What Fish Are Biting In The Puget Sound?

King Salmon and Coho Salmon are the most often targeted

sport fish

in Puget Sound. There are however times when retaining Salmon is not allowed in most areas. It is at that time that we usually focus on fishing for bottom fish such as Lingcod or Flounder. We may also fish catch and release for Salmon.

What fishing is open in Puget Sound?

Salmon fishing in Puget Sound Central Puget Sound (

marine area

10) is currently open daily for coho only through July 13, and for hatchery Chinook and coho beginning July 14.

Where are the salmon biting in WA?

  • Salmon Holes.

  • lowlands beach

  • Shelleys Beach.
  • Nanarup Beach.
  • Cheynes Beach.
  • Fosters Beach.
  • Cosy Corner Beach.
  • Check out our Albany fishing page for more spots >

What fish are running in the

columbia river


The Columbia River is renowned for its salmon and steelhead runs. In a year of good returns, over 1 million Chinook, coho and sockeye salmon, and summer steelhead travel up the river to spawn in its tributaries. Less known are the river’s excellent smallmouth bass and walleye fisheries.

Where is the best place to fish in the Puget Sound?

Marine area 13 boasts some of the best Coastal Cutthroat Trout fishing throughout the Puget Sound region, both by boat or from shore.

What are people fishing for in Puget Sound?

The Central Puget Sound offers very good fishing for chinook, coho, pink, chum and sockeye salmon, as well as sea-run cutthroat trout, steelhead, green sturgeon,

pacific halibut

, cabezon and lingcod.

What can I fish in Puget Sound today?

There are great opportunities year round on Puget Sound. Chinook (King) salmon, Coho (Silver) salmon and Pink salmon are the main salmon species targeted for retention. Summer time is the most popular for salmon retention but the offseason offers great fishing.

What fish are in season in Puget Sound?

The best times to fish near Seattle is June through September for chinook salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, pink salmon (during odd number years), flounder, and lingcod Chum salmon fishing is best near Seattle October through December. The peak of the king salmon run is June through August.

Can you use barbed hooks in Washington?

(1) It is unlawful to use more than two hooks to fish in saltwater, except for forage fish jigger gear and squid jig gear, and when fishing from the north jetty of the Columbia River. (2) It is unlawful to use barbed hooks in Marine Areas 5-13, except for forage fish jigger gear.

Are the salmon still running?

Now only remnant runs remain in Butte, Mill, Deer, Antelope, and Beegum Creeks, tributaries to the Sacramento River In the mainstem Sacramento River and the Feather River, early-running Chinook Salmon occur, but significant hybridization with fall run has occurred.

What are the best lures to use for salmon fishing?

  • Spinners. For some anglers, standalone in-line spinners are tops among the best salmon lures for river fishing
  • Winged drift bobber rigs. These are buoyant floats with wings and are a component of drift rigs
  • Casting spoons
  • Flies
  • Wobbling plugs
  • Colors.

What is the biggest fish in the Columbia River?

White Sturgeon The “White Sturgeon” is the largest freshwater fish in North America. It lives along the west coast of the United States between the Aleutian Islands to Central California, with the largest number being in the Columbia River Basin.

Where’s the best fishing on the Columbia River?

Bonneville Dam to St. This 58-mile stretch offers some of the greatest variety of fisheries on the Columbia River. Fall chinook are a big fishery in this area, with peak catches from late August through mid-September. These fish are often around 20 pounds, with 40-pounders caught each season.

Can you keep wild Chinook on the Columbia River?

31: Retention of Chinook, coho, and hatchery steelhead allowed The daily adult bag limit is two salmonids, but only one may be a Chinook.

Where is the best salmon fishing in Puget Sound?

  • Point Wells and the Oil Docks near Edmonds
  • Meadow Point, West Point, Shilshole Bay
  • Elliott Bay
  • Dolphin Point and Point Beales east of Vashon Island
  • Three Tree Point near Burien
  • Redondo
  • Gig Harbor
  • Point Defiance.

When can you start fishing in Washington State?

Lakes, ponds, and reservoirs are open to fishing for game fish (except Dolly Varden/bull trout and grass carp) year-round Rivers, streams and beaver ponds are open the Saturday before Memorial Day through October 31.

Is salmon fishing open in Puget Sound?

July 1 – Aug. 15 Open, except closure Daily limit 2, release Chum, wild Chinook, and wild Coho. Season may close earlier if Chinook guideline is attained.

How do you fish a river from shore?

  • CALM AREAS OR EDDIES. Find the backwaters
  • STUMPS AND VEGETATION. Keep an eye out for stumps and vegetation
  • ISLANDS OR ROCK PILES. Look near islands or rock piles
  • MERGING CURRENTS. Focus on areas where there are current shifts or changes

When can you catch salmon in WA?

June through October: Sockeye, or Red Salmon (best viewing July) July through November: Chinook, or King Salmon (best viewing last two weeks of August) August through November: Coho, or Silver Salmon (best viewing last two weeks of September).

