Is There Good Fishing In New York City?

new york city

has more than 500 miles of shoreline as well as inland lakes and rivers , all of which offer a world of opportunities to participate in the fun, adventure, and excitement of freshwater and saltwater sport fishing.

Where can I fish outside NYC?

  • The

    hudson river

    . Location: Hudson River Park, 59th Street South to

    battery park

    on the Hudson River
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park. Location: Brooklyn, on the east shore of the East River
  • Crotona Park
  • Kissena Park
  • Central Park
  • Fishing the Atlantic Salt.

Where can I fish in the Bronx?

  • Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy. Bronx, NY.
  • Gantry Plaza State Park. Long Island City, NY.
  • Mill Creek Point Park. Secaucus, NJ.
  • Liberty State Park. Jersey City, NJ.
  • Shirley Chisholm State Park. Brooklyn, NY.
  • Samuel Nelkin County Park. Wallington, NJ.
  • Wood Dale County Park
  • Bayswater Point State Park.

Do I need a license to fish in NYC?

You need a fishing license if you are 16 years and older and fishing for:

freshwater fish species

by angling, spearing, hooking, longbow, and tip-ups. Frog species by spearing, catching with the hands or by use of a club or hook. Freshwater baitfish for personal use.

Can you eat fish caught in NYC?

A sign along the Hudson River bears the warning. Cheap, fresh and otherwise appealing as they may seem, fish caught in the waters in and around New York City should not be eaten without a dose of worry.

Where can I fish near me without a boat?

  • Check with your state fish and wildlife agency
  • Visit nearby state and county parks
  • Keep an eye open for public waterways on your everyday routes
  • Ask at your local tackle shop or join a fishing club
  • Listen to local fishing reports.

What fish are in season in NY?

  • January-April:

    sea bass

    , striper, mackerel.
  • May-September: albacore, sockeye, chinook, coho and pink salmon, pollock, haddock, sole, whiting.
  • October-December: pollock, sole, mackerel.
  • Year Round: lingcod, flounder, halibut.

Where is the best place to fish in NY?

  • Lake Champlain. Spanning the border between Vermont, Quebec, and the Adirondacks, this long, narrow upstate New York lake is both beautiful and bountiful
  • Clear Creek, Freedom, NY
  • Eastern Lake Ontario
  • West Branch of Delaware River
  • Cayuga Lake.

Can you fish in the Bronx River?

About Bronx River Bronx River is a stream near Bronx. The most popular species caught here are Striped bass, Pink dentex, and Largemouth bass. 206 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

Are there trout in the Bronx River?

NO kidding, there are trout in the Bronx River You don’t believe it? All right, how about this: The lower half of the Amawalk Reservoir outlet near Somers is so full of native trout that it has not been restocked for 14 years.

Is cast net fishing legal in NY?

Cast nets are legal in NY No license needed for recreational use. Maximum size net allowed is 10 feet in NY waters.

How many hooks can you use in New York?

An angler may operate no more than three lines with or without a rod. each line is limited to not more than five lures or baits or a combination of both. in addition, each line shall not exceed 15 hook points in any combination of single, double or treble hooks.

Can you fish with two rods in New York?

Andrew Cuomo that allows anglers to have three rods, instead of two, in any body of freshwater in New York Being able to use an additional pole will increase a fisherman’s chances of catching a fish.

Can you fish in the Hudson River?

In the Hudson River and tributaries north of the George Washington Bridge from April 1 through November 30, registered anglers may keep one fish measuring between 18 and 28 inches [Also, see health advice on eating fish from the Hudson; children and women of childbearing years should eat no fish.].

Can you fish in the Harlem River?

About Harlem River Harlem River is a stream near Manhattan. The most popular species caught here are Striped bass, Bluefish, and White perch 319 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

Can you fish in Battery Park?

Battery Park is the best fishing hole in Manhattan— it’s possible for anglers to haul in large striped bass that exceed 30 pounds, and smaller stripers are common.

What fish are in upstate NY?

  • Yellow Perch, Rock Bass, Blue Gill/Pumpkinseed, White Perch, White Bass, & Crappie.
  • Walleye, Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, & Smallmouth Bass.
  • Lake Trout, Chinook Salmon, Steelhead/Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Coho Salmon, & Atlantic Salmon.

Can you fish in East River?

List of Fishing. Almost anywhere along this 1.5-mile shorefront park, you can fish for striped bass, flounder, black sea bass, oyster toadfish, and even eels.

Where is the best bass fishing in New York State?

