What Is High Path Avian Influenza?

HPAI, or “high path” AI, spreads rapidly and is often fatal to chickens and turkeys The HPAI H5N8 virus originated in Asia and spread rapidly along wild bird migratory pathways during 2014, including the Pacific flyway. How is high path avian influenza spread? infected birds can shed avian influenza A viruses in their saliva, nasal … Read more

Where Did The Bird Flu Come From?

The avian influenza virus A(H5N1) emerged in 1996. It was first identified in southern china and Hong Kong The A(H5N1) virus kills a high proportion of the poultry that it infects and is therefore known as a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. It remains poorly adapted to humans. When was avian flu first discovered? 1996-1997 … Read more

What Precautions Should Be Taken During Bird Flu?

Do not touch dead or sick chickens , ducks, or other birds Do not go to bird farms and live bird markets. Do not touch surfaces that have bird feces, blood, or other body fluids on them. Only eat meat and other foods from birds, like eggs and poultry blood, if it is fully cooked. … Read more