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Can you catfish with a baitcaster?


If you’re using spinning reels now because you “can’t cast a bait cast fishing reel” you’re wrong. You can cast with an

open-faced bait cast

reel you just need to set the reel up correctly and spend a

little time

practicing Bait Cast reels are preferred by most catfish anglers and without argument most widely used.

Penn Reels Good: Are Penn reels good for catfishing

The Penn Squall LevelWind doesn’t make the top of our list for nothing. This is the ideal choice for catfishing because it’s got the backbone to handle large cats but it’s not overly heavy so you can use it in canals and large lakes as well.

Abu Garcia C3: Whats the difference between Abu Garcia C3 and C4

There’s another key difference between the two models. The C3 is configured with a 5.3:1 gear ratio and the C4 is configured with a 6.3:1 gear ratio.

Best Pound Test Line: What is the

best pound test line

for catfish

Catfish aren’t line-shy, so you can use light or

heavy fishing line

as situations dictate. High-strength,

small-diameter monofilaments

testing 15 to 25 pounds are good inexpensive choices for all-round use, but when hunting the big boys, you may have to upgrade to 30-, 40-, even 80-pound-test.


size reel

is good for catfish?

While spinning reels in size 10 or 20 can land big catfish in the hands of an

experienced angler

, most catmen prefer 30/300-size or larger.

Good Fishing Pole: Is Abu Garcia a good fishing pole

This is a surprisingly lightweight and

ergonomic fishing rod

It’s not tip-heavy and it’s not butt-heavy. Instead, when paired with a reel, it’s quite well balanced and a pleasure to fish with all day long. It’s one of the more lightweight rods in my current lineup.

Good Fishing Brand: Is Abu Garcia a good fishing brand

Is Abu Garcia a good brand? Yes, Abu Garcia is one of the top fishing gear brands on the market today , and their rods and reels are used by bass pro fishing legend Mike Iaconelli, as well as other professional anglers.

Baitcast Reels: What are Baitcast reels used for

Baitcasters are used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from casting lures, to surf casting and big game fishing The most popular use of baitcasters in North America is for

freshwater fishing

for bass.

Catfish Rod: How long should a catfish rod be

There are still advantages to a longer rod so you’ll want to ultimately use a catfish rod that is at least 7 feet long Shore fishing is a different story and there are a variety of approaches to shore fishing. Some anglers finesse fish and walk the banks and target areas right against and near the shore.

What time of the day is best to catch catfish?


The best time of day to catch catfish is from sunrise until 10 am This time window is before the sun gets directly overhead and water temperatures are still cool from the evening prior. Catfish will be more active as they seek to feed before the overhead sun warms the water and prey fish seek cover.

Abu Garcia Black Max: How much line do you put on Abu Garcia Black Max

The reel can hold 160 yards of fishing line rated at 12-lb. strength, according to Abu Garcia’s website. That should be plenty of line for fighting a largemouth bass, which is a favorite quarry of baitcasting anglers.

Pure Fishing Worth: How much is Pure Fishing worth

Newell Brands has today announced that it has agreed the sale of Pure Fishing to a New York-based private equity group in a deal that is worth $1.3 billion.

What is a spinning reel best for?


Spinning reels are the best all round type of fishing reel, and are used for many different purposes, ranging from throwing artificial lures, fishing with live or dead bait, fishing with rigs or bobber fishing, and even for ice fishing.

Penn Fishing Rods: How good are Penn fishing rods

With their forgiving bend and steady-as-she-goes no-slip grip, the PENN® line of Spinning Rods are an example of manufacturing excellence when it comes to producing a high-end affordable rod with no compromises – they are simply the best value rods on the market today.

How far should you cast for catfish?


Casting 100 yards (300 feet) or more is typical for an experienced long-distance catter, achievable for most anglers with the right equipment, good guidance, and practice. Skilled casters abandon the more traditional catfishing rod-and-reel setups, relying on longer surf-style spinning or casting combos.

Color Fishing Line: What color fishing line is best for catfish

Many times, catfish anglers fish multiple lines and spend much of their fishing time during low-light conditions. Bright colors such as neon green, yellow or orange help keep the lines in order and enable you to see what is going on.

What is a 3000 size reel good for?


A 3000 size spinning reel is more suitable for medium sized fish (such as bass or pike), due to being lighter in weight, while a 4000 is better for bigger fish (such as muskie), or for saltwater fishing.

Size Reel Good: What is a 5000 size reel good for

Choosing a fishing rod to go with this size reel: 5000 or 50 Sized reels are of medium size and will generally marry up well with 6-7ft barra or snapper rods rated up to 10Kg or will be great to use on light-med 10-11ft surf rod rated up to 6Kg or you could even use this fishing reel on an 8-9ft general purpose rod.

Lb Line: How much drag do I need for a 30lb line

As a general rule, the

proper drag setting

for nylon mono lines up to 20-pound test is 20 percent of the breaking strength of the line. For 30- through 50-pound mono, it’s 25 percent of the breaking strength , and for 80- through 130-pound mono, it’s 30 percent.

How tight should your drag be?


For best results, the drag setting should be able at the point where the line holds a third to half of its weight before moving (e.g., a 20-pound line should not move until the hook holds seven to ten pounds).

How much drag is enough?

The rule of thumb for drag setting is 30% (or 1/3) of the line breaking strength So for example, if you are using a 15 lb test line, then the optimal drag for your reel should be around 5 pounds.

Do you put weights on a baitcaster?


Most baitcasters will list different capacities and weights for braided line and monofilament Unless you have a very good reason, stick to the monofilament capacity for now. Spinning reels may be able to use a variety of line weights but most baitcasters are specific.