How Old Are Mabel And Olive?

So did the follow-up – “That difficult second album” – and the one after that, immediately hailed as a classic of the genre for the gormless expressions of Olive, seven, and three-year-old Mabel , while stuck in a fetid pond.

Which is olive and which is Mabel?

Who are Olive and Mabel? Olive and Mabel are both labradors, Olive is the black one and Mabel is the sandy one Mabel was the most recent addition to the family and joined Andrew and Mabel as a puppy in February 2017.

Who owns Mabel and Olive?

Sports commentator Andrew Cotter scored an internet smash with his

dogs olive

and Mabel during lockdown. So what’s next? Like all great things, it started with breakfast… “Well, how fitting it should come down to these two.

What has happened to Andrew Cotter?

Since 2013, Cotter has been part of

bbc sport


commentary team

for athletics , working on several European Athletics and World Athletics Championships, as well as The Olympic Games.

Is Andrew Cotter Scottish?

Who is Andrew Cotter? The Cheshire-based commentator was born and raised in Scotland , spending his childhood in Troon before completing a French and politics degree at the University of Glasgow.

How old is Olive the dog?

Come Covid and the hiatus from his normal routine and job scheduling, Cotter decided to turn to his two “girls,” Olive, a

five-year-old black lab

, and the younger Mabel, a yellow Lab, as a way to get over the lockdown blues.

Does Andrew Cotter have an Instagram?

Andrew Cotter (@mrandrewcotter) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who narrates Olive and Mabel?

Publisher’s Summary. The story of Olive and Mabel, Labrador retrievers who rose to internet fame as the subjects of Andrew Cotter’s BBC sports parodies. When sporting events were put on hold in March 2020, commentator Andrew Cotter shifted to working from home. The one-on-one competitors?.

Are Olive and Mabel on Instagram?

Olive & Mabel (@oliveandmabelpoos) • Instagram photos and videos.

Where is Hazel Irvine?

Irvine married her long-term boyfriend at a private ceremony in Scotland in 2008. The couple live in London with their daughter.

What sport did Andrew Cotter play?

We set Andrew Cotter a quick-fire round of twenty questions when we caught up BBC Commentary team at The Open… Where did you get the golfing bug? The whole family played golf and being born and brought up in Troon meant there was no shortage of courses or motivation.

Who was the

famous scottish rugby commentator


William Pollock McLaren CBE (16 October 1923 – 19 January 2010) was a Scottish rugby union commentator, teacher, journalist and one time rugby player. Known as ‘the voice of rugby’, he retired from commentating in 2002. Renowned throughout the sport, his enthusiasm and memorable turn of phrase endeared him to many.

Did Santa Have a reindeer called Olive?

Olive is the tenth reindeer to join Santa’s herd She had a precarious start. You may recall a line from Rudolph’s song: “All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names ” Many people heard “Olive, the other reindeer ” Well, it’s true.

Is Olive Mabel and me on audible?

The Olive, Mabel & Me Audiobook, read by Andrew Cotter, is now available to download and listen to through Black & White Publishing and the GlassBoxx app.