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Apparently the breed has been around for ages and is also known as the “Viking Dog.” According to the AKC, the Swedish Vallhund is “sociable, cheerful, alert, and blessed with

classic herding-dog intelligence

.” They’re easy to take care of, and combine the energy and independence of a wolf with the cuddling.

Swedish Vallhund: Is a Swedish vallhund a corgi

Although the Swedish vallhund looks a lot like a Pembroke Welsh corgi or a Cardigan Welsh corgi, genetically they’re not very closely related. Instead, the breed is actually a member of the

spitz family

, according to the AKC.

Swedish Vallhunds Rare: Are Swedish Vallhunds rare

Meet the Super-Rare Breed That’s Basically a Wolf Corgi The Swedish vallhund is a

sturdy little herding dog

that very much resembles the Welsh corgi. In fact, according to the Swedish vallhund club of America, breeders believe the two were interbred at some point in the 8th or 9th century.

Are corgis Viking dogs?


They may not look it, but Corgis come from Viking stock Or so the theory goes. Corgis have been in Wales so long, no one is completely sure where they came from, but they may have been brought there by the Vikings in the 800s, or they may have come with the Celts in 1200 BCE.

Viking Dog: What is a Viking dog

History. Norway’s national dog, the Norsk elghund (Norwegian Elkhound or more accurately “moose dog”) is a medium-sized dog that has hunted, herded and played guard dog since Viking times.

Why do Corgis get their tails cut off?


Breeders intentionally dock off the tails of Pembroke Welsh Corgis to either conform to the breed standard or for herding purposes Interestingly, some Pembroke Corgis can also be naturally born without tails due to a

genetic mutation

called “natural bobtail.”.

Why did Vikings have corgis?


The Welsh Corgi’s distant relation, the Swedish Vallhund, is a short-legged, jolly working and companion dog. Their stocky frames, high energy level and tenacious attitudes make them great at herding cattle as they were once the herding dog of choice for the Vikings.

What breed of dog did Vikings have?


The Norwegian Buhund (Buhund) is a member of the Herding Group and a typical northern breed of the

spitz type

, with prick ears and a tightly curled tail. Although their exact origin hasn’t been identified, they were known in Scandinavia even before the days of the Vikings.

Corgi Butts: Why do corgi butts float

It comes down to the shape and make-up of their behinds. A corgi butt consists of 79.4% air. This essentially gives them a hollow backside that allows them to float Unlike corgis, most other mammals have a higher density of muscle fibers than air in this area.

What is so special about corgis?


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is known as one of the most agreeable of

small house dogs

and is a loyal, loving pet for families. They also are known for their intelligence and enthusiasm for working Many Pembrokes compete in dog sports, such as agility, herding, conformation, obedience, and more.

How smart are corgis?


Like most of the herding breeds, they’re smart and easy to train. In fact, they’re rated as the 11th smartest breed in Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs Corgis excel in agility, obedience, tracking and, of course, herding. They’ll also get into trouble if you don’t keep them busy!.

Triple Clear Corgi: What is triple clear corgi

Atticus is an AKC registered black-headed, tri-color who is genetically “triple clear” meaning he cannot pass genes for DM, VWD1 or EIC to his puppies He is affectionate, smart, and alert. Jpp’s dog… he is both dignified and has a great sense of humor.

What is a Corgidoodle?


The corgipoo, also known as the corgidoodle, is a cross between a corgi (typically a Pembroke Welsh corgi) and a poodle (typically a miniature or toy poodle).

Merle Corgis Rare: Are Merle Corgis rare

Merle Corgis are rare Often misidentified as red and white, the

rarest color corgi

is sable. A sable colored corgi typically has darker color around the head, neck, chest, and legs vs. the white color that’s dominant in most.

Do corgis like to cuddle?

So, do Corgis like to cuddle? Corgis are known to be quite affectionate in general, so the odds are that your Corgi will love to cuddle.

What is a

fluffy corgi


A “fluffy” is the name of a corgi, Cardigan or Pembroke, with a longhaired coat The specific gene that causes a fluffy coat in corgis is referred to as the “fluff-gene” and it is the result of a recessive genetic coat mutation.

Good Family Dog: Is a corgi a good family dog

This breed has an excellent disposition, is highly affectionate, loyal, and they adore their families Additionally, Corgis need to be around their humans the majority of the time to prevent destructive behaviors, and this is perfect for families who have children or stay-at-home moms.

Swedish Vallhund Aggressive: Are Swedish vallhund aggressive

Swedish Vallhund Temperament and Personality He is a nice dog that enjoys meeting other people and animals. At home, the Swedish Vallhund is an alert but not aggressive watchdog.

Swedish Vallhunds Bark: Do Swedish Vallhunds bark a lot

Swedish Vallhunds bark quite a bit , first because they have keen and watchful senses, and second, because they used sharp barks to help control livestock. This is not a good breed choice if you have close neighbors. To make matters worse, some Vallhunds have intense, high-pitched barks that can set your teeth on edge.

Swedish Vallhunds: Do Swedish Vallhunds make good pets

Are Swedish Vallhunds good pets? Swedish Vallhunds are fun, playful, and loving pets These dogs do best in a house where they can move around and will get plenty of attention. If they receive enough time and training, your Swedish Vallhund will be a loyal companion for their entire life.