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Springer was removed from Tuesday’s game against the White Sox due to left elbow discomfort , Keegan Matheson of MLB.com reports. Springer was serving as the designated hitter Tuesday and struck out in all three of his plate appearances before being replaced by a pinch hitter during the eighth inning.

George Springer: What did George Springer do

Springer was named the World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP), going 11 for 29 with 7 RBI as the Astros’ leadoff hitter Other World Series records he set were eight extra base hits (five homers and three doubles) and 29 total bases.

Blue Jays: Why is Springer not playing for the Blue Jays

George Springer will not be in the starting lineup for the second day in a row with a non-COVID illness when the Toronto Blue Jays host the Chicago White Sox on Thursday.

George Springer: Is George Springer fast

George has good speed with a 6.87-60 yard.

How common is the last name Springer?


In the United States, the name Springer is the 1,070 th most popular surname with an estimated 27,357 people with that name.

Does Springer have a stutter?


SAY is honored that George Springer, 2017

world series champion

& MVP, Sports Illustrated cover athlete, and an incredible person who stutters is our National Spokesperson ! George Springer relied on determination and baseball to build his confidence after struggling with a stutter.

Jerry Springer: How old is Jerry Springer now

Talk show host Jerry Springer is turning 78 years old today! Springer was born Gerald Norman Springer on February 13, 1944. He has become one of the most famous faces on TV after hosting his talk show “Jerry Springer,” which ran from September 30, 1991, to July 26, 2018.

Bo Bichette Ethnicity: What is Bo Bichette ethnicity

He is a Christian. Both Bo and his brother Dante Jr. have played for Brazil in the WBC due to their mother Mariana being a native of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Their

maternal grandfather

is of Chinese descent.

Does George Springer have a

gold glove


Congrats to Colby Rasmus, Dallas Keuchel and George Springer on being named Rawlings Gold Glove Award Finalists!.

George Springer: How did the Blue Jays get George Springer

Toronto has lured centre-fielder George Springer away from the

houston astros

with a

six-year agreement

reportedly worth $150 million US Here are the key things to know about Springer and the deal, which is awaiting a physical to become official: This is the

largest contract

in Blue Jays history.

Why did Springer leave Houston?


Springer, 31, is leaving the Houston Astros after seven seasons that included a World Series victory and a cheating scandal He was believed to be one of the prime targets for the Mets in an expensive rebuild after the purchase of the team by Steven A. Cohen.

Astros Springer: Where did Astros Springer go

In January 2021, Springer signed a six-year contract with the Toronto Blue Jays worth $150 million.

George Springer: Is George Springer left handed

Houston Astros on Twitter: “Fun Fact: George Springer hits right handed but writes left handed.

George Springer Use: What size glove does George Springer use

Springer’s Heart of the Hide 12 3/4″ glove is an absolute dime and its available exactly like Springer’s for $400 at Rawlings.com.

George Springer: How many games did George Springer play for the Blue Jays this year

2020. Batted 265 with six doubles, two triples, 14 home runs, 32 RBI, 24 walks and a 899 OPS over 51 games.

George Springer: Who drafted George Springer

Draft: Drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the

48th round

of the 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft from Avon Old Farms School (Avon, CT) and the Houston Astros in the 1st round (11th) of the 2011 MLB June Amateur Draft from University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT).

Lourdes Gurriel Jr: Where is Lourdes gurriel JR from

Lourdes Yunielki Gurriel Jr. Lourdes Yunielki Gurriel Castillo Jr.. Played for Sancti Spíritus and the Industriales of the Cuban National Series before defecting. In February of 2016, Lourdes and his brother, Yulieski, defected from Cuba after competing in the Caribbean Series in the Dominican Republic.