Top Tips About English Pointers, Are English Pointers A Good Family Dog

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English Pointers are

good pets

and a perfect addition to a loving, affectionate and loyal family – they are all of that and more. Intelligent and calm, they also adapt easily to new situations and people. From

obedience training

to tricks, your English Pointer will be quick to learn.

English Pointer Cost: How much does an English Pointer cost

English Pointers are integral to bird hunting. The traits that make

talented pups

stand out figure into the value of the puppies. Its rank in AKC and its championship lineage are other significant factors. You can expect to pay up to $1,000 for a pet-quality pup.

English Pointers Rare: Are English Pointers rare

While there are many dog breeds climbing in popularity, the Kennel Club has also discovered that one of Britain’s oldest native dogs, the Pointer, is sadly now at risk of extinction after its numbers have tumbled to an all-time low.

English Pointers Smart: Are English Pointers smart

They are alert and intelligent dogs who develop their instincts at a young age. Pointers are dedicated and

loyal dogs

. They enjoy the company of children and generally get along with other pets. They can be reserved with strangers and should be thoroughly socialized.

Can Pointers be left alone?


Provided your GSP gets plenty of exercise, training, and human interaction, you may find that you can leave them alone for an entire eight

hour work day

or even a bit longer without any trouble. These are intelligent, highly trainable dogs who are eager to please you.

Do Pointers like to cuddle?


Yes, German Shorthaired Pointers as a whole, love to cuddle ! From snuggling up to watch a movie to resting their head on your lap for no reason at all, this

breed definitely

loves to cuddle.

English Pointers: Do English pointers bark a lot

Yes, these dogs make good pets as long as they are given proper exercise each day. Do English Pointers bark a lot? No. These dogs are not frequent barkers.

English Pointers: Do English pointers shed a lot

Because pointers are short-coated, all the grooming usually required is a quick brushing or rubdown two or three times weekly. These dogs are considered average shedders They need to be protected from frigid weather because their coats are short.

Pointers Easy: Are

pointers easy

to train

Due to their high intelligence and history of being trained for hunting, Pointers are fairly easy to train , and can be quick learners.

English Pointers Aggressive: Are English Pointers aggressive

With strangers, most English Pointers are slightly reserved, but congenial This is not a guard dog. He is also amiable with other animals.

Pointers Aggressive: Are Pointers aggressive

German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) are not naturally aggressive dogs but will occasionally show behavioral, pathological, or idiopathic aggression Most cases of behavioral aggression have a good prognosis, whereas the prognosis for idiopathic and pathological aggression tends to be poor.

English Pointers: Do English Pointers protect you

According to the breed standard, Pointers are dignified dogs that are never timid with strangers or other dogs. They are also protective of their territory and family This makes them fabulous watchdogs that will alert you to anything amiss.

Do pointers like to swim?


Pointers will need a lot of exercise, typically twice a day since they have so much energy. Swimming isn’t the only form of exercise to keep your dog healthy, but it easy on their joints and hips. Since they can run around for hours on end, swimming will help keep them cool as well.

English Pointers: Do English Pointers fetch

But where the English pointer really shines is on hunting trips. They are great for tracking small prey and, unlike many other hunting dogs, their responsibility and instinct is to point to game— not to retrieve.

Good House Pets: Do Pointers make good house pets

A pointer from a working line, they may be too active and highly strung to make a good family pet. Some are strong willed and stubborn. Many pointers, however, are raised for show and dogs from these lines can make great family pets that are patient with children, good with other animals and calm within the home.

Do Pointers smell?


While German Shorthaired Pointers do have a unique smell, they do not naturally stink However, some factors may lead to them smelling bad. With proper diet, grooming routine and health care, your stinky German Shorthaired Pointer will be smelling better in no time.

Pointers Needy: Are Pointers needy

Relationship With Your Family German Shorthaired Pointers loves people and will want to be around family at all times, almost to the point of being clingy They will often follow your every move around the house and need to know where all members of the family are at all times.

How do you tell if your dog is a Pointer?


The Pointer has a striking coat of liver (dark brown), black, orange, or lemon, with or without a

white background

Some Pointers have light or heavy speckles, called ticking, on the white areas of their coat. Tricolor Pointers (white, plus two other colors) exist but aren’t very common.

German Shorthair: What is the difference between an English Pointer and a German shorthair

German Shorthaired Pointers are more intense than English Pointers in nearly every way GSPs are more energetic, require more training, and shed more. Generally, the GSP is a better hard-working dog while the English Pointer may be a better family pet.

Pointers Good: What are Pointers good for

Pointers reduce the length and complexity of a program Pointers make possible to return more than one value from the function. Pointers increase the processing speed. In other words, Execution time with pointers is faster because data are manipulated with the address, that is,

direct access

to memory location.

Pointer Dogs Point: Do pointer dogs point naturally

Pointing The Way “If he’s a Pointer, he’s picking up a scent and raising one foot to point in the direction he smells prey,” says Diane Townsend, president of the American Pointer Club. “ There’s nothing more natural in this breed than to point”.

Do pointers calm down?


German Shorthaired Pointers usually calm down at age two to three They are born hyperactive and tend to be unruly and energetic while still puppies. Some adult GSPs will still be active and ready to run and play.

Do English pointers have

separation anxiety


Conclusion. Yes, German Shorthaired Pointers can get

separation anxiety

But, if you train them to be used to separation from a young age, then they won’t develop this at all.

Do pointers have anxiety?


The energetic, eager, and highly trainable German Shorthaired Pointer is intelligent and friendly, and enthusiastic without being nervous, although she can develop separation anxiety if you routinely leave her alone for long stretches.

Pointers Shiver: Why do pointers shiver

The German Short Haired Pointer is equally adept at performing on land and in the water. After a spell in a dam or river, your dog is going to shake off the excess water on his coat. The action of shaking off the water and having a good shiver helps prevent hypothermia, as well as dry off your dog.

How fast do pointers run?


At 35 miles per hour , they can almost run as fast as a standard-sized Greyhound. You can still see this dog in action on the race track in many areas.

Pointers Velcro Dogs: Are pointers Velcro dogs

GSP’s are the definition of a velcro dog They love being with their family They like to be near you at all times and may follow you from room to room. Of course, there are some rather independent GSPs that will “do their own thing” but still be very much a part of the family!.

Is it better to get a puppy at 8 weeks or 12 weeks?


One experienced dog trainer and expert on dog development suggested that the optimum age for a puppy to go to its new owner is about 8-to-9-weeks , when the pup is ready to develop a strong bond.

How much walking does a pointer need?


Pointers have huge amounts of energy and thrive in the great outdoors where they can put their muscles to good use. To stay healthy and stimulated, your Pointer will need 2 long walks a day If you’re active and love to go jogging, hiking or even on bike rides, your Pointer will gladly accompany you on your conquests.

Winter Coat: Do Pointers get a winter coat

Your German Shorthaired Pointer will need to wear a winter coat in temperatures below 45°F GSPs who are ill, undernourished, or in vulnerable life stages are more cold-sensitive than healthy adult GSPs. Vulnerable GSPs will need more care and thicker thermal jackets to help them during winter.

Pointer Mix Dogs: How long do pointer mix dogs live

The Pointer has a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years It is prone to tail-tip injuries and will occasionally suffer from deafness and cataracts. Some minor health conditions affecting Pointers are hypothyroidism and canine hip dysplasia (CHD), while entropion is a major health issue which can affect the breed.

Pointers Territorial: Are Pointers territorial

Pointers are protective of their territory , which they’ll indicate with barking rather than physical aggression.


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