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irish wolfhound

is not a guarding breed Although they look intimidating because of their size, they are not aggressive or protective by nature. Most often they are friendly with everyone they meet.

Is a wolfhound a

guard dog


They Make Terrible Guard Dogs He looks imposing, and he makes a great hunting dog, but the Irish Wolfhound fails as a guard dog He is not at all suspicious of strangers, nor is he aggressive toward them.

Irish Wolfhounds Good Dogs: Are Irish Wolfhounds good dogs

Irish Wolfhounds are usually good with the other pets in their family But some Irish Wolfhounds are dominant or aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex. Some have strong instincts to chase and seize cats and other fleeing creatures. Remember that these were hunting hounds who brought down wolves.

Irish Wolfhounds Aggressive: Are Irish Wolfhounds aggressive towards other dogs

Wolfhounds are usually good with the other pets in their family. But some Irish Wolfhounds are dominant or aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex ​What you do need to be aware off, it to avoid any dogs that tend to be aggressive.

Irish Wolfhounds Hunt Wolves: Do Irish Wolfhounds hunt wolves

While any dog, especially a hound used for hunting wolves may be loosely termed a “wolfhound”, several dog breeds have been specifically bred for the purpose, some of which, such as the Irish Wolfhound, have the word in their breed name.

Irish Wolfhounds: Are Irish Wolfhounds fast

Better known for a quick sprint than long-distance running, the Irish Wolfhound can reach speeds of up to 40 mph.

Irish Wolfhounds: What are Irish Wolfhounds known for

The Irish Wolfhound dog breed was originally used in war to drag men off horses and chariots They also hunted large game such as deer, boar, and wolves. Today this adaptable dog is a family companion who also competes in obedience, tracking, and lure coursing.

Good Family Pets: Do Wolfhounds make good family pets

Affectionately known as a

gentle giant

due to their sweet temperament, an Irish Wolfhound makes a great family pet They are great with children as well as other pets if socialised from a young age. They love to snuggle and may stretch out across your feet or along the couch so be prepared to share your space.

Irish Wolfhounds: Do Irish Wolfhounds like to cuddle

Oftentimes, they reach 115 to 180 pounds, and their lanky structure only makes them look larger. Despite their size, they’re known for being gentle giants who are more cuddly and laidback than you’d expect In fact, many dog parents have been sharing hilarious photos of their Irish Wolfhounds.

Irish Wolfhounds: Do Irish Wolfhounds have high prey drive

Wolfhounds might also show aggression towards other animals, they have a strong prey drive and can’t help but chase and kill animals that run away. You should keep your Wolfhound inside when the cat is out, and should always keep them behind a fence or on a leash.

Irish Wolfhound: How hard is it to train a Irish Wolfhound

It is not difficult to train your Irish Wolfhound puppy/dog, however whichever method you choose, what is required is persistence, patience and repeated practice. This applies to the pair of you and your dog will unconditionally reflect your ability.

Wolfhounds Stubborn: Are Wolfhounds stubborn

He Has His Faults. Less biased observers would characterize Irish Wolfhounds as intelligent, patient, and friendly to humans. However, on the flip side, they can also be lazy, clumsy, stubborn and even aggressive with other animals.

Irish Wolfhounds Good: Are Irish Wolfhounds good for first time owners

Irish Wolfhounds are gentle giants, they are friendly and known to be very good with children. They aren’t advised for first time owners because they are such a large hound They need proper training from a young age so are more suited to people with experience with large dogs.

Irish Wolfhounds Good Hikers: Are Irish Wolfhounds good hikers

Hiking Miles: A 10-mile hike may be possible for an Irish Wolfhound But consider their sighthound nature—they may run or chase critters along the way. Also, keep in mind that if there’s an accident on the trail, you’ll have to carry the immense, heavy canine out.

Irish Wolfhounds Bigger: Are Irish Wolfhounds bigger than wolves

Irish Wolfhound vs Wolf: Size Wolves weigh an average of 80 to 150 pounds, while Irish Wolfhounds outweigh them, averaging at 130 to 160 pounds. Something that may surprise you is the fact that the Irish wolfhound is bigger than the average wolf , regardless of gender.

