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About the Breed The

miniature american shepherd

shares many physical traits with its forebear the Australian Shepherd’¿only on a smaller scale. Females stand between 13 and 17 inches at the shoulder; males range from 14 to 18 inches.

Mini Aussies Good House Dogs: Are Mini Aussies good house dogs

If you are familiar with the breed, you probably know that they are famous for their

abundant energy levels

, and you may be wondering – are they good indoor dogs? Yes! Like most dogs, Aussies (and Mini Aussies) are active and outdoorsy, but still best suited to indoor living.

Mini Australian Shepherd: Is a mini Australian shepherd a small breed

Both genders have a weight range of 20-40 pounds, with females weighing slightly less than males. According to the official breed standard, a Miniature Australian full grown should be over 12 but under 20 inches in height. They should not be small enough to be mistaken for a toy breed.

Mini Australian Shepherds: Do mini Australian shepherds bark a lot

Do Mini Aussies bark a lot? Mini Aussies are not excessive barkers and usually only bark to alert their owner that someone is near or when something is wrong Mini Aussies that bark excessively can be trained to only bark on command or to stay quiet.

Mini Aussies Hyper: Are Mini Aussies hyper

Mini Australian Shepherds are beautiful, good-natured,

fun-loving dogs

. They are well known for their abundant energy, so prospective owners may be wondering: Are Mini Aussies really that hyperactive? Yes – but don’t let that scare you away!.

High Maintenance: Are Aussie dogs high maintenance

Australian shepherd The Australian shepherd has both boundless energy and a

high intelligence level

. It takes a lot of energy (and creativity) to keep this dog happy and occupied, which makes for a high-maintenance pup.

Mini Aussie: What is the lifespan of a Mini Aussie

Health. The MAS has an expected lifespan of 13–15 years.

Mini Aussies: What problems do Mini Aussies have

Common Health Problems Progressive retinal atrophy and other eye issues Drug sensitivity due to a mutation of the MDR1 gene. Hip dysplasia.

Mini Aussie: Is a Mini Aussie a good first dog

This makes them a poor choice for first-time or timid owners Like many herding dogs, Australian Shepherds are by nature loyal to their family but standoffish with strangers. They need early socialization, exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences, when they’re young.

Mini Aussies: Are Mini Aussies hard to take care of

They are full of fun energy, eager to please, and will love you to the extreme. They will protect you in an instant and will be your best friend for life. They are a healthy breed with few serious health conditions. They have few grooming requirements and can do well on almost any well-balanced diet.

Mini Aussies Smart: Are Mini Aussies smart

Miniature Australian Shepherds are extremely loving and devoted to their families, incredibly smart , and can do well with children and other pets.

Mini Aussie: What two breeds make a Mini Aussie

Originating in the Basque region (between Spain and France) as a working dog and sheepherder, the breed drew the name “Australian Shepherd” because many of the Basque shepherds came from Australia. North American breeders developed Miniature American Shepherds from a group of small Australian Shepherds.

Mini Australian Shepherd: What is the price of a mini Australian shepherd

Mini Australian Shepherds are pricier than standard-sized Aussies. A puppy costs anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, and can go as high as $5,000 But why are they so expensive? A lot factors into the price, such as their bloodline and

coat color


Mini Australian Shepherd: What is the difference between mini Australian shepherd and mini American Shepherd

There is only one difference between the Mini American Shepherd and the Mini Australian Shepherd: the Mini American can be registered with the AKC, the Mini Aussie cannot By 1980, many breeders started listing their Mini American Shepherds with the National Stock Dog Registry.

Australian Shepherd: What is the difference between an Australian Shepherd and a mini Australian shepherd

Size is the most obvious difference between the Aussie and the miniature Aussie The breed standard for Australian shepherds indicates that males of the breed should be 20 to 23 inches, and females are slightly smaller, measuring 18 to 21 inches tall.

Aussie Shepherds Bark: Do Aussie Shepherds bark a lot

Keep in mind the average Australian Shepherd tends to bark a lot , making it a little more challenging to get him to stop barking unless you give him the ‘speak’ command or there is a situation in which he needs to bark to alert you.

Mini Aussie: How long can a Mini Aussie be left alone

The bottom line You should never leave an Aussie alone for more than four hours at a time , and try to make the most out of every day to prevent boredom and loneliness when they’re left to their own devices.

