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When you bring home your puppy as an 8 week old German Shepherd, they will probably weigh 14-15lbs But up to 3 or 4lbs either side of that is normal.

German Shepherd: How can you tell if a German Shepherd is a double coat

This is the most

frequent type

of coat that you’ll see on a German Shepherd and is considered the most desirable for show lines. This coat will usually be between one and two inches A longer coat with an undercoat. These coats are at least two inches long, and generally quite thick.

Week Old German Shepherd: What should I expect from my 8 week old German Shepherd

You should expect your 8-week-old German Shepherd puppy to feel stressed and uncertain They may seem timid and unsure of their surroundings. They might cry, whine, and not want your attention. It’s your job to train them and provide a routine that gives them confidence and puts them at ease.

German Shepherds: What sounds do German Shepherds make

Their vocalizations are not limited to barks; they also howl, whine, moan, and make other strange sounds The loudness of their vocalizations, especially when they bark, combined with their imposing stature, can make German Shepherds appear very intimidating to other people.

German Shepherd: What does a German Shepherd eat

German Shepherds can eat a range of human foods such as beef, chicken, pork, turkey, salmon, tuna, and eggs They can also eat fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, berries, carrots, peas, pumpkins, and other foods such as rice and pasta, yogurt, cheese, and peanut butter.

German Shepherd: What age is a German Shepherd fully grown

Like many large breeds, a German Shepherd dog is not considered fully grown until they are about 18

months old

Female German Shepherds continue to fill out until they are around two years old, while the male German Shepherd growth rate continues until they reach two and a half years of age.

Coat German Shepherd: Which coat German Shepherd is best

German Shepherd Coat Types A

double coat

with medium length is considered the most desirable. This type of coat may be fairly wiry, depending on the dog. A shorter coat is sometimes considered acceptable by

breed standard


German Shepherd: Which German Shepherd is best

Saddle Coat German Shepherd The German Shepherd dogs of this type are also called Saddle Back Shepherds. They are the most recognized German Shepherds of all time.

German Shepherd Double Coat: What is the price of German Shepherd double coat

The double-coated pure breed German Shepherd is one of the most desired dogs available at a price of about Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 70,000.

German Shepherd Easy: Are German Shepherd easy to potty train

While breed is not a reliable indicator of temperament, German shepherds are described as intelligent and confident. They have plenty of energy and are eager to please. This can make them one of the easiest dogs to potty train when you proceed with consistency and plenty of positive reinforcement.

German Shepherds: At what age do German Shepherds get aggressive

What Age Does a German Shepherd Become Aggressive? A German Shepherd becomes aggressive at around 3 to 6 months old This escalates during the adolescent stage from 6 months to two years old as sexual maturity arises and hormones fluctuate.

German Shepherd Puppy: At what age can I walk my German Shepherd puppy

You should start walking your German Shepherd puppy at 8 weeks of age Begin with only 10 minutes of

continuous walking

at a slow and relaxed pace. Add on 5 minutes of walking for each month your pup is old. If they show signs of tiring, such as lying down, lagging, or continually stopping, then end the walk.

German Shepherds Afraid: What are German Shepherds afraid of

They can be afraid of being left alone, afraid of the dark, the vacuum, other animals , etc. But our job as pet owners is to do our best to help them overcome them, or at least manage them so they don’t have to become a crippling source of anxiety. And one German Shepherd’s owners managed to catch his fear on camera.

German Shepherds: Do German Shepherds like to be hugged

Are they cuddly and affectionate dogs? German Shepherds can absolutely be loving and affectionate dogs that are down for a good cuddle.

German Shepherds: Do German Shepherds try to talk

German Shepherds are one of America’s most popular dog breeds. If you’re new to the breed and you’re thinking of getting one, you may have a few questions, one of which being – are they vocal dogs? Usually – yes! But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you know how to handle it.

German Shepherd Puppies: Do German Shepherd puppies sleep a lot

On average, a German Shepherd puppy will sleep between 15 and 20 hours each day During growth periods, they may only get up to eat or go for a walk.

German Shepherd: How long does a German Shepherd live

The German Shepherd is an amazing dog with tons of excellent qualities. They have a lifespan of 9-13 years which is average for most dogs. There are several factors that can affect how long they live. It is important to recognize these factors and hopefully extend their lives as much as possible.

German Shepherd: How much should a German Shepherd eat a day

How Much to Feed an Adult German Shepherd. Feed your adult GSD between 2.5 and 3.5 cups of dry kibble per day Active male dogs should be eating at the upper end of this scale, so should be getting 3.5 cups. Inactive and older dogs, who need less food, should be eating 2.5 cups.

Which German Shepherd is

better long coat

or double coat?

