Short Answer: Separation Anxiety, Do All Weimaraners Have Separation Anxiety

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Weimaraners are notorious for being prone to separation anxiety , but some behaviors are normal and due to boredom. True separation anxiety is a highly anxious mental state where your Weimaraner cannot cope with your absence, and this is manifested in negative behavior.

Is a Weimaraner a

good house dog


Weimaraners can be

excellent family dogs

if you have an

active family

They are loyal and loving and will work as an effective guard or watchdog should they need to do so. Weimaraners are quite large, so it is best to avoid having them around very small children.

How much are

weimaraner dogs worth


Most Weimaraners typically cost less than other large dogs. The average puppy from a

qualified breeder

is only about $700. Even for a top-quality dog, you can expect to pay less than $1,700 However, these prices are assuming that you’re purchasing from a specialized breeder that specifically breeds Weimaraners.

Do Weimaraners love their owners?


3. How Friendly Are Weimaraners? Weimaraners are intelligent, friendly, affectionate and active dogs who love people and children.

Are two Weimaraners better than one?


It is almost never a good idea to get two at once Yes, they can grow up having each other; however, they tend to bond to each other. They have a secret life, and can shut you out–tune you out at the most inopportune time.

How long do most Weimaraners live?

The Weimaraner, with a lifespan of about 10 to 13 years , is susceptible to minor health problems such as entropion, hypertophic osteodystrophy, spinal dysraphism, hemophilia A, distichiasis, canine hip dysplasia (CHD), and von Willebrand’s disease (vWD), and major health issues like gastric torsion.

Why you should not get a Weimaraner?


Potential animal aggression Many Weimaraners are dominant or aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex. And quite a few Weimaraners have strong instincts to go after cats and other fleeing creatures, often with deadly intent. Remember that this breed was developed to hunt small mammals, as well as birds.

Do Weimaraners bark a lot?


Weimaraners are ideal for owners who want a large, active dog for hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities. They can make good watchdogs. Weimaraners do not do well left alone for long periods. They can bark excessively or try to escape if left alone for long hours.

Weimaraners Biters: Are Weimaraners biters

Maybe it’s just a little nip this time, but training your Weimaraner to not bite is crucial at any stage of life. A bite from a set of puppy teeth may be no big deal. But a fully grown Weimaraner has an impressive set of jaws, and you do not want to be on the receiving end of a serious bite.

Do Weimaraners shed?


A Weimaraner is one of the easiest breeds to groom. Even when he has been running through mud, the dirt just seems to fall off him. Weekly brushing with a bristle brush should keep his coat and skin healthy. Weimaraners shed , but brushing will help keep loose hair off your clothes and furniture.

Miniature Weimaraner: Is there a miniature Weimaraner

Mini Weimaraners are smaller versions of Weimaraner dogs Breeders may try to produce them to appeal to people who love the breed, but

lack space

to keep one. However there are risks in miniaturizing dogs, and the smaller version may not be recognized as a

true weim


Blue Weimaraner: What is a blue Weimaraner

The Blue Weimaraner has a

distinct charcoal gray

colored coat. Genetically speaking, Blue Weimaraners are dilute blacks and Grays are dilute browns The difference between a Blue and a Gray Weimaraner is in the tone of the color, not the deepness or darkness of the color.

What does owning a Weimaraner say about you?


English Pointers, Weimaraners, Irish Setters These breeds are naturally alert, likable, and well-rounded companions. Owners of these breeds enjoy being active, outdoor activities, and hunting They have a great sense of courage, are highly intelligent, easily excited, and motivated.

Will a Weimaraner protect me?


While they are great hunters, they are also very good protectors of their family They are not an aggressive breed but if someone has less than good intentions, a Weimaraner will react accordingly and protect their owner without needing to be trained to do so.

Weimaraners Clingy: Are Weimaraners clingy

In our experience, failing to teach your Weimaraner to stay alone is going to lead to nothing good. By nature the Weimaraner is clingy Many call the Weimaraner the ultimate Velcro dog. Clearly, the Weimaraner is never happier than when they are doing whatever you are doing; they are all about being with you!.

Potty Train: Are Weimaraners hard to potty train

Weimaraners need a lot of exercise and tend to be a bit on the stubborn side , so you will need plenty of patience to reach your goal. Until you are sure your pup is fully trained, you should always keep a very close eye on him or put him in a crate.

Weimaraner Sleep: Where should a Weimaraner sleep

Regardless, when you take home your Weimaraner puppy you should plan to have them spend the night in the bedroom To relegate them to another room is emotionally painful to the Weimaraner. During the day they can accept that crate you located in the center of your living room.

Weimaraner Good: Is a Weimaraner good with kids

Weims are great for children 6 years old and older , as they have a tendency to knock smaller children over in their exuberance. If your older child is running, the dog may chase it and end up crossing their path and may knock them over as well, so all children should be careful.

How smart is a Weimaraner?


