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Are NexGard and NexGard SPECTRA safe to use for any breed of dog? NexGard and NexGard SPECTRA have been shown to be safe and effective in various breeds of dogs (including Collie breeds) when used as directed and, can be given to puppies from 8 weeks of age, providing they weigh at least 2 kg.


flea treatment

is safe for

border collies


Frontline Plus is the best flea and

tick treatment

for the outdoor-loving Border Collie. Featuring the combined abilities of Fipronil and S-Methoprene, it aims to eliminate a flea and tick infestation once and for all. Fipronil is a fast-acting insecticide that disrupts the nerve receptors of adult fleas and ticks.

Can NexGard harm my dog?


The safety studies for NexGard had a good outcome with a very small percentage of dogs experiencing minor adverse effects The most frequently reported

adverse reaction

was vomiting; less frequent reactions included dry skin, diarrhea, lethargy, and anorexia.

Is Bravecto or NexGard better?


Bravecto kills many types of ticks including the lone star tick for 8 weeks. Nexgard is the only FDA approved option for preventing infections that cause Lyme disease Both products are safe for dogs when following directions and have been approved by the FDA to treat and prevent flea and tick infestations.

Can NexGard be cut in half?


I have a

nexgard tablet

for dogs 10-24 lbs, one dog is 7 lbs and the other 15 lbs, could it cut and give the smaller dog 1/3 of the pill 28.3mg. Unfortunately for any of the chewable tablets, the medication may not be evenly distributed throughout the tablet, so the companies do not recommend dividing chewable tablets.

Border Collies: Is Bravecto safe for border collies

CAN BRAVECTO BE USED IN COLLIES? In a well-controlled laboratory study, BRAVECTO was shown to be safe in collies known to be MDR-1 gene deficient Collies with the defect were administered 3 times the

deliverable dose

and had no adverse events.

Heartgard Safe: Is Heartgard safe for Collies

Never give Heartguard to a Collie or a Sheltie Between 30-50 percent of Collies have a deadly reaction when given ivermectin. Susceptible Collies cannot metabolize ivermectin, which allows the drug to reach toxic levels in the brain.

Tick Medicine: What flea and tick medicine is safe for MDR1 dogs

Both Interceptor and Milbemax contain: Milbemycin oxime and praziquantel which are both safe in use for dogs that are positive for MDR1 gene.

Nexgard Safe: Is Nexgard safe for MDR1 dogs

The manufacturer of Nexgard has tested the product for safety in dogs with the MDR1 mutation. No adverse effects were observed Dogs with the MDR1 mutation are not at increased risk for adverse effects.

Dog Breeds: Which dog breeds should avoid ivermectin

Collies and other herding breeds such as border collies, Old English sheepdogs, and Shetland sheepdogs are more likely to have the MDR1 gene mutation, putting them at higher risk for toxic effects if given Ivermectin, as well as certain other drugs.

How many dogs have died from NexGard?


Deaths reported total 28 (death + death by euthanasia). The Nexgard product insert lists vomiting (with and without blood), dry flaky skin, diarrhea (with and without blood), lethargy, and anorexia as the top 5 adverse events in the pre-approval field study (415 dogs treated with afoxolaner).

Why do vets recommend NexGard?


There’s over 90% effectiveness against ticks within 72 hours of administration and NexGard has been shown to prevent infection with Lyme disease in dogs exposed to deer or black-legged ticks NexGard is safe for all breeds of dog once they weigh more than 4lb.

Safer Nexgard: Which is safer NexGard or Frontline

Frontline is generally considered to be a better option for dogs that have health concerns because it’s applied to the skin. However, if your pup is in good health, they can benefit from the protection that NexGard offers.

What happens if a dog eats too much NexGard?


NexGard has a large margin of safety if as dog gets or eats

multiple doses

. Monitor for GI upset and feed a bland diet for a few days to settle the stomach. Your dog will likely suffer no ill effects.

