What Is The Easiest Fish To Keep Alive?

What is the most resilient pet fish?

  • Crown Tail Male Betta Fish. These fish are popular due to maintenance requirements and their bright jewel tone colours
  • Tetras. These fish are popular due to their hardiness, non-aggressive temperament and small size
  • Guppies
  • Platies
  • Swordtails
  • Molly fish.

What is the hardiest schooling fish?

  • Cardinal Tetras. Paracheirodon axelrodi has to be on our list because of the striking red and blue stripes that run down the sides of their bodies
  • Rummy Nose Tetras
  • Silver Tip Tetra
  • Lambchop Rasbora
  • Ember Tetra.

What is the hardest type of fish to take care of?

Goldfish are one of the most popular aquarium fish species, but they are pretty hard to properly care for. Neither common goldfish nor fancies can live in a bowl. Commons are mainly pond fish, and fancies need at least around 20 gallons (75L) per fish to thrive.

What are the most

hardy freshwater fish


Examples of hardy freshwater fish include Poecilids such as the guppy, molly, swordtail and platy, most species of betta, zebra danios, and some tetras Generally, fish are hardy only when they have been tank-bred, since wild-caught fish may take many generations to adapt to life in captivity.

Are guppies hardy fish?

Guppies are definitely hardy fish compared to a lot of other fish you can buy for your aquarium. However, don’t make a mistake in thinking that they can handle anything or that they’re the hardiest fish you can buy.

What is the lowest maintenance fish tank?

  • Self Cleaning Water Garden By Back To The Roots
  • Self Cleaning Aquarium By EcoQube
  • The AquaSprouts Garden
  • Microfarm Aquaponic Garden By Springworks
  • ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System By Ecolife
  • My Fun Fish Tank By As Seen On TV.

What is the coolest fish to own?

  • Bettas
  • Plecostomus
  • Discus
  • Swordtail
  • Pearl Gourami
  • Zebra Danios
  • Neon Tetras
  • Guppies. Guppies, like danios, are a hugely popular aquarium fish thanks to their wide variety of colours and patterns, as well as their easy-going temperament.

Are Mollies hardy fish?

Mollies are really interesting fish that come in a huge variety of colors and different fin shapes. They’re a hardy fish that’s always active Given the right conditions, they can live for 3-4 years and produce thousands of babies in their lifetime.

Are neon tetras Hardy?

They’re easy to house, active, colorful, easy to feed, and are tolerant to a wide range of water and temperature parameters. There is one box they no longer check, however; hardiness. Although most neon tetras are hardy once established in a mature tank, the first few weeks of them being in their new home can be tough.

What are some peaceful schooling fish?

Harlequin Rasboras are popular schooling fish among hobbyists due to their peaceful temperaments and ease of care. They do best in schools of 6-8 fish, and are generally peaceful tank mates for aquariums of any size.

What is the smallest schooling fish?

The Dwarf Rasbora is the smallest schooling nano fish for home aquariums. What is this? With a full size of 0.75 inches or 1.9 cm per specimen, these fish can comfortably school in a tiny 5-gallon tank.

What’s the strongest fighting freshwater fish?

1. Muskie The Muskie has a legendary status of being arguably the hardest fighting fish in freshwater. They can grow to large sizes, have razor-sharp teeth, and as anyone who has been musky fishing knows, they can be extremely challenging to catch.

Are Bettas hardy fish?

Bettas are hardy fish and can tolerate poor water quality better than some other fish, but they only really thrive in good water conditions. Care level: Bettas are tough fish. If given the right environment, correct food, and suitable tank mates, they should be able to do well and live happily in your home.

What is a good combination of fish for an aquarium?

Recommended Freshwater Aquarium Fish Combinations: 1) Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlid and Green Neon Tetra 2) African Cichlids and Synodontis Catfish. 3) Rainbow Shark and Tiger Barbs.

What is the best first fish as a pet?

  • Guppy. These are hardy, yet beautiful fish, making them perfect for a first timer
  • Betta – Siamese Fighting Fish. Another hardy, pretty fish, Bettas are considered one of the best looking freshwater fish around
  • Neon Tetras
  • Pleco
  • Angel Fish.

Are GloFish tetras Hardy?