Lake Erie and Chautuaqua Lake are among New York’s best lakes for bass fishing. Bassmaster Magazine is out with its list of the top “25 Best Bass Lakes” in the Northeast last year. Lake Erie, Lake Chautauqua, Thousand Islands, Lake Champlain, Oneida Lake and Cayuga Lake all named top spots in 2016 to catch bass.

Can you fish on city Island?

Yes bass, catfish, carp and panfish.

Can you fish in Pelham Bay Park?

Fishing shall be permitted from locations under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, except in open swimming areas or where specifically prohibited.

Can you fish in Coney Island?

Fishing is not allowed 3.

Are treble hooks illegal in NY?

Possession of hooks with a gap greater than a half inch are prohibited. The use of lures on these waters with treble hooks, with certain exceptions, are also banned ** For more specifics on fishing regulations, see the DEC fishing guide or check out the DEC website.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in NY?

A violation offense under New York State’s fishing or hunting laws carry a penalty varying from $0 to $250 and up to 15 days in jail.

What day is free fishing in New York State?

2022 Free Fishing Days: February 19-20 (Presidents Day Weekend), June 25-26, September 24 (National Hunting and Fishing Day), and November 11 (Veterans Day) No fishing license needed!.

Is it OK to eat striped bass?

Should not eat any striped bass or bluefish year. It’s hard to believe that fish that looks, smells, and tastes fine may not be safe to eat. But the truth is that striped bass and bluefish have PCBs, dioxins and mercury in them.

Why can’t you eat fish from the Hudson River?

The primary chemicals of concern in Hudson River fish are called polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and they can build up in your body over time Health problems that may result from eating fish with PCBs range from small changes in health that are hard to detect to effects on birthweight and cancer.

Which fish is the healthiest?

While they’re both highly nutritious, salmon comes out ahead due to its healthy omega-3 fats and vitamin D Meanwhile, tuna is the winner if you’re instead looking for more protein and fewer calories per serving.

How do you find a bank catfish?

The best sites have flat, brush-free banks where casting is easy. Ideally, you should be able to walk from one good bank-fishing spot to another Fish for 15 to 30 minutes at the first spot, and if a bite isn’t forthcoming, move to another. When hungry cats are nearby, they’ll quickly find your offerings.

How do you fish from the shore?

Cast your line parallel to the shoreline While you may have the urge to cast straight out toward the middle of the lake or pond, most of the fish will be close to shore. If you can identify the spots where the shoreline drops off into the lake or pond, those are good areas to try.

Can you keep trout in NY?

The new regulations are: Daily creel limit of five trout per day with no more than two longer than 12 inches statewide and for reaches categorized as Wild or Stocked in effect from April 1 through Oct.

When can you start bass fishing in NY?

New Annual Season Start Date is June 15 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced that the open (harvest) season for largemouth and smallmouth bass, collectively known as black bass, begins Wednesday, June 15, and runs through Nov. 30.

Do you need a saltwater fishing license in NY?

Who Needs to Register. You need to register if you are 16 and older and are: Fishing for saltwater fish species in the marine and coastal district (view description & map) Fishing for migratory fish of the sea within tidal waters of the Hudson River and its tributaries, or waters of Delaware River or Mohawk River.

What can you fish in NY?

Top Fishing Spots in New York You can catch crappie, sunfish, chain pickerel and carp Experience unique fishing, outside Rochester, N.Y., on Lake Ontario’s shore. The Park offers a boat launch and many species of fish species including largemouth bass, chain pickerel, trout, and bluegill.

What fish can you catch in New York?

Anglers can fish for Atlantic cod, winter flounder and mackerel in the spring, or try their luck for bluefish, summer flounder and triggerfish during the summer months. Migratory in nature, many of the marine species that frequent New York’s waters travel long distances up and down the coast.

Is the Bronx River freshwater or saltwater?

The northern portion of the river upstream of East Tremont Avenue is freshwater South of this point, the river is tidally influenced and generally brackish.

Can you fish in Central Park?

The bodies of water in Central Park support a wide variety of fish including Black Crappie, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Chain Pickerel, Catfish, Bass, Carp, Bluegill Sunfish, and Crayfish. Catch-and-release fishing is allowed in Central Park at three locations: Harlem Meer.

Is fishing allowed in Prospect Park?

Catch-and-release fishing is permitted at the Prospect Park Lake in designated areas only Please note that anyone over the age of 16 needs a fishing license from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC). Anglers love Prospect Park for catch-and-release fishing!.


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