Do ticks fall off after NexGard?


In the last few years, pills that are given orally have been developed for tick control. These oral medications like Nexgard and Bravecto are convenient but they do not prevent ticks from attaching to your dog.

What if I accidentally gave my dog two NexGard?


The good news is that Nexgard is a very safe drug. No adverse reactions were observed in healthy Beagle puppies over 8 weeks of age when treated with 5 times the maximum dose repeated 6 times at intervals of 2-4 weeks. She should be fine!.

Border Collies: Is Sentinel safe for border collies

If your border collie is sensitive to ivermectin, that doesn’t mean

effective heartworm control

isn’t available for him. Milbemycin oxime, marketed under the brand names Interceptor and Sentinel, prevents heartworm disease while also getting rid of roundworms, whipworms and hookworms.

Sentinel Safe: Is Sentinel safe for Collies

Sentinel® can be used in dogs starting at 4 weeks of age. It is not safe to use in cats. Studies have shown that the Collie breed and other herding dog breeds may be more sensitive to elevated levels of Milbemycin and more likely to have adverse reactions including coma and death.

Border Collies: Is Simparica safe for border collies

Simparica is safe and effective for any breed of dog when used as directed. Simparica is well tolerated in Collies with a deficient multidrug-resistant-protein following single oral administration at 3 times the recommended dose.

Collies Sensitive: Why are collies sensitive to ivermectin

Ivermectin sensitivity in collies is associated with a

deletion mutation

of the mdr1 gene Pharmacogenetics.

What is MDR1 in collies?


” a mutation at the MDR1 gene that makes them more sensitive to the negative effects of certain medications” Many herding breeds (most commonly Collies and Australian Shepherds) have a mutation at the MDR1 gene that makes them more sensitive to the negative effects of certain medications.

Why can’t collies have ivermectin?


Some breeds of dogs (e.g., collies, sheepdogs, and collie- or sheepdog-cross breeds) are more sensitive to ivermectin than others. This is typically due to a specific genetic mutation (MDR1) that makes them less able to tolerate high doses of ivermectin.

Does NexGard have any side effects?


Symptoms of NexGard Allergies in Dogs Frequently diagnosed reactions to this flea and

tick treatment

include: Dry and flaky skin Loss of appetite. Vomiting.

Flea Treatment: Why does my dog act weird after flea treatment

The ingredients in a flea medicine can be an allergen to certain dogs and behaving weird could be due to an allergic reaction Wounds: if the dog has a wound on their skin near where the pipette has been administered, it is possible the toxicity can cause a reaction.

Tick Treatment: What is the safest flea and tick treatment for dogs

Under many circumstances, newer dog flea collars are safe options for flea and tick control (unlike older collars, which were largely ineffective). The Seresto collar is a very popular option right now. It uses flumethrin and imidacloprid to kill fleas at multiple stages of development as well as ticks.

Is there anything better than NexGard?


Bravecto has a

lower dosage frequency

In comparison to the monthly amount required for NexGard, one pill can last up to twelve weeks. The convenience of a once-a-quarter flea and tick treatment is worth it for some

pet owners

. Puppies must, however, be at least 6 months old before being started on Bravecto.

Is NexGard really safe?


Yes, Nexgard is an incredibly safe and effective prevention for fleas, ticks, and mites However, because Nexgard is ingested and absorbed into the bloodstream, rather than applied to and spread by the oils of the skin, the few reactions that do occur can seem more dramatic.

How long does NexGard really last?


NexGard is given as a tablet of the appropriate strength for the dog’s bodyweight. NexGard kills fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 48 hours. After being given, its actions last for at least 5 weeks against fleas and up to one month against ticks.

Can a dog take a bath after taking NexGard?


Because NexGard is an oral product, swimming or bathing has no effect on NexGard Your dog’s coat can get wet immediately after taking NexGard.

Can my dog still get fleas with NexGard?


