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Purple or

violet budgerigars

are quite rare and difficult to produce. The personality, temperament, and care of a purple parakeet are the same as for all other colors of these birds.

Rarest Type: What is the rarest type of budgie

The Anthracite budgerigar mutation is an extremely rare mutation that occurs in the budgerigar. The mutation, similar to the Violet budgerigar mutation, causes a difference in the coloring of budgerigars.

Purple Budgies: Are there purple budgies

Violet Budgie The

violet coloration

is a darkening gene that will enrich a Budgies main body color. You can get blue and

green budgies

with the violet gene, but it’s most attractive with the blue Budgies. Sometimes, it can develop into very deep shades of violet coloration, known as visual violet.

Rarest Budgie Colours: What are the rarest budgie colours

What is the rarest parakeet color?

anthracite parakeets

, a dark charcoal grey color , is one of the rarest colors for a parakeet. Other rare colors can be rainbow, clearwing, and lacewing parakeets. These rare colors are caused by genetic mutations, so a rare color can become more and more common over time.

How do I know if my budgie is violet?


They can be distinguished by the color of their cheek patches (violet blue in olive and greyish blue in

grey green birds

) and

long tail feathers

(dark blue in olive and black in grey green). Their body colour is often kind of blotchy looking, rather than the smooth shade of grey greens.

Pink Budgies: Do pink budgies exist

In the wild, Budgie Parakeets are green with yellow, with black stripes and markings, and dark blue-green-black flight and tail feathers. Captive breeding programs, however, have produced Budgies in almost every color of the rainbow, except red and pink.

Purple Parakeets: How much do purple parakeets cost

You can expect to pay thirty dollars or more for a purple parakeet. Breeding pairs of purple parakeets or parakeets known to carry the violet factor will be considerably higher in price.

Rainbow Budgie: What is a rainbow budgie

RAINBOW BUDGIE – FBG (full body coloured greywing) – FALSE RAINBOWS. Rainbow is a

combination mutation

of a blue based budgie, opaline, clearwing and one of the yellowface mutations The closest you get a rainbow, without it beeing One, is The FBG (full body coloured greywing).

Pure White Budgies Rare: Are pure white budgies rare

Albinism in parakeets is a very rare occurrence and is typically found in less than one percent of the population and is, unfortunately (as cool and unique as an all-white parakeet would look) not as common as other colors.

Cobalt Budgie: What is a cobalt budgie

Cobalt budgies – budgies that have the Cobalt body colour This is the Dark Green body colour with the yellow removed.

White Budgies: Why do white budgies turn blue

This is normal and expected In female parakeets, it changes to tan, pale blue, white or brown. In males, it changes to a bright, vivid blue, except for a few color varieties in which it changes to bright purple or remains pink.

Red Budgies: Are there red budgies

The picture above is a fake, it is not possible to produce a red budgerigar I’ve read that some breeders who tried this occasionally got a single red feather, or a budgie that looks a little pink (mostly due to being on certain products like pink coloured mineral blocks).

How many budgie colors are there?

The two basic parakeet color types are green and blue The wild ancestral budgerigar sports a full coat of green-yellow plumage. This combination is very common in pet parakeets, as is the blue/white combination. The latter can come in many shades varying from grey to cobalt.

Budgie Pink: How do I make my budgie pink

As already stated, Budgies lack the color red in their genes so there will probably never be a red or pink Budgie The Bourke Parakeet, a completely different species, has genes for pink coloration. In its normal form, it is brownish, with a little pink and blue coloration.

How long does a budgie live?


Budgies can live between 7 to 15 years , though the average is far less than seven due to mistreatment, accidents, or lack of knowledge about appropriate bird care.

Is Disco the budgie still alive?


So, yes, Disco passed away , but the other information is absolutely incorrect. Disco died very suddenly this last winter, back in January, sometime during the night. So many of you have gone to say ‘good morning! ‘ to your friend only to see a beautiful but lifeless body at the bottom of the cage.