There isn’t a particularly big difference between the temperament of the Long and Short Haired versions. The biggest difference is that the Short Haired German Shepherd is more suited to working than the Long Haired This means they may be more aloof with strangers and have a more focused mind.

Rarest German Shepherd Color: What is the rarest German Shepherd color

The rarest color of German Shepherd is the isabella due to the recessive combination of liver and blue.

German Shepherd: What is the best age to train German Shepherd

From 3 to 9 Months The German Shepherd Dog’s work ethic is legendary, and you can encourage your dog’s best working traits with early and ongoing training. GSDs excel at obedience, so begin teaching your puppy basic commands like sit, down, and stay, as well as loose-leash walking, from an early age.

German Shepherd Bark: Does German Shepherd bark a lot

Honestly, yes. German Shepherds do tend to bark more than some of the other large dog breeds Even with lots of training and socialization, it isn’t uncommon for them to be more vocal.

German Shepherds Favorite Food: What is a German Shepherds favorite food

German Shepherd Favorite Foods Although preferences vary from dog to dog most German Shepherds gravitate toward items containing beef, lamb, fish, and chicken Shepherds do like cheese, although this should be enjoyed in moderation, as it can cause gastrointestinal distress in these gentle companions.

German Shepherd: Can German Shepherd see at night

Unlike people, most have excellent vision and are rarely nearsighted or farsighted. Two breeds that may be an exception are German shepherds and rottweilers. Dogs have excellent night vision, too “Dogs have rod-rich retinas, making them particularly good at seeing in dim or dark light,” says Dr.

German Shepherd Aggressive: Are German Shepherd aggressive

German shepherds are rarely aggressive towards their owners or family since that is the thing they’re protecting. They may at times become overprotective of family members, but this trait should be manageable with proper training.

German Shepherd: Why does my German Shepherd bite my hand

The first reason they bite is that they’re playing and practicing their prey/hunting instincts German Shepherds are herding dogs, and as such, they love to go after anything that moves. This could be cats, kids, hands, fingers, or just about anything else.

German Shepherd: Is rice good for German Shepherd

It is a mild food that suits the weak stomach of the German Shepherd helping it keep its digestion-related problems under control You can even serve it boiled rice which is easy to chew and digest; white rice is better than red or brown rice.


milk good

for German Shepherd?

German Shepherds can drink milk as long as they are not lactose intolerant Milk is high in calcium, vitamin D, and potassium and as a rich source of high-quality protein, contains all the essential amino acids. However, milk is high in fat and natural sugars, so you should give your dog a small amount.

Raw Eggs: Can dogs eat raw eggs

Salmonella, Dogs are at risk of contracting salmonella. Owners who feed raw eggs to dogs could also be exposed to salmonella If a dog eats an egg contaminated by salmonella, they could get an infection called Salmonellosis. The symptoms of Salmonellosis includes fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.

German Shepherds: What age do German Shepherds stop biting

What age do German Shepherd puppies stop biting? Most puppies will stop nipping and biting once they have completed their teething process. For German Shepherds, this is around 7 to 8 months.

German Shepherd Puppy: How much is a German Shepherd puppy

If you are buying a puppy from a breeder you can expect to pay anywhere from $600-$1500 The average price of a German Shepherd puppy is $1000. As a general rule reputable breeders tend to charge higher prices because they put more time, effort, and money into caring for their breeding dogs and puppies.

German Shepherds Good: Are German Shepherds good with kids

A German Shepherd is loyal and will bond well with the family children if started at an early age A German Shepherd has a lot of stamina and energy, making him a great playmate for active kids.

Better Rottweiler: Which is better Rottweiler or German Shepherd

Both the Rottweiler and German Shepherd are powerful dogs. The Rottweiler probably has a slight advantage when it comes to strength because it has a more muscular, heavier build and they were built for carrying and pulling weight, whereas the German Shepherd is more agile.

Biggest Shepherd: What is the biggest Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd stands at 27 to 29 inches and weighs around 150 pounds, making it the largest of all the shepherd dog breeds.

German Shepherd: Which German Shepherd is best in India

Show line German Shepherd The show line GSD is the most common and most popular GSD in India. Show line dogs have a distinctive sloping top line. Breeders in India also refer to the sloping top line as “angulation.” The show line GSDs have two coat types.

Female German Shepherd: Which is better a male or female German Shepherd

Research shows that males German Shepherds are more aggressive than female German Shepherds This means that a family should consider choosing a female for a companion over a male. Males tend to perform better for roles in protection and guarding and could do well in a home without children and the proper training.

German Shepherd Poop: How many times should a German Shepherd poop a day

To recap, German Shepherd generally poop between one to five times a day depending on several factors such as age, diet, and complications such as diarrhea and constipation. So don’t be surprised if your German Shepherd’s poop frequency changes.



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