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teddy bear puppies

are small in stature, and they remain small even into adulthood, growing to a height of approximately 12 inches. They weigh a light 12 to 14 pounds as adult dogs. The breed sports a soft,

fluffy coat

that doesn’t shed like most dog breeds.

Teddy Bear: Are Teddy Bear dogs good pets

The Teddybear is a friendly and affectionate little dog that loves to be around family. These dogs are generally good with kids Shichon dogs are lively and they love to play which makes them a great choice for active families or families with older children.

Teddy Bear Dogs: Do Teddy Bear dogs lose their color

This is called “black tipping” and the majority of it will grow out and be cut away by their second haircut. Many Bichon

shih tzu

s will lighten in color until 3 years of age and after that point, they can actually darken back up a bit.

Teddy Bear Dog: What kind of breed is a Teddy Bear dog

The Shichon is a mixed breed dog– a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise dog breeds Affectionate, intelligent, and outgoing, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Shichons go by a few other names including the Shih Tzu-Bichon mix, Zuchon, and Teddy Bear dog.

Teddy Bear Dogs Yappy: Are Teddy Bear dogs yappy

Sure, he’ll bark when necessary, but he’s not really a yappy dog They’re also fairly even-keeled dogs who aren’t prone to acting out to get your attention, and they’re far less neurotic than other small breeds.

Teddy Bear Dog: How often does a Teddy Bear dog need to be groomed

How often do you need to give your Poodle a teddy bear cut? If you want your pup to always look freshly groomed, plan to give him a cut every 4 weeks If you do not mind a bit of a grown-out look, then every 6-8 weeks will also be sufficient.


teddy bear puppies



The Teddy Bear puppy needs regular grooming to keep up their cute looks. Teddy Bears are hypoallergenic, which means they do not shed much of their fur As their name suggests, they look a lot like teddy bears due to their soft, fluffy coat.

Do teddy bear dogs have

health issues



health issues

Despite the efforts of both the veterinarians and owners of this breed, teddy bear dogs could still succumb to various diseases, such as cataracts, sensitive skin allergies, Cushing’s disease,

chronic dry eye

, gum disease, and patellar luxation.

Teddy Bear Dogs: What do I need to know about teddy bear dogs

Teddy bears are soft and cuddly, but they don’t shed much or, in some cases, at all They’re also bred not to produce much dander, a very common allergen. While specific dogs’ hair and dander vary a little, depending on their ancestry, most teddy-bear breeders focus on producing hypo-allergenic dogs.

Teddy Bear Dogs: Do Teddy Bear dogs need a lot of exercise

How much exercise should you give your teddy bear? You may see a burst of the zoomies every once in a while, but most teddy bear dogs have low to moderate energy. At least 30 minutes of a daily walk with play sessions sprinkled here, and there is usually all they need to be happy.

Potty Train: Are Teddy Bear dogs easy to potty train

Teddy bear dogs are always smaller breeds or crosses, and as such can struggle a little more with becoming clean in the house Because size matters when it comes to potty training a puppy. Tiny toy dogs have tiny bladders, they need to pee more often and can hold less water.

Shichon Teddy Bear Hypoallergenic: Are Shichon Teddy Bear hypoallergenic

While no dog is entirely hypoallergenic , shichons don’t shed much and their teddy-bear fur could be ideal for people who tend to sniffle around dogs.

Do shih tzus shed?


As a result of all of that hair, many people can’t help but wonder, “Do Shih Tzus shed?” Ironically enough, despite all that hair, Shih Tzus are said to shed less than other breeds and often only when washed or brushed.

Havanese Dogs: Do Havanese dogs shed

These dogs rarely shed When they do lose hair, it is typically caught by the outer coat instead of falling straight to the ground. While a dog that doesn’t shed may sound like music to your ears, this does not mean that Havanese don’t require much grooming.

Hypoallergenic Dog: What is the #1 hypoallergenic dog

Poodle Likely the most recognizable of all the hypoallergenic dogs, the Poodle continues to make the top 10 of the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds year after year.

Shichon Puppies Hypoallergenic: Are Shichon puppies hypoallergenic

Are Shichons Hypoallergenic? Yes, they’re hypoallergenic , despite their great deal of hair. Their coats are low maintenance and only require occasional grooming. However, we suggest brushing them at least once a week to prevent matting.

Teddy Bear Puppies Healthy: Are teddy bear puppies healthy

The health problems this teddy bear dog can potentially face include issues with eyes and ears, as well as

patellar luxation

and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) Their small mouths can also sometimes lead to dental overcrowding and gum disease problems. So you will need to be sure to brush their teeth.

Teddy Bear Dogs: How much are teddy bear dogs

Because teddy bear puppies are all so different, their prices vary hugely! You can get them for as little as $500, or even as much as $3,000 ! No matter what price you spend, it’s always important to make sure you use a reputable breeder to minimise health risks.

How big do Zuchons get?


Zuchon Appearance Fully grown Zuchons stand at the shoulder roughly 9-12 inches tall and average about 5-15 lbs.

At what age is a Shichon full grown?


At What Age Are Shichons Fully-Grown? Depending on their size, Shichons usually reach their full-grown size anywhere between 8 and 11 months old.

Teddy Bear Pomeranians: Do Teddy Bear Pomeranians shed

These lively and active teddy bear Pomeranians are one of the hairiest small dog breeds. So, you can expect moderate shedding for this dog, and be ready to vacuum. However, they do not shed as much as other dogs Moreover, brushing can help reduce shedding and make teddy bear Pom’s coat cleaner and softer.

Teddy Bear Dog: How big is a full grown Teddy Bear dog

Recognized as a Toy Breed, the Teddy Bear dogs inherit the small size of their parent breeds. Although their size can differ slightly from one dog to the next, they generally average in height from 9 to 12 inches and in weight from 6 to 14 pounds for a full grown Teddy Bear dog (adult Teddy Bear dog).

What’s the difference between a puppy cut and a teddy bear cut?


Teddy bear cuts are similar to puppy cuts in that they involve an even cut around the whole body. The only difference is that they’re geared more towards curly-haired dogs like Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and any other -oodle you can think of!.

Shichon Puppy: What is the cost of a Shichon puppy

In general, the Shichon puppy price is anywhere between $1000 and $2000 However, the price can go a bit higher depending on the breeder and the bloodlines.

Teddy Bear Dog: Why is a Teddy Bear dog called a Teddy Bear

As their name suggests, teddy bear dogs are incredibly cute and cuddly animals. These pets get their moniker from having the same features, soft coats, button noses, and loving eyes, as the beloved toy.

Teddy Bears: Do teddy bears have fur or hair

While early teddy bears were covered in tawny mohair fur, modern teddy bears are manufactured in a wide variety of commercially available fabrics, most commonly synthetic fur, but also velour, denim, cotton, satin, and canvas.

Wet Food: Can Shichon eat wet food

While the Shichon is a notoriously healthy dog with a long lifespan, you can help improve on these good genes with a healthy diet. There are plenty of dog food options available including wet food, dry food and even raw food.

What kind of coat does a Shichon have?


The coat color and appearance of this breed varies slightly depending on breeding but, for the most part, the Shichon has a long, silky coat that may also be curly As well, they are hypoallergenic. Coat colors may include gray, silver, cream, tan, apricot, red black, chocolate, or any combination of these colors.


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