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For racing, a coiled leash keeps it out of the water and minimises drag and keeps it close so you can quickly rejoin the race A coiled leash is also great for general flat water paddling as it stops a lot of tangles around your feet and other items.

Paddleboard Leash: What is a paddleboard leash

For those that are not sure – a

paddle board leash

or SUP leash is a simple cord that attaches to the rear of your board and then connects to your ankle via a comfortable padded ankle cuff If you fall off your stand up paddle board, your leash makes sure the board can not drift away from you and remains attached.

What kind of leash should I use for SUP?



calf attachment leash

is the most popular type of leash used in Stand Up Paddleboard racing. Having the leash connected to the calf helps prevent it from dragging in the water and also keeps it out the way and preventing it from getting tangled up around the racers ankle when stepping back for a buoy turn.

Waist Leash Sup: When should I wear my waist leash SUP

Suitable environments for use: Moving/flowing water including, rivers, tidal rivers and estuaries, tidal races, white water rivers A waist leash is connected to a waist belt with a

quick release buckle

or fastening. It can be easily reached if you come off your board and are caught or held by the force of the water.

Do Bote paddles float?


Will my paddle float? All AXE full carbon fiber paddles will float if properly assembled The three piece aluminum adjustable paddles that come with our inflatable boards will not.

Sup Leash: Where do you wear the SUP leash

You should put your leash on your dominate ankle or calf as this will be the foot you are most likely to use when doing a step back and therefore will not get in the way. Where should we wear ankle and calf leashes? – Open Water e.g. lakes, sea/coastal bays, surf.

Paddle Leash: Do I need a paddle leash for SUP

If you fall off your stand up paddle board, your leash makes sure the board can not drift away from you Without a leash, your board is at the mercy of the wind and waves if you fall off.

Do I need a leash for my SUP?


A properly selected SUP leash is a

vital piece


safety equipment

that every stand up paddle boarder should use regardless of where they are paddling A leash keeps the board tethered to the paddler so that the paddler is never separated from the board.

Sup Leash: How long should your SUP leash be

The general rule of thumb on SUP leashes is to get one that is as long as your stand up paddle board (give or take 1-2 feet) You don’t just want to walk into a surf shop and get a standard 6′, 7′, or 8′ short board surfing leash because it will be too short, and you’ll end up getting hit by your board on the recoil.

Straight Leash: What is a straight leash for

A straight leash is the most universal leash as can be used in not only surf but also flat water and moving water (with a quick release attachment). So if you’re wanting one type of leash to use on flat water and in the surf then get yourself a straight leash.

Paddle Board: Can you add straps to a paddle board

Bungee Cord/Tie-Down Straps If your SUP doesn’t come with cord or straps, chances are it has dedicated

attachment points

for them, so you can buy the bungee cord or tie-down straps separately and thread them through the

attachment points

If your SUP doesn’t have attachment points, you can add those, too.

Qr Belt: What is a QR Belt

The quick release belt provides an opportunity to be attached to your SUP board in a safer manner than using the leash attached to the ankle The quick release belts generally used are either the commercially made white-water utility belts or adaptations from this belt design.

Bote Paddle Boards: Are BOTE paddle boards made in China

BOTE paddleboards are made in China but are engineered, designed and tested in a BOTE facility in Florida.

Is drift made by BOTE?


Bote has been making inflatables that have innovated the market for several years now! This year they further refined their Drift model , making it even more awesome than it was.

Bote Paddle Boards Worth: Are BOTE paddle boards worth it

BOTE Rackham is known as the SUV of paddleboards because of its unmatched stability, and its higher weight capacity makes it ideal for everything from paddling with the family to all

day fishing trips

The BOTE Rover is truly in a category of its own as a motorized micro skiff. It’s great for going further faster.

Paddle Boarding: Should you wear a life jacket when paddle boarding

Personal flotation devices (PFDs) are an essential for every boarder. They are one of the most important pieces of

safety equipment

for water activities, like stand up paddleboarding. In fact, in most places, it’s now required by law to wear a PFD when on your paddleboard.

Paddle Board: Can you J stroke on a paddle board

Very soon into your paddleboarding adventures, you’ll want to learn some basic strokes. One of the most basic and often-used is the J-stroke The J-stroke propels your board forward without the need to constantly switch your paddle from one side of the board to the other to keep it heading straight.

Paddleboard Paddles: Why are paddleboard paddles curved

SUP paddles are angled to facilitate an

efficient stroke

They use minimal energy to start a stroke since the blades are positioned forward. Angled SUP paddles have less drag, provide more speed, and use less energy than straight ones.

Sup Paddles: Why are SUP paddles angled

SUP Paddle Direction: Blade Angle Explained The reason it’s at an angle is that it helps to push the water down giving you thrust That in turn pushes your board up (creating less friction on the water) while driving you forward.

How do you carry things on a paddleboard?


Look for a dry bag with a pair of straps so you can wear it as a backpack and free your hands to carry your board and paddle to the water. When you get to the water, you can place the drybag under the cargo bungees and clip it around a cord so it can’t fall off the board.


Coiled Leash

Calf or ankle? Coiled or straight? Which style of SUP leash is right for you