What is the rarest dog breed?

  • Norwegian Lundehund. Dating back to the Ice Age, the Norwegian Lundehund is recognised as one of the rarest dog breeds on the planet due to its unique characteristics, which aren’t shared by any other breed
  • Lagotto Romagnolo
  • Azawakh
  • Otterhound
  • Mudi.

How much is a lilac and tan French bulldog worth?

Similarly, Lilac tan French bulldog will cost you $7,000+ , and for Lilac merle French bulldog and Lavender French bulldog, be prepared to pay between $9,000-$12,000. It all relies on the breeder’s reputation, the number of puppies in the batch, and the location.

How do I know if my Frenchie is blue or lilac?

Blue and lilac French bulldogs are far more expensive than other colors. While they seem very similar at first glance, the key difference between Lilac French Bulldogs and Blue French Bulldogs is the brown gene is absent in Lilac French Bulldog puppies, giving it a more purple hue.

What is pied French bulldog?

Pied Frenchies Pied means that it is white or eggshell colored skin with few to many patches of a dark color This means that most pied French Bulldogs are white in color with a darker color. You will notice that pied is a straight opposite of Brindle.


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