Any immature fleas that are in your home or yard when you first give FRONTLINE Plus or NexGard to your pet will continue to develop into full-grown fleas, even after the mature fleas on your pet are killed. Immature fleas may take several weeks to develop and create an exposure risk for your pet.

Weight Matter: Does weight matter for NexGard

It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have, NexGard® is safe for use across different breeds. They just have to weigh enough and be old enough as puppies, to begin their first dose. The safe doses are based on your pet’s weight.

Neurological Problems: Does Nexgard cause neurological problems

If you give your dog or cat the flea and tick preventatives Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, or Credelio, the FDA wants you to be aware that these medications may cause neurological issues like stumbling, seizures, and twitching in your pet.

How many dogs have died from Bravecto?


An FDA report Strickland obtained has tallied 355 suspected deaths since the pill’s release in 2014. “We’re seeing some of these dogs that just seem to crash for lack of a better word,” said Pennsylvania veterinarian Elizabeth Carney. She has asked the FDA to add a seizure warning to Bravecto’s label.

Is there a lawsuit against Bravecto?


Merck Animal Health has been hit with a class action lawsuit by consumers who claim that their dog and cat drug Bravecto contains a pesticide that is harmful to pets Bravecto tablets and topical medications are used on both cats and dogs, and are marketed as a way to prevent ticks and fleas for up to three months.

Heartworm Medication: What heartworm medication is safe for MDR1 dogs

Drugs such as ivermectin, selamectin, milbemycin, and moxidectin , are commonly used to treat and prevent parasites like heartworms. At low doses, such as those used in heartworm prevention, these drugs have been shown to be safe even for dogs with the MDR1 mutation.

Heartworm Pills: How long can a dog go without heartworm pills

Any time a dog goes more than six weeks without heartworm prevention the dog is at risk of infection. Dogs with mature infections (in which hearworms are mating and producing larvae in the bloodstream) may experience a shock-like adverse reaction to heartworm prevention.

Revolution Safe: Is

revolution safe

for border collies

Please note that you should not use any additional flea medication, even over- the-counter ones while your pet is receiving Revolution. Use caution before giving Revolution to certain herding breeds, especially Collies, Border Collies or Collie mixes.

Heartgard Safe: Is Heartgard safe for dogs with MDR1

Turns out, ivermectin (Heartguard) or milbemycin (Interceptor) given at their recommended dosages are safe for dogs with the MDR1 gene mutation.

Moxidectin Safe: Is moxidectin safe for Collies

Moxidectin should not be used in pets that are hypersensitive or allergic to it Some breeds of dogs (e.g., collies, sheepdogs, and collie- or sheepdog-cross breeds) are more sensitive to moxidectin than others.

Mdr1 Dog: What is MDR1 dog

MDR1 is the abbreviated name of a gene called Multi-Drug Resistance 1 A mutation of this gene causes sensitivity to Ivermectin and a number of other drugs. Dogs with the mutation will react to those drugs. Whether a dog reacts depends on the dosage of the drug.

Border Collies: What

flea treatment

is safe for border collies

Frontline Plus is the best flea and tick treatment for the outdoor-loving Border Collie. Featuring the combined abilities of Fipronil and S-Methoprene, it aims to eliminate a flea and tick infestation once and for all. Fipronil is a fast-acting insecticide that disrupts the nerve receptors of adult fleas and ticks.

How common is MDR1 in dogs?


Dogs. Up to 75% of some dog breeds have the MDR1 genetic mutation Herding breeds, long-haired whippets, and silken windhounds have the highest occurrences. It is also found in mixed breeds.

Selamectin Safe: Is selamectin safe for border collies

Selamectin is safe for topical use on dogs at the recommended minimum dosage of 6mgkg(-1) (6-12mgkg(-1)) monthly starting at 6 weeks of age , and including dogs of reproducing age, avermectin-sensitive Collies, and heartworm-positive dogs.


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