How Much Is A Blue Cat?


blue cats expensive


But what makes these guys so sought after are their color, for sure. Who wouldn’t want a blue cat? The bluer, the higher the price which ranges from $500-$1000 USD.

Are blue cats friendly?

Russian Blue cats are curious but calm, affectionate but not clingy, and very smart. They can be shy at first, but they are playful and loving once they feel comfortable. While they are happy living with families and even other pets, Russian Blue cats tend to form a deep connection with only one person.


cat breed

is blue?

The British shorthair is often thought of as a blue cat. It is one of its most common colors that, at one point, the breed was called a “British blue.” This breed comes in a variety of colors. Their iconic blue fur and

copper eyes

earn them a spot as a top blue cat breed.

How much is a blue Russian cat worth?

Much of the Russian Blue cat price, which typically ranges between $800-$1,200 However, Excellent pedigree Russian Blue cats, from famous breeding farms, with beautiful eye colors and beautiful feathers, will cost $1,500- $3,000.

Should I get a Russian Blue cat?

She may be a good choice for pet parents with allergies because she doesn’t shed much and produces lower levels of the glycoprotein Fel d 1, a known allergen, than other cat breeds. With her triangular-shaped head, the Russian blue is a long and slender cat.

What are the 5 most expensive cats?

  • Russian Blue cat ($1700)
  • Peterbald cat ($2500)
  • Persian cat ($3000)
  • Bengal cat ($5000)
  • Savannah cat ($25,000)

What is the most expensive cat on earth?

  • The Ashera – Up to $125,000.
  • Savannah – $50,000.
  • Bengal – $25,000.
  • Persian – $5,500.
  • Peterbald – $5,000.
  • Sphynx – $3,000.
  • Scottish Fold – $3,000.
  • Russian Blue – $3,000.

Do Russian Blue cats get lonely?

Russian Blues can be left alone for long periods of time as they are highly independent Russian Blues have a

thick double coat

that needs to be brushed out weekly. This breed is prone to anxiety, so keeping them mostly indoors and away from loud noises is a good idea.

Are Purple cats real?

No, it’s a color Many breeds recognize the lilac color, including Thai Lilac, Burmese, Siamese,

american bobtail

, American Curl, Balinese, Bengal, Japanese Bobtail, Lykoi, Oriental, Persian, Himalyan, and Ragdoll.

Do red cats exist?

The red cat is a common type that is always tabby in pattern, and males far outnumber females They are more commonly called orange, ginger, marmalade, yellow, butter, caramel, or butterscotch. Red cats are not their own breed and you can find them in many cat breeds as well as moggies (cats with no pedigree).

What is the rarest color for a cat?

Of all the cats we discussed, the true albino cat is the rarest. These cats will have an all-white coat with blue eyes. The non-albino white cat is the next rarest, followed by other cats that have white fur due to albinism or the gene that prevents color from reaching the skin.

Is my cat a Russian blue or just gray?

Examine the coloring of the fur, nose, and paws. It should be dense, thick, plush, and double layered. If you look carefully at individual hairs, you will find a grey shaft tipped with lighter grey or silver at the tip The nose of the Russian Blues will be black, and the paw pads will be mauve.

Why are Russian blue cats called blue?

Stories claim that sailors brought Russian Blue cats with them from the port city of Arkhangelsk, or Archangel in English, to Northern Europe and other parts in the 1800s. People often associated these cats to the port’s name , which is why they were earlier called Archangel Blue.

What do Russian Blue cats look like?

Appearance. Russian Blue cats are considered a medium-size cat breed. They have a signature upturn in the corners of their mouth, giving them a permanent Mona Lisa-like smile They’re also known for their graceful, firm demeanor, muscular bodies and long, fine-boned legs.

Do Russian Blue cats like to cuddle?

Russian Blues are calm and quiet cats – great for being around children and dogs. They love to snuggle down for a Netflix binge with a blanket too.

What age do Russian Blue cats eyes turn green?

Adding to the captivating physical qualities of this breed is the eye color. The eyes are yellow while the Russian Blue is a kitten, and by four months there is a bright green ring around the pupil.

What is a grey cat called?

A Maltese (Italian: [malˈteːze]) is any cat whose fur is either completely, or primarily, gray or blue and is of indeterminate breed.

Should I get a male or female Russian Blue?

Female Russian Blue cats are less muscular, although they can still look large due to their dense coats! They can be more independent than males If you’re worried about hormonal behaviors, like urine spraying or wandering, it’s always recommended to get your kitten spayed/neutered at the age recommended by your vet.

Is there a green cat?

That’s not Photoshop – that’s a real-life green cat that has been stalking the streets of Varna, Bulgaria Residents stumped by its bizarre color were led on a hunt to find out the secret of its unnatural coloration.

How much is a Bombay cat?

The average price you should expect to pay for a Bombay kitten ranges from $500 to $700 as a standard price from pet stores and some cat breeders. However, if you are looking for a show cat or breeding quality Bombay, you should expect to pay between $750 to $2,000 depending on the bloodlines and gender of the cat.

How much is a Maine Coon cat?

When buying a Maine Coon Kitten from a breeder, you can expect to be asked to pay anywhere between $1000 – $2000 for one in general.

Do Russian Blue cats shed a lot?

It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief: your Russian Blue won’t leave too much of a mess for you to clean up – at least when it comes to fur! These cats make great pets because they don’t shed much and require minimal grooming – just enough to keep their skin in peak health.


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