Bigger Great Dane: Which is bigger Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound vs Great Dane: Height The Irish Wolfhound stands between 28 and 35 inches tall, whereas the Great Dane stands between 28 and 32 inches tall.

Why do Wolfhounds howl?


In order to effectively communicate during hunts, Irish Wolfhounds howl in order to announce their position and discover the position of their peers Dogs in general tend to howl as a means of communicating over long distance. Irish Wolfhounds, however, relied on howling for more than just hunting.

Irish Wolfhounds: Why are Irish Wolfhounds no longer used for hunting

A Wolfhound had to be fast enough to overtake a wolf, and powerful enough to kill one. But, perhaps, the Wolfhound proved too successful for its own good, because, by the end of the eighteenth century, Irish wolves had been hunted to extinction.

Irish Wolfhounds: Can Irish Wolfhounds swim

Answer: Some Irish Wolfhounds may like to play or swim in the water but mostly these pooches are not known to enjoy this activity as much as some other breeds like Labradors, golden retrievers et cetera.

Irish Wolfhound Cost: How much would an Irish Wolfhound cost

The bottom line. To purchase an Irish Wolfhound for a qualified breeder, you can expect to pay at least $1,400 to $2,500 Dogs with extensive pedigrees and champion bloodlines often cost more. You can find dogs for cheaper, but these are typically not high-quality and may be prone to health problems.

Irish Wolfhound: What dog is bigger than an Irish Wolfhound

Overall Great Danes tend to be heavier than Irish wolfhounds, who are on average the taller of the two breeds. Individual variation between any two dogs makes comparisons nearly impossible except as breed averages.

Irish Wolfhounds Good: Are Irish Wolfhounds good running partners

Irish wolfhounds need around two hours of exercise a day to keep them in peak condition and prevent them from getting bored too easily. This breed also makes a good running partner , as it is built for endurance.

Fearless Dog Breed: What is the most fearless dog breed

1. German Shepherd Whether it’s sniffing out bombs for the army or controlling crowds for the police, German Shepherds are the bravest of all the dog breeds.

What is a good first guard dog?

If you want to protect your home, the Akita, Australian Shepherd, and Doberman Pinscher are breeds to look into. Keep in mind that the German Shepherd and Saint Bernard are also great company for kids. Lastly, if you’ve never had a protective dog, consider the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Border Collie.

Would my dog protect me if I was attacked?


Answer: It highly depends on the individual case. Compared with the untrained dogs, trained dogs tend to protect their owners if attacked But it doesn’t necessarily meant that a normal family pet dog would do nothing when a break-in happens. Some of family dogs would also try their best to defend their owners.

Which dog can take down a wolf?


The dogs boast an intimidating size, a thick coat that protects against bites, and fearlessness—they’re capable of killing a wolf but sometimes the sight of a Kangal alone is enough to scare large predators away. The most cherished dog is Haylaz’s own father, Serkan , who’s taken down two wolves in the past three years.

Shortest Lifespan: What dog has the shortest lifespan

Flat-faced dog breeds, including French Bulldogs and Pugs , have the shortest life expectancy, a new study has found. According to vets at the Royal Veterinary College, brachycephalic dogs don’t live as long due to the increased risk of breathing problems, skin fold infections and spinal disease they face.

Irish Wolfhounds Chase Animals: Do Irish Wolfhounds chase animals

Just under the surface of their gentle exterior does lie the nature of a coursing hunter, so Irish wolfhound owners must be vigilant when outdoors. Like all sighthounds, Irish wolfhounds love to chase animals that are running away from them , and they can take their time responding to your calls to come back.

Wolfhounds High Energy: Are Wolfhounds high energy

Despite their giant size, these dogs may become couch potatoes as adults. They have a strong desire to run and chase after prey, making them difficult to walk off-leash. They are slightly more energetic than some other giant breeds , and require regular long walks to keep them in shape.

Irish Wolfhounds: Do Irish Wolfhounds shed

They shed throughout the year, but not to an excessive degree A thorough brushing once a week or so will help to remove dirt and loose hair and keep the dog looking his best. Unlike many double-coated breeds, Irish Wolfhounds don’t ‘blow out’ their coats during an annual or semi-annual shedding season.


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