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Pied markings basically means that areas of

body color


wing markings

and barring are missing, leaving a clear patch of white or yellow In some cases this creates a budgie with just a few white or yellow patches and sometimes it gives a bird that is nearly all white or yellow.

Pied Budgie: How do you get a pied budgie

Piedness can be due to three mutations, each affecting where yellow and white spots appear These turn a budgie into a dominant or Australian pied, recessive, or clearflight mutation. Interestingly, these mutations are separate, meaning that each budgie can combine all three mutations at once.

Rarest Budgie: What is the rarest budgie


anthracite budgerigar mutation

is an extremely

rare mutation

that occurs in the budgerigar. The mutation, similar to the Violet budgerigar mutation, causes a difference in the coloring of budgerigars.

Pied Bird: What is a pied bird

a pied bird or animal has feathers or fur of two or more different colours, usually black and white Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe the colours of animals.

What is a

rainbow budgie


RAINBOW BUDGIE – FBG (full body coloured greywing) – FALSE RAINBOWS. Rainbow is a

combination mutation

of a blue based budgie, opaline, clearwing and one of the yellowface mutations The closest you get a rainbow, without it beeing One, is The FBG (full body coloured greywing).

Recessive Gene: Is pied a recessive gene

In other breeds,

piebald behaves

as a recessive trait ; that is, 2 copies of piebald are needed to produce white spotting. Testing for piebald spotting assists breeders with selection of matings that can produce the desired outcome for white.

Dark Eyed Clear Budgie: What is a dark eyed clear budgie

What are They? Dark-Eyed Clears, from their name, are budgerigars of clear yellow or white, free from any markings and colour pigmentation This purity of colour covers the entire body and wings. They resemble the Lutinos and Albinos except in the eye.

Mauve Budgie: What is a mauve budgie

​Mauves have a deep blue grey color to the body Unless a grey budgie is also carrying a violet factor, they should have a even grey tone of body color with no blue.

Purple Budgies: Are there purple budgies

Violet Budgie The violet coloration is a darkening gene that will enrich a Budgies main body color. You can get blue and green budgies with the violet gene, but it’s most attractive with the blue Budgies. Sometimes, it can develop into very deep shades of violet coloration, known as visual violet.

Dominant Budgie: What is dominant budgie

– if a budgie is heterozygous for a particular gene, the one that the budgie looks like is said to be dominant , whilst the other one (which you can’t see) is recessive. – a heterozygous bird is usually referred to as ‘dominant gene’ split ‘recessive gene’.

Rarest Colour Budgie: What is the rarest colour budgie

What is the rarest parakeet color?

anthracite parakeets

, a dark charcoal grey color , is one of the rarest colors for a parakeet. Other rare colors can be rainbow, clearwing, and lacewing parakeets. These rare colors are caused by genetic mutations, so a rare color can become more and more common over time.

Pink Budgies: Do pink budgies exist

In the wild, Budgie Parakeets are green with yellow, with black stripes and markings, and dark blue-green-black flight and tail feathers. Captive breeding programs, however, have produced Budgies in almost every color of the rainbow, except red and pink.

Purple Budgie: How rare is a purple budgie

Where to Adopt or Buy a Purple Parakeet. The purple parakeet is a very

rare mutation

It is difficult for breeders to produce the visual violets, as often the birds fall into one of the other series of blues and greens that doesn’t give the outward appearance of a purple bird.

Albino Budgies Rare: Are albino budgies rare

Are Albino and Lutino Budgies rare? The albino and the lutino parakeet are fairly rare varieties of parakeets These budgies can be found for purchase, although many times are seen with a higher purchase cost because of their rarity.

Double Factor: What does double factor mean in budgies

Single and double factor refers to the pair of genes controlling the pied modifier Because the mutation is semi-dominant, one gene of the pair (they are always in pairs) is enough to produce the mutation i.e. single factor. Double factor birds are not twice as pied, but in fact are indistinguishable visibly.

What color will budgie babies be?


The yellow base is dominant , meaning breeding a yellow-based budgie and a white-based budgie will result in yellow-based offspring. There are also dark counts to consider — a budgie with no dark counts will be bright colored, one dark count will give a slightly darker color and two a darker color still.

Recessive Mutation: What is recessive mutation in birds

The Recessive Pied budgerigar mutation is one of approximately 30 mutations affecting the colour of budgerigars It is the underlying mutation of the Danish Pied variety, aka Harlequin. It is believed by Inte Onsman of MUTAVI to be the same mutation as the Anti-dimorphic Pied (ADM Pied) found in some parrots.

