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What deters squirrels from birdfeeders?


A wrap-around squirrel baffle is great for keeping squirrels away from bird feeders. By creating a conical, unstable separation between the pole and the bird feeder, wrap-around baffles deter squirrels from stealing bird seed. Torpedo baffles also keep squirrels away from bird feeders.

Spicy Suet: Does spicy suet keep squirrels away

But over time, I found that hot pepper suet DOES seem to deter squirrels the rest of the year Most of the time, they won’t eat it. It seems to be only when they are REALLY hungry that they will bother it.

Irish Spring Soap: Does Irish Spring soap keep squirrels away

Squirrels can be one of the

trickiest garden pests

to deal with. They chomp on flower bulbs and other leaves, dig up your favorite plants, and otherwise love to wreck your garden. Protect it by grating some Irish Spring soap around your plants. Squirrels can’t stand the smell of it and will stay away.

Aluminum Foil: Does aluminum foil keep squirrels away from bird feeders

Squirrels are notorious for robbing bird feeders at will. With their nimble footwork and ability to spring and fly great distances, they can often foil even the best efforts to keep them away.

How do I keep squirrels off my shepherd’s hook?


The best way to keep squirrels and raccoons off feeders is to use a pole or shepherds hook with pole baffles installed or hanging baffles installed above the feeder We DO NOT recommend adding grease, oil or

petroleum jelly

to a pole or hanger to make it too slippery for squirrels and raccoons to climb.

Slinkys Stop Squirrels: Do slinkys stop squirrels

A Slinky is another quick and inexpensive solution to stopping the squirrel menace All it requires is attaching the Slinky to the top of the bird feeder pole and letting it hang down to the ground. When squirrels try to jump on the pole or climb it, the Slinky simply dumps them back to the ground.

Good Squirrel Repellent: What is a good squirrel repellent

Squirrels have a

strong sense

of smell, which they use food sources and shelter. You can repel squirrels using scents they hate such as, capsaicin, white vinegar, peppermint oil, coffee grounds, cinnamon, predator urine, garlic,

dryer sheets

, Irish Spring Soap, and rosemary.

Coffee Grounds: Will coffee grounds keep squirrels away

Coffee grounds will often keep squirrels away However, they need to be replenished frequently and may not be a good fit for every area that needs to be squirrel-proofed.

Bird Feeder: Will Vaseline keep squirrels off bird feeder

The Center for Wildlife says there are many ways to deter squirrels from climbing feeders, however, Vaseline and other lubricants can harm the animals “Please do not coat your bird feeders in Vaseline, oil, butter, or anything like that.

Is it OK to put

cayenne pepper

in bird seed?

Using Cayenne Pepper in bird seed is not harmful to birds at all People use it in their bird seed feeders to deter squirrels and other rodent pests. This is something recommended by the RSPB.

Red Pepper Flakes: Do red pepper flakes keep squirrels away

A squirrel’s strong sense of taste and smell are irritated by the capsaicin in hot pepper. Placing hot pepper flakes or spray in an area where squirrels frequent will keep them away.

Bird Seed: How much

cayenne pepper

do you mix with bird seed to keep squirrels away

Most online recipes for pepper in bird seed suggest about 3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper per pound of seed You can use more, if you like.

Black Pepper: Will black pepper keep squirrels away

One way to deter squirrels from destroying bird feeders or digging up flowers or plants is to sprinkle pepper around the area. Squirrels do not like pepper and will avoid areas that smell or taste like cayenne pepper, black pepper or red peppers.

Dryer Sheets Repel Squirrels: Do dryer sheets repel squirrels

It kept the rabbits away, too. Bracikowski said the dryer sheets works for squirrels and mice as well In his summer home, he’s going to place sheets by vents and doors to discourage the rodents. In the beginning, he added new dryer sheets to the bamboo sticks every week, then added sheets less frequently.

Cayenne Pepper: Does cayenne pepper keep squirrels away

Yes, your answer for the best squirrel repellant is cayenne pepper (Or some other capsaicin-based seasoning/oil).

Suet Balls: Will squirrels eat suet balls

Fat balls are another popular bird food. Fat balls contain dry foods such as nuts and seeds mixed with suet. This gives the answer to the question if squirrels eat fat balls – Yes, they do , as fat balls are made of their most favourable type of food.