GloFish are lively, hardy and very colorful They are good choices for beginners. The Glo Danio was developed from the Zebra Danio. The Glo Tetra was developed from the Black Skirt Tetra. These two fish represent one of the most hardy fish we sell.

Are guppies hard to keep alive?

Guppies are live-bearer tropical fish. They are popular among aquarium owners due to their vibrant colors and peaceful nature. Guppies are very easy to keep fish and are great for beginners. Although they are very hardy, often guppies keep dying for no obvious reason.

What is the prettiest freshwater fish?

  • Discus. Discus are considered the “holy grail” for a ton of freshwater fish keepers
  • German Blue Ram. German Blue Ram (source) .
  • Gourami
  • Diamond Neon Tetra
  • Endler’s Livebearer
  • Killifish
  • Boeseman’s Rainbowfish
  • Fantail Guppy.

How many schools of fish can be in a tank?

How Many Fish Make a School? There isn’t a magic number that defines a school. However, in the wild schools of fish are generally quite large, often numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. In captivity, schooling fish need to have at least four to six to create a comfortable school.

Are angelfish schooling fish?

They are not necessarily schooling fish in the traditional sense , but they are social animals and like to be in groups in the same area. Angels occur across a large area of northern South America, from French Guyana in the east to Peru in the west, and from Colombia in the north to Brazil in the south.

Do lemon tetras go to school?

Schooling Behavior of Lemon Tetra They enjoying swimming around and they are also quite playful Lemon tetra do best when grouped together and when alone, they can become very anxious. In the wild, lemon tetra stick together in large groups called shoals which can reach up to several thousands of fish!.

What’s the most aggressive fish?

The most infamous is the red-bellied piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri), with the strongest jaws and sharpest teeth of all. Especially during low water, this species, which can grow up to 50 cm (about 20 inches) in length, hunts in groups that can number more than 100.

What are the smartest pet fish?

  • #1 – Crowntail Betta.
  • #2 – Goldfish.
  • #3 – Neon Tetras.
  • #4 – Galaxias.
  • #5 – Guppy Fish.

What is the coolest freshwater fish?

  • GloFish Danio.
  • Neon Tetra.
  • Golden Wonder Killifish.
  • Kuhli Loach.
  • American Flagfish.
  • Indian Glassfish.
  • Peacock Gudgeon.
  • Bristlenose Plecostomus.

Are tetras hardy fish?

Tetras represent a large group of fish, and many of them make great choices for a beginner’s community tank. Many tetras are active, colorful, hardy and get along well with other tank mates.

Are fancy tail guppies Hardy?

They come in all colors of the rainbow and many varieties. The most desirable fantail guppies have tails that are as wide as they are long. Like other guppies, they are hardy and easy to care for.

What is the lifespan of a guppy?

Guppies live an average of 2 to 3 years In the wild, guppies live an average of 2 years. However, in captivity guppies can live anywhere between 2-5 years. Although the average is typically 2-3 years in captivity, if properly cared for, guppies have been known to live up to 5 years.

Do guppies like planted tanks?

Yes, guppies like to be in a heavily planted tanks Just make sure that you are keeping the plants through which they can swim around. Heavily planted tanks also promote breeding and it provides a lot of hiding places for fry.

How do you keep a fish tank clean without changing water?

  • Use a Proper Filter. The best way to keep an aquarium clean is with a proper filter for the tank’s type and size
  • Change the Water Regularly
  • Feed Fish Correctly
  • Welcome an Algae Eater
  • Take Time to Clean the Tank
  • Clean the Outside of the Tank.

What fish do not need filters?

  • Betta fish (Use a heater)
  • Guppies.
  • White Cloud Minnows.
  • Blind Cave Tetras.
  • Salt and Pepper Corydoras.
  • Zebra Danios.
  • Ember Tetra.
  • Pea Pufferfish.

What is the most peaceful fish?

  • Neon Tetra.
  • Platy.
  • Swordtail.
  • Fancy Guppy.
  • Hatchetfish.
  • Zebra Danio.
  • Otocinclus.
  • Cory Catfish.

What is the most exotic aquarium fish?

  • Discus
  • Flowerhorn Cichlid
  • Dwarf Puffer Fish
  • Zebra Plecos
  • Black Ghost Knifefish
  • Freshwater African Butterflyfish.

What is the rarest freshwater aquarium fish?

  • Last seen in 2007, the Chinese Paddlefish is likely