Spangle Budgie: What is spangle budgie

Spangle Budgies The pattern of wing markings and throat spots on these birds is distinctive Most budgies have black wing feathers edged with their underlying body colour (yellow or white); but in budgies with a single Spangle gene these colours are reversed (e.g. yellow feathers edged with black).

Cobalt Budgie: What is a cobalt budgie

Cobalt budgies – budgies that have the Cobalt body colour This is the Dark Green body colour with the yellow removed.

Is Disco the budgie still alive?


So, yes, Disco passed away , but the other information is absolutely incorrect. Disco died very suddenly this last winter, back in January, sometime during the night. So many of you have gone to say ‘good morning! ‘ to your friend only to see a beautiful but lifeless body at the bottom of the cage.

Budgie Male: Is my budgie male or female

Once a budgie is a few weeks old, you will be able to tell the sex of the bird by looking at its cere (the nose and nostril area) In normal circumstances, a hen’s is brown, and a cock’s is blue. The hen’s cere becomes enlarged and scaly during the breeding season, and the male’s becomes a darker shade of blue. Simple!.

Budgies Yellow: Are budgies yellow

Naturally, the species is green and yellow with black, scalloped markings on the nape, back, and wings. Budgies are bred in captivity with colouring of blues, whites, yellows, greys, and even with small crests.

Why are birds called pied?


Why is it called the pied crow? Pied Crows get their name due to their pied plumage Pied means having two or more colours, and in this case, is black and white.

Wagtail Rare: Is pied wagtail rare

A common and familiar bird , the pied wagtail is often seen in towns and cities, dashing across lawns, roads and car parks while wagging its long tail up and down. Pied wagtails eat insects, but will feed on seeds and even rubbish in winter.

Leucistic Birds Rare: Are Leucistic birds rare

Only 236 of the 5.5 million birds reported each year had leucism or albinism, making up a tiny proportion of birds with abnormal plumages. In other words, only about 1 bird in 30,000 has leucistic or albinistic plumage. Based on these results, leucism and albinism are very rare occurrences among birds.

Male Budgie: Can a male budgie have a white cere

If your budgie is immature or less than 4 months old, the cere on males will slowly turn deep blue and females will keep white or pale blue before showing tan.

Red Budgies: Are there red budgies

The picture above is a fake, it is not possible to produce a red budgerigar I’ve read that some breeders who tried this occasionally got a single red feather, or a budgie that looks a little pink (mostly due to being on certain products like pink coloured mineral blocks).

What does opaline mean in birds?


The opaline color is a new mutation in the peach face lovebirds and they were first discovered in 1977. The body primarily has irregular-colored patterns on its body which makes it a very attractive color version of the lovebird.

What Colour is piebald?


A piebald or pied animal is one that has a pattern of unpigmented spots (white) on a pigmented background of hair, feathers or scales. Thus a piebald black and white dog is a black dog with white spots The animal’s skin under the white background is not pigmented.

What causes an animal to be piebald?


Piebaldism is caused by a mutation in a gene called Kit and manifests itself as regions of fur, hair or skin which lack pigment. These areas usually arise on the front of an animal – commonly on the belly and forehead. It’s also seen in humans, albeit rarely, in the form of a white forelock in the hair.

Humans Piebald: Can humans piebald

The human piebald trait is inherited as an autosomal dominant disorder The white areas are typically located on the front, middle portion of the forehead (called a white forelock), eyebrows, chin, abdomen, feet and hands. Piebaldism can sometimes be associated with deafness.

Lutino Budgie: Can Lutino Budgie have black eyes

Dark Eyed Clear Mutation Albino/Lutino budgies are very often confused with an other mutation: Dark Eyed Clear. You produce that mutation by pairing up Recessive Pied and Clearflight. They resemble lutinos/albinos and the only difference is the eyes. Dark Eyed Clear’s eyes are black with no iris.

Creamino Budgie: How do you get a Creamino budgie

Creamino is a combination mutation if ino (albino or lutino) with one or more of the yellowface mutations For the possible chick outcomes of a creamino look at the specific yellowface mutation in combination with ino.

Black Eyes: Why does my budgie have black eyes

“Black eyes” usually are usually the result of trauma , and if it is bad enough to bruise the tissue around the eye, the eye socket and/or inner structures of the eye could be damaged.

Opaline Budgies Rare: Are opaline budgies rare

The Opaline budgie is a particularly common variety and is often combined with others to create some very lovely birds. However it is sometimes tricky to get a look at a pure one to see how they look without other varieties present.

White Budgies: Why do white budgies turn blue

This is normal and expected In female parakeets, it changes to tan, pale blue, white or brown. In males, it changes to a bright, vivid blue, except for a few color varieties in which it changes to bright purple or remains pink.