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Slate Merle

border collie

Border Collies who have this coat has one parent who’s a merle, and the other has two recessive dilute genes Slate merles are becoming popular, but it’s not an

official color

of the Border Collie as per the AKC.

What is the difference between slate merle and

blue merle


Slate merle is merle on a blue base Since the term “blue merle” was already taken for merle on a

black base

, slate merle is what they called it. We have just one example of slate merle and hope to get a few more, because it is hard to tell that Fog, left, is a merle.

Merle Border Collies Rare: Are merle Border Collies rare

Border Collies have an extensive range of color combinations. They appear in blue, blue merle, blue and white, red, red merle, red and white, black and white, saddleback sable, sable merle, and many more! With that said, the merle pattern is the least common, which means they are quite rare.

Border Collies: What are the 4 types of Border Collies

She called them: 1) Northumbrian type; 2) Wiston Cap type; 3) Nap type; and 4) Herdman’s Tommy type Keep scrolling down for pictures and descriptions of the four types and for additional information. Almost all present-day Border Collies can trace their pedigrees back to a dog known as Old Hemp.

Border Collie: How can I tell if my Border Collie is purebred

In addition to the color, you can use color markings to identify purebred Border Collies. These dogs usually have white markings on the feet, legs, and chest. A splash of white appears on the tip of the tail, too. A blaze marking is common as well.

Border Collies Cuddle: Do Border Collies cuddle

Border Collies’ heritage stems from

sheep herding

, making them excellent watchdogs; they’re well suited to anyone who loves a good walk and has time to spend outdoors. But many forget that they also love cuddling and bonding with their owners , making them the best of both worlds!.

Border Collies Bark: Do Border Collies bark a lot

The Border Collie is a barking breed. They are easily visually stimulated which is often why they bark so much They will bark at anything that moves quickly, such as bikes, skate boards and the like.

Blue Merle Border Collies Rare: Are blue merle Border Collies rare

The Blue Merle Border Collie is a gorgeous herding dog that is best known for its striking blue merle coat. It is said to be the rarest color found in Border Collies In order to exhibit this color, one of the parents must have the merle gene.

Border Collies Good: Are Border Collies good for first time owners

I know this has been a fairly whistle-stop tour of some of the myths associated with owning a Border Collie, but I think the message I’m trying to get across is this: Border Collies are great for first time owners who understand the commitment they are going to make.

Merle Border Collies: How much are merle Border Collies

Black and white Border Collies are the cheapest, while rare colors like merle will cost more. You could pay $4,000 for a rare blue merle puppy , while a black and white puppy will typically cost you around $1,000. Yearly costs for owning this breed can reach as much as $2,500, but are more likely to be around $1,000.

Blue Merle Cost: How much is a blue merle cost

If it’s a blue merle Aussie puppy, the estimated cost is around $1,500 to $2,500.

Merle Border Collie: How do you get a Merle Border Collie

Breeding merle-to-merle Border Collies is only done by irresponsible and ignorant puppy farmers. Generally, to get merle in a border collie litter, a breeder has to breed for that color (which is fine, as long as it is not by breeding two merles together.).

Merle Border Collie: Does AKC recognize Merle Border Collie

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes 17 standard Border Collie colors which are black, blue, blue merle, brindle, gold, lilac, red, red merle, sable, sable merle, saddleback sable, white and black, white and blue, white and blue merle, white and red, white and red merle, and white ticked.

What kind of collie was Lassie?


In the 1950s, the rough collie breed became better known as the

all-american family dog thanks

to “Lassie.” Over the show’s two-decade run, it became apparent how devoted and faithful the breed was as Lassie saved Timmy from the well and warned her family of danger each week.

Good Family Dog: Is a Border Collie a good family dog

In general, Border Collies are energetic, even-tempered and eager to please, making them a good choice for a family pet They get along well with children and other pets provided they are introduced properly.

Border Collies: How smart are Border Collies

They Are Extremely Smart Dogs Dog experts widely agree that the Border Collie is an intelligent workaholic. They are capable of learning a remarkable number of words and commands, and they are happiest when they are put to work every day.

Border Collies Protective: Are Border Collies protective

Protective. Similar to other herding and sheepdogs, Border Collies have a protective temperament and can be distrusting of strangers. Socializing them frequently at a young age will help prevent their protective nature from leading to excessive shyness or aggression around strangers.

Are blue merle Border Collies good dogs?

The Blue Merle Border Collie is a beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate companion And it’s no surprise that they are popular family dogs. Since the breed is strong, agile, and full of energy, it can hold its own on the farm doing what it was originally bred for, herding.

Border Collies: Do Border Collies swim

Border Collies are among the dog breeds that make excellent swimmers They are athletic and agile canines, and no physical activity is difficult for them. What is this? Their bodies can handle continuous training, no matter the type.

Border Collies: Do Border Collies keep their blue eyes

Blue eyes are possible in border collies. While all dogs are born with blue eyes, only rarely are they kept after about 5 months However, when a blue-eyed border collie has been bred to a recessive gene carrier, 50% of the puppies will end up with blue eyes staying with them for life.


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