Deter Squirrels: What smells deter squirrels but not birds

Squirrels hate the smell of certain spices, such as garlic, onions, peppermint, cinnamon, lemongrass, and clove You can use these to make sprays by mixing the ground spice with water, allowing it to cool, and putting the blend into a spray bottle. You can also use essential oils with these scents.

Hot Sauce: Can I put hot sauce on suet

While sprinkling hot sauce on your bird feed or suet cakes stands a good chance at repelling squirrels , anybody with That One Friend Who Puts Sriracha on Everything can tell you that a taste for spicy food can be acquired easily enough.

Squirrels Taste Cayenne Pepper: Can squirrels taste cayenne pepper

Just as we, human beings, are affected by the heat capsaicin and cayenne peppers cause, so too are other mammals. And that includes, you’ve guessed it, squirrels. They obviously don’t like the sensation and will actively avoid knowingly eating cayenne peppers because of it.

Does Pine Sol keep squirrels away?


Spray their areas and burrows with 1 cup regular Pinesol per gallon of water Dilute Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper in water and spray on plants that are being eaten (a few tsp. of each in about 1 litre of water). Human hair or urine is a strong repellent.

What smell do squirrels hate?


Spicy Smells Tangy and sweet smells can help deter squirrels, as they aren’t fond of these. Scents of white pepper and garlic powder are also used to repel squirrels. Rodents are also repulsed by the scent of pepper.

Does cinnamon keep squirrels away?


Cinnamon can be used to help repel squirrels from key target areas around your property Since squirrels have a strong sense of smell, you can use that to your advantage by sprinkling strong cinnamon powder in frequently visited areas to irritate their nose and repel them.

Aluminum Pole: Can a squirrel climb a aluminum pole

Squirrels are amazing climbers, even on metal poles Buy a squirrel baffle and attach it to the pole to prevent them from climbing up from below.

Copper Pipe: Can squirrels climb copper pipe

A handyman in Donora, Pennsylvania, discovered that the same pipe used for plumbing can be an effective deterrent for squirrels, which can´t climb it Using the pipe as a post on which a bird feeder is mounted prevents the creatures from getting any traction. They just slide down.

Climb Pvc Pipe: Can squirrels climb PVC pipe

Can squirrels climb PVC pipe? No, they cannot, especially when it’s wide enough When you cover your bird feeder’s pole with PVC pipe, it creates a slippery surface that ensures that the squirrels can’t climb up because they can’t grip it easily like a tree.

Will wd40 keep squirrels away?


It’s time to grab your trusty blue and red can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product. This high-performance lubricant will make the surface too slippery for squirrels and other pests to climb, so they will have no choice but to stay away Simply shake the can well and coat all external surfaces of the feeder and pole.

Will petroleum jelly hurt squirrels?


While the results are entertaining for Stranix and her grandchildren, wildlife experts have warned that petroleum jelly and other oil- or grease-based products can be harmful to squirrels and similar woodland animals.

Squirrel Baffle Slinky: How do you use a squirrel baffle Slinky

The idea is that the squirrel will start to climb the pole, then when it gets to the slinky, the slinky will open and the squirrel will go back down. To attach the slinky, feed the pole through the middle, and attach it at the top You will need to secure it well, or it will simply come off when a squirrel gets to it.

What does aspirin do to squirrels?


Squirrel Poison The squirrels can’t resist the smell of peanut butter, and once they take the bite, the aspirin starts to poison them Make sure to check on the locations you placed the bowls within your house after a couple of days and remove any fallen pests that didn’t make it outside.

Do marigolds keep squirrels away?


Marigolds Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden The best solution is to plant marigolds. On one side of my garden is my onions and garlic. On the other sides of the garden, as well as all in between, are marigold plants. Since they don’t like the smell of marigolds, they do not venture into the area.

White Vinegar Repel Squirrels: Does

white vinegar

repel squirrels

Squirrels have an extremely strong sense of smell which is what allows them to thrive during the fall and winter. Due to it’s pungent aroma, squirrels are sensitive to vinegar and stay away You can spray a diluted solution of white vinegar near areas where squirrels frequent to repel them.

Coffee Grounds: What animals do coffee grounds keep away

Coffee Grounds to Deter Pests Coffee grounds are commonly used to keep animals including slugs, snails, rabbits and fire ants from eating plants in the garden, and to keep cats from treating garden beds like litter boxes.

Coffee Grounds: Do coffee grounds attract rats

Avoid the eggshells in your compost, but coffee grounds, fruit peels and other leafy material will not attract rodents Rats are common everywhere people are.