Blue Budgies Natural: Are blue budgies natural

Researchers have found the genetic link that makes pet store parakeets produce their characteristic yellow, blue, and green feathers. Wild budgies are yellow and green, but they have been selectively bred for over a century, with blue budgies highly prized.

Can parakeets be pink?


Known as the pink parakeet , these birds have more subtle colorings than other species. The rosy Bourke’s parakeet is a popular color variation because of their beautiful bright pink feathers.

Should budgies be kept in pairs?


Like most parrots, budgies are social birds, and thus many owners keep budgies in pairs so that they can entertain one another Budgies seem to be happiest when kept in pairs. A single bird can be fine as long as you are able to spend a significant amount of time interacting with them on a daily basis.

What color will budgie babies be?


The yellow base is dominant , meaning breeding a yellow-based budgie and a white-based budgie will result in yellow-based offspring. There are also dark counts to consider — a budgie with no dark counts will be bright colored, one dark count will give a slightly darker color and two a darker color still.

Male Parakeets: Will 2 male parakeets get along

If you own a male and its cage is small, your best option is to select another male. Male budgies get along well together ; they serenade one another, and usually interact harmoniously.

Male Budgies: Can 3 Male budgies live together

Three budgies in a cage will require significant room, more room than three individual cages They will need enough room in the cage that all three of them can stretch their wings without touching, play, climb ladders, eat and perch without being bothered or touched by a cage mate.

Do parakeets need a friend?


As a general rule, a pair of parakeets will be happier than a single bird. All your bird needs is a companion – which means another bird, or you – and it will be content. If you only keep one bird, you will need to be its friend and companion. This means spending lots of time with the parakeet every day.

Why do parakeets kiss?


It’s a common platonic gesture to express approval and fondness Although parakeets show affection to their mate this way, it’s usually as innocent as a smile or handshake between humans. That’s why it’s normal for parakeets to kiss even when they aren’t sexually mature yet.

Which bird can talk?


Songbirds and parrots are the two groups of birds able to learn and mimic human speech. However, it has been found that the mynah bird, part of the starling family, can also be conditioned to learn and create human speech.

Is rainbow budgie a mutation?


Rainbow is a combination mutation of a blue based budgie, opaline, clearwing (or fullbody greywing) and one of the yellowface mutations Body Color: Sky, cobalt or mauve blue with full body color (10% or less dilution) depending on the specific dark factors.

Whitecap Budgie: What is a Whitecap budgie

A beautiful bird that has caught the attention of many breeders and become very popular They were originally called “Seafoam” due to the washed through body colour on the Sky blue variety. Being a Dominant variety means that if you pair it to a Normal blue or Grey, 50% of the chicks will be Whitecap, in theory.

Male Budgie: Can a male budgie have a white cere

If your budgie is immature or less than 4 months old, the cere on males will slowly turn deep blue and females will keep white or pale blue before showing tan.

What is a lutino?


Lutino is a bird that exhibits a yellow pigmentation known as xanthochromism It may refer to: Lutino budgies. Lutino cockatiel mutation. Lutino rosy-faced lovebird mutation.

Lutino Mutation: What is lutino mutation

Lutinos: The Lutino is a yellow-white bird with orange cheek patches and red eyes. In lutinos, baldness can occurs behind the crest The bald spots were especially pronounced when the lutino mutation was first bred and in the following years after that.

What is a dominant pied budgie?


Single factor dominant Pied removes the pigment from select feathers on the budgies body (making them yellow or white) with up to 50% pied markings Pied Markings: There should be a pied patch on the back of the head. The primary flights up to the shoulder and tail feathers should have various pied markings.

Opaline Budgies Rare: Are opaline budgies rare

The Opaline budgie is a particularly common variety and is often combined with others to create some very lovely birds. However it is sometimes tricky to get a look at a pure one to see how they look without other varieties present.