What Medicine Is Good For Cat Eye Infection?

If the eye infection is the primary concern your vet may recommend a topical treatment for your cat’s eye such as Terramycin® or Vetropolycin®. How can I treat my cats eye infection at home? For the most effective treatment, gently flush the affected eye 3 to 4 times a day Because our eye wash is … Read more

Are Breakaway Collars Necessary For Cats?

traditional collars should never be used on a pet if they are allowed to wander freely, or are not being supervised. Cats that are allowed to wander outside, or live outdoors should only have a breakaway collar , preferably with reflective material for additional protection at night. Is it cruel to make cats wear collars? … Read more

Why Does Nestle Own Petfinder?

Nestlé’ officials said the acquisition is part of an effort to bolster its digital content for customers petfinder counts between 3 million and 7 million visits daily. Does Petfinder make money? Currently Petfinder has four major sponsors, whose contributions pay for staffing, servers, and outreach in exchange for advertising space and promotions at conferences. Petfinder … Read more

Does Canesten Cream Treat Athlete’s Foot?

Canesten Cream is used to treat fungal skin infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot , fungal nappy rash and fungal sweat rash. How long does it take for Canesten to work on athlete’s foot? It usually takes 7 days for fungal infections to improve. Apply clotrimazole to the infected area 2 or 3 times a … Read more