Weimaraners are highly intelligent dogs. In fact, they’re the 25th smartest dog breed for obedience & working intelligence However, when it comes to instinctive intelligence, the Weimaraner is at the top – thanks to superb hunting and tracking instincts.

Blue Weimaraners Cost: How much do blue Weimaraners cost

How Much Does A Blue Weimaraner Cost? The average cost of a blue Weimaraner puppy is around $800 to $1200 in the US. You can get gray or silver Weimaraners for slightly less than blue ones, usually around $700 to $1000, depending on the breeder and the parents’ status.

Weimaraners Cheap: Are Weimaraners cheap

$500–$1,800 Many owners learn the hard way that one of the only reliable methods for getting a Weimaraner puppy is through a breeder. When buying from a breeder, a Weimaraner costs between $500 to $1,800, but most people pay around $700.

Weimaraner Stare: Why does my Weimaraner stare at me

Just as humans stare into the eyes of someone they adore, dogs will stare at their owners to express affection In fact, mutual staring between humans and dogs releases oxytocin, known as the love hormone. This chemical plays an important role in bonding and boosts feelings of love and trust.

Do Weimaraners like cold?


What Temperatures Can Weims Tolerate? Most Weimaraners have short, thin hair and no undercoat; this lack of an undercoat makes them susceptible to cold weather , meaning they won’t do too well during the winter.

Shortest Lifespan: What dog has the shortest lifespan

Flat-faced dog breeds, including French Bulldogs and Pugs , have the shortest life expectancy, a new study has found. According to vets at the Royal Veterinary College, brachycephalic dogs don’t live as long due to the increased risk of breathing problems, skin fold infections and spinal disease they face.

Do Weimaraners pick one person?


Do Weims make a good pet for a single owner or are they better for families? For a Weim to be truly happy, all they need is lots of LOVE from their family / owner. Because that is the case, Weims do well with a single person, a couple, a family, or any mix as long as they are shown love and affection.

Male Weimaraner: What’s better female or male Weimaraner

If you want a dog that is extremely affectionate, loyal, and easy to train, then a male Weimaraner is a better option for you On the other hand, a female Weimaraner can also be affectionate. They are also more protective and more vocal against strangers.

What dog goes well with a Weimaraner?


They get on well with most other dogs , but not especially with the ‘Bull’ type of breeds i.e. Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers etc, and do not seem to socialize well with the Chow Chow and Akita breeds.

Why do Weimaraners shake?


“In the case of Weimaraners, it leads to notable tremors.” The hallmark abnormality in Weimaraners affected by shaking puppy syndrome is lack of myelin in certain areas of the spinal cord.

Do Weimaraners like water?


Most Weimaraners like water and many take to the water instantly. Most Weimaraners like to swim, particularly if an early introduction to swimming took place during puppyhood.

Oldest Living Weimaraner: What’s the oldest living Weimaraner

Weimaraners live to about 12 years. The oldest known in Victoria was 18.

Weimaraners High Maintenance: Are Weimaraners high maintenance

The organization adds, “The Weimaraner is not a breed to be left in a kennel or the backyard with little attention. Such neglect might cause your Weim to become hyperactive, destructive, or mentally unstable.” This high-maintenance dog needs rigorous exercise.

Weimaraner Puppies Easy: Are Weimaraner puppies easy to train

They are very smart dogs, so they are especially adept at learning commands and other types of training If you have a Weimaraner you would like to train, begin training early in its life and focus on consistency and positive reinforcement.

Do Weimaraners get along with cats?


If you search on the internet which dog breeds don’t go well with cats, chances are you will find Weimaraner in the top ten list. However, Weimaraners can live with cats There are always exceptions though and it all depends on the individual dog (and cat). The dog will need to be trained not to terrorize the cat.

Weimaraners Vocal: Are Weimaraners vocal

Perhaps one final consideration for those considering a Weimaraner: noise. Yes, this is a vocal breed.

Weimaraners Aggressive: Are Weimaraners aggressive with other dogs

Genetic and hereditary – Very territorial breeds such as Weimaraners are more likely to become aggressive The characteristic is passed on from generation to generation. A Weimaraner will protect or guard what he considered valuable resources- the home or the yard, his foods, toys and other valued objects.

Weimaraner Run: How fast does a Weimaraner run

The Weimaraner is certainly not a small dog but its large size doesn’t stop this breed from hightailing it around the dog park. Running as fast as 35 mph , Weimaraners are hunting dogs with excellent track records of hunting big game: boar, deer, and even bear.

Do Weimaraners need coats in winter?


If you live in a cold climate, your Weimaraner might need something a bit more insulating in winter These Weimaraner dog coats will see your canine through even the chilliest days.

Blue Eyes: What breed of dog is GREY with blue eyes

Weimaraner The Weimaraner is known for its sleek, silver-gray coat and loving, active personality. Their kind eyes can be amber or blue, a perfect complement to the breed’s iconic silver-gray coat. These happy, high-energy pooches were bred in the 1800s in Germany for hunting and grew in popularity as companion dogs.


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