Where do we catch salmon?

There are three groups of Atlantic salmon: North American, European, and Baltic. These groups are found in the waters of North America, Iceland, Greenland, Europe, and Russia Atlantic salmon spawn in the coastal rivers of northeastern North America, Iceland, Europe, and northwestern Russia.

Are there sharks in the Columbia River?

” It’s not very often we see sharks in that area of the Columbia River, but it does not mean they are not there ” ODFW spokesperson Rick Hargrave said. Hargrave says there are likely several contributing factors as to why the shark was in the area.

What fishing is open on the Columbia River?

Salmon fishing is currently open daily to fishing from the mouth of the Columbia River to the Interstate 5 bridge, but spring Chinook usually don’t arrive in large numbers until late March and April.

What is the largest sturgeon caught in the Columbia River?

Researchers in Canada have caught a record-breaking sturgeon in the Nechako River, British Columbia. The huge female fish weighs 336 pounds and measures 9.6 feet in length, according to staff at the Nechako White Sturgeon Conservation Centre (NWSCC) who caught the animal in late April.

Are there halibut in Puget Sound?

Puget Sound halibut In all marine areas open to halibut fishing, there is a one-fish daily catch limit and no minimum size restriction Anglers may possess a maximum of two halibut in any form while in the field and must record their catch on a halibut catch record card.

Can you fish from shore in Puget Sound?

Every public beach in Puget Sound sees good fishing when they are in The best technique to catch Pink Salmon from the beach is with a small metal jig.

How do you catch lingcod in Puget Sound?

In Puget Sound, look for lingcod on Possession Bar off Satchet Head, around Blakely Rock and Restoration Point, off Point Evans near the Tacoma Narrows Bridges or Toliva Shoal off Steilacoom, Itsami Ledge off Henderson Inlet’s north end, near Utsalady Bay or Doublebluff, Deception Pass, Burrows Island, Smith Island,.

Are pink salmon in Puget Sound yet?

Pink Salmon fishing can be hot and heavy at the entrance to the Strait at Neah Bay and Sekiu in July, but the big push into Puget Sound occurs in August We do catch Pink Salmon near Everett and Seattle in July, but the primetime fishery occurs from about the second week in August to the first week in September.

Where are the salmon in Puget Sound?

Some Puget Sound rivers that salmon swim up are: Nooksack, Samish, Skagit, Baker, Cascade, Stillaguamish, Snohomish, Skykomish, Green, Puyallup, Carbon, Nisqually, Deschutes rivers Salmon also go up Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, Kennedy Creek, and Minter Creek.

Is salmon fishing good in Puget Sound?

South Puget Sound Coho Salmon Fishing Spots Coho Salmon fishing in Southern Puget Sound can be very good Most anglers in the South Sound wait until mid-August when the Ocean Coho flood in.

Can you catch mackerel in Puget Sound?

California’s recreational catch of Pacific mackerel is included within the fishery harvest guideline, but there are no other restrictions on this fishery.

Is halibut fishing open in Washington state?

Recreational fishing for halibut is closed within Recreational Yelloweye Rockfish Conservation Areas off the north and south Washington coast subareas There are additional area closures in the Puget Sound subarea for 2022. Please check Washington state regulations online.

Where is the best salmon fishing in Washington State?

The best chum salmon fishing in Washington is typically in Hood Canal, and in particular around the hatchery at Hoodsport Another hot spot closer to home for many is near the fish hatchery at Minter Creek, located near the end of Carr Inlet less than 20 minutes from Gig Harbor.

Can you fish at night in Washington?

Yes it is legal to fish at night.

Is it illegal to fish with corn in Washington?

Plain, canned or frozen corn can catch fish fine but for added catching power, use dye-cured corn.

Can you use live bait in Washington?

(6) It is unlawful to possess or use live aquatic animals as bait in fresh water except: (a) Live aquatic animals (other than fish) collected from the water being fished may be possessed or used as bait.

Why are barbless hooks banned?

Some waters have banned barbless hooks with a claim that they tear and damage mouths When I was looking to stock my lakes, a small, commercial and highly-pressured fishery closed down. I decided to buy the fish stock, but was fearful for their condition, especially their mouths.

How far inland do salmon go?

Salmon can migrate more than 3,000 kilometres upstream through freshwater to spawn (Yukon River). That is comparable to driving halfway across Canada. Salmon often travel 50 kilometres per day on their spawning journeys.

Which river has the most salmon?

The Penobscot River hosts the largest run of Atlantic salmon left in the United States. Atlantic salmon used to return by the hundreds of thousands to most major rivers along the northeastern United States, down into Connecticut.

What salmon is in season right now?

Sockeye salmon : From early June to late July, the very popular sockeye salmon dominates the Alaskan fishing industry. This fish can be caught in large quantities during this time period. Pink salmon: The season for pink salmon runs from late July to late August or even early September in some parts of Alaska.