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How Often Should You Groom a German Shepherd? German Shepherds are year-round moderate shedders, so ideally, you should groom your German Shepherd at least two or three times a week.

German Shepherds: Do German Shepherds need to be groomed

German Shepherds are not

high-maintenance dogs

, but they definitely benefit from regular care and grooming While their

double coats

don’t need clipping or trimming, they can develop mats and

skin problems

if you don’t brush them regularly to remove dead hair and debris.

German Shepherd: Can you take a German Shepherd to a groomer

Most owners of German shepherds with longer fur may opt to take their dogs to the groomer once every 4-6 weeks, while short-haired shepherds may only visit every 8-12 weeks. At least, you should take your GSD to the groomer twice a year, during the heavy shedding seasons of spring and fall.


german shepherds high maintenance


Are German Shepherds High Maintenance? Although German Shepherds are fairly low maintenance in regards to haircuts, working off leash, and encouraging obedience, this breed can be high maintenance in terms of shedding, activity requirements, and separation anxiety.

Haired German Shepherds: Do long haired German Shepherds need haircuts

You should be prepared to give your long haired German Shepherd a quick grooming session between three to four times a week Every fortnight, set aside a little more time to give their coats a really good going over.

German Shepherd: How often should a German Shepherd be walked

Your German Shepherd will need a minimum of two hours of exercise every day This should include walks and off-lead exercise in a safe area, with extra playtime and training on top to give them a good variety.

German Shepherds Smell: Do German Shepherds smell

So, do German Shepherds smell? Although German Shepherds can smell, that doesn’t mean all GSD’s smell, or that your GSD has to smell. Most German Shepherds just have a regular dog scent However, if your notice your dog is smelling a little funkier than normal, try and figure out what is causing the sudden stench.

German Shepherds: What months do German Shepherds shed

German Shepherds shed equally year-round but will shed more in the winter and summer months They are a double-coated dog breed, which means they have two layers of dog fur.

Coconut Oil Good: Is

coconut oil good

for GSD

Yes, coconut oil is good for German Shepherds and can help aid their digestion, improve their coats, avoid hot spots, and much more! It’s a

natural alternative

to those owners seeking a holistic treatment and who want to avoid typical medications.

German Shepherd: How do you keep your house clean with a German Shepherd

Buy easy to wash bedding German shepherds love to be close to their humans and often wiggle their way into the bed. You can make life cleaner and easier by using washable bed spreads and cotton linens. Change them often to help prevent

pet hair buildup

in your washing machine and dryer.

German Shepherd: Can you hand strip a German Shepherd

Huskies, German Shepherds, Retrievers etc. We do however offer a

good stripping service

for these coats Using a variety of tools and methods the loose hair is removed. known to wear bee keeper hats when performing a strip out!.

German Shepherd Puppy: How many times should I bathe my German Shepherd puppy

Ideally, you should bathe your German Shepherd puppy two or three times a year to preserve the coat’s natural oils, which protect his skin and undercoat. “Young puppies in particular really don’t need to be bathed often,” says American Kennel Club Judge and German Shepherd Dog expert Dr.

German Shepherd: What is the best coat for a German Shepherd

A double coat with medium length is considered the most desirable. This type of coat may be fairly wiry, depending on the dog. A shorter coat is sometimes considered acceptable by breed standard.

German Shepherds Cuddle Dogs: Are German Shepherds cuddle dogs

Are they cuddly and affectionate dogs? German Shepherds can absolutely be loving and affectionate dogs that are down for a good cuddle.

German Shepherd: How long can you leave a German Shepherd in a crate

German Shepherds left in their cage for too long can develop heart conditions or other health issues. Perhaps this is the most crucial reason that you shouldn’t leave your dog in a crate for longer than 3-4 hours Without enough exercise throughout the day, German Shepherds can become ill very quickly.

German Shepherds Good House Dogs: Are German Shepherds good house dogs

German shepherds can be very gentle companions and

family protectors

with proper training and socialization. It’s an ideal breed for active households and the intelligence and protective demeanor of this breed can make it a good choice for families with children (as long as the dog is properly trained).

German Shepherds: Where should German Shepherds sleep

You may allow your German Shepherd to sleep outside if they are an adult and the weather is nice. However, the best spot for them is in a crate or inside After all, a German Shepherd isn’t going to be protecting anyone outside. Like all breeds of shepherds, these dogs are very attached to their people.

German Shepherds: Why German Shepherds are not good pets

German Shepherds are bad as they shed a lot, are high-energy, and can become aggressive if not socialized They are prone to separation anxiety, don’t do well in apartments, may try to dominate you, and are expensive. Above all, they may develop medical conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

German Shepherd: How much should a German Shepherd eat a day

How Much to Feed an Adult German Shepherd. Feed your adult GSD between 2.5 and 3.5 cups of dry kibble per day Active male dogs should be eating at the upper end of this scale, so should be getting 3.5 cups. Inactive and older dogs, who need less food, should be eating 2.5 cups.

Dog Groomer: Should I tip a dog groomer

15% is a good place to start. If someone did an okay job, as in they didn’t go above and beyond but you’re satisfied with their service, a 15% tip is reasonable If you had a lot of issues with a dog groomer, or they didn’t perform their job well, a 10% tip may be appropriate.

Year Old German Shepherd: How much is a 1 year old German Shepherd

This breed is not cheap – the quick answer is that you should plan to spend between $1,500-$3,000 for a German Shepherd from health-tested parents. While it is possible to find puppies without papers for much less (as little as $200 in some cases), these usually come from lines without health and temperament testing.

German Shepherds: Do German Shepherds prefer the cold

Just like any other breed, German Shepherds do get cold. But thanks to their robust bodies and double coats, they tolerate low temperatures better than most breeds. In fact, many GSDs love playing in snow.

Do GSD like water?


German Shepherd But since they are naturally athletic and courageous dogs, they are more likely to love water and become strong swimmers.

German Shepherd: Why is my German Shepherd so stinky

The German Shepherd has a dense, double coat that can often take a long time to dry if the pup gets wet That can explain one reason why your pet has an odor. It can also be a sign of a skin infection or seborrhea. It can have many causes, including yeast or bacterial infections.


German Shepherd Grooming – Your Guide to Caring for Your Dog