Mini Australian Shepherds Smell: Do mini Australian shepherds smell

Aussies have a

natural smell

on their fur that gets stronger during shedding season However, if their coat is not properly washed, dried, and brushed, the smell can grow overpowering. Making sure your dog’s coat is fully dried after each bath or swim session can help cut down on smells.

Australian Shepherd: Should I get a golden retriever or Australian Shepherd

The Golden Retriever is a

better breed

for first-time owners and families due to its friendliness, trainability, and fun-loving attitude The Australian Shepherd is a great breed known for loyalty, intelligence, and positivity, but their independent nature makes them better for experienced owners.

Australian Shepherds: Do Australian Shepherds like to cuddle

While Australian Shepherds can be very affectionate, loving, and cuddly dogs with their family members, they may not act the same way at all with someone they don’t know. This dog will enjoy snuggling with the people he trusts.

Mini Aussies: Can Mini Aussies swim

If you guide a Mini Aussie into the water, they will likely swim Just like all dogs, they are pretty good at figuring out how to swim, even if they aren’t necessarily as good at it as some other dog breeds.

Mini Aussies: Are Mini Aussies hard to potty train

Mini Aussies are not particularly more difficult to potty train than any other dog their size They are a bit more difficult to train than a larger Australian Shepherd, simply because of their smaller bladders. They will need to be taken outside more often and typically have more accidents indoors.

Mini Aussie Puppy: How far can a Mini Aussie puppy walk

As a general rule, you can take your aussie puppy on a walk for around 5 minutes for every month old they are So, when you start taking your puppy on a walk as early as 8 weeks old, stick with no more than 10 minutes until they are 3 months old.

Mini Aussies: Are Mini Aussies hard to train

Their loyalty with their intelligence and high energy makes them very easy to train Regardless of the activity, your dog will love doing it with you.

Australian Shepherd: How many walks a day for an Australian Shepherd

Walking an Australian Shepherd The length of the walk is limited to your energy as this dog can walk all day. Ideally, you should aim for about 45 to 60 minutes once or twice a day.

Mini Aussies Howl: Do mini Aussies howl

The Aussie, though a silent worker, is very vocal when playing with other dogs. When greeting their owners or upon being praised they will often make a singing noise, speaking to you in various tones ranging from a deep howl to a shrill whine.

Australian Shepherds: At what age do Australian Shepherds calm down

Most Australian Shepherds should begin calming down at two years of age At this point, they’re considered mature dogs who can better regulate their energy. That said, not all Aussies will tone it down at this age. It may take them reaching seniority for their energy to drop off.

Mini Aussies Rare: Are Mini Aussies rare

All-red Mini Aussies are the rarest of them all Their coats have vibrant red fur all over, with red snouts, and red paws. They tend to have striking amber or blue-colored eyes.

Mini Australian Shepherds: Do mini Australian shepherds need haircuts

The only time you should shave or trim a Miniature Australian Shepherd is at your vet’s recommendation , usually due to a health issue.

Australian Shepherds: What is the leading cause of death for Australian Shepherds

Vision problems, epilepsy, and cancers are the primary health concerns with this breed. Approximately 30% of all Australian Shepherds die due to cancer or cancer related problems The Australian Shepherd has a lifespan of around 11 – 13 years, not uncommon for a dog of its size.

Australian Shepherds: What is toxic to Australian Shepherds

Foods your Australian Shepherd should avoid include those that most dogs react to—for example, dairy products, chocolate, avocados, grapes, raisins, and bones Other foods you shouldn’t give your Aussie are artificial sweeteners, macadamia nuts, onions, and garlic.

Australian Shepherds: Can Australian Shepherds be off leash

#7 Australian Shepherd Its heritage as a herding breed makes this dog suited to an active lifestyle. A dog with energy to spare, the Australian Shepherd has both the stamina and smarts to excel at off-leash activities.

Australian Shepherds: Do Australian Shepherds pick one person

The Australian Shepherd is not one of them. They, like some other animals, have their one chosen person , which is probably you if your dog sits on you all the time. When the Australian Shepherd chooses their person, they begin to exhibit loyalty towards you, even to an extreme degree.

Australian Shepherds: Will Australian Shepherds run away

Australian Shepherd According to Whistle, which manufactures GPS trackers for pets, Australian Shepherds are the 15th most likely breed to run away , with owners losing this breed an average of 09 times per month.


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