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Is it better to fish for walleye at night?


While you aren’t limited to fishing for walleye only during the evening hours, your chances of catching one are higher if you go at night The reason your catch rates are likely to be higher after the sun sets is because walleye have extraordinary night vision.

How do you fish walleye at night?


Walleye feed in

shallow water

at night, so you can fish off a bank, wade in, or cast or troll from a boat Some walleye fishers find the best spots for night fishing are in narrow entrances to bays and harbors. Live bait works best when fishing at night, so use shallow-dive crank bait or a

thick minnow plug


Do walleye go shallow at night in the winter?


At midwinter they are often found in 30-40 ft. deep water around noon, while towards evening they move into more

shallow water

of about 10-25 feet to feed on schooling bait fish during the night.

Do walleyes bite at

night ice fishing


Ice fishing for walleye at night Same as crappies, walleyes are very active at night Their vision enables them to see the prey before prey can spot them. You can choose

similar lures

as you would for crappie, and those are highly

visible ones

. Rattle spoons are a

great option


Nighttime Ice Fishing Good: Is nighttime ice fishing good

Most anglers are active during the day, so fishing at night will mean

fewer anglers

hovering over that hot brush pile or

creek channel

The reduced the number of anglers crunching across the ice and the potential fish disturbance won’t hurt either.

Are walleye more active at night?


Walleyes are adept nocturnal hunters best caught by night fishing While most anglers are sleeping, walleyes are pursuing and feeding on unsuspecting prey that cannot see as well in low-light conditions. This nocturnal activity offers a prime opportunity for walleye anglers.

What colors do walleye see best at night?


Walleyes do have color vision that peaks in the orange-red-green portions of the spectrum. They see colors on both sides of each peak, but sensitivity declines. So they see wavelengths shorter than green and longer than orange-red, but not well. Overall, they see orange and red well, followed green and yellow.

Walleye Fishing: Is walleye fishing better in the morning or night

The morning is a great time to fish for walleye In the morning, you can usually find good numbers of walleye that will move into the shallows to find an easy meal. Some good areas to fish are weed lines, points, timber, rocky shorelines and shallow flats.

Why do walleyes go shallow at night?


It’s not that fall walleyes can’t be caught during the day. They can. However, they feed more actively and do so in shallower water, where they are easier to find and effectively target under the cover of darkness.

What color is most visible to a walleye?


The colors of red, yellow, orange and green are among the most visible to walleyes. Darker colors such as blue, purple and violet are less visible to this species. The best way to approach the question of color is with an eye towards common sense.

Best Depth: What is the best depth to fish walleye in the winter

The best locations are typically adjacent to deep water. And, while the most

productive depths

vary from one lake to another, 10 to 16 feet is a good place to start the search. Drilling a lot of holes and dunking baits into openings is one way to catch walleye holding tight to greenery, which is typical during the day.

Late Winter Walleye: How do you catch late winter walleye

Look for late-ice walleyes to be drawn to wherever creeks or streams enter natural lakes Even subtle flows like drainage ditches can attract pre-spawn walleyes and adjacent flats in the main lake can be hotspots. On manmade lakes, look for walleyes to head towards the reservoir’s source.

Best Time: What is the best time to ice fish for walleye

Ice Fishing for Walleye at Night Walleye feed most actively during the few hours of dusk and dawn. However, walleye feed more actively at night in comparison to the day. Take advantage of the best 12 hours of walleye fishing by toughing it out and setting up before sunset and fishing through morning.

Ice Fishing Good: Is ice fishing good after dark

While it varies from lake to lake, and even from day to day, some fish species are harder to catch at night. Trout, bass, bluegill, pike and perch are pretty hit-and-miss at night through the ice in my experience. Some anglers do have success on nights with bright moonlight.

Do fish go deeper at night?


Bluefish are some of the most sought-after fish during the nighttime. This is because they are just as active, if not more so, at night as they are during the day. They do tend to go to the deeper waters at night time, often to depths of 100 feet or more.

What time of day are walleye most active?


Walleye feed most actively at night, with a peak in activity around dusk The best walleye ice fishing is during the 30 minutes before and after sunset in winter.

Ice Fishing: How do you attract walleye to ice fishing

Use Swimming Lures : Swimming lures are a great piece of bait for the aggressive Walleye. Try using a minnow as bait or even a Northland Tackle or Lindy that make swim heads can be very effective leads. Stick a minnow on one of the heads of these aforementioned hooks to make a deadly combination.

Walleye Fishing: Does full moon affect walleye fishing

“ Any full-moon period is a great time to pursue nighttime walleyes , but October is prime time because the fish are packing on calories for the coming winter,” said Bob Bohland, brand ambassador and avid walleye angler. “On top of that, the weeds have died back, leaving baitfish with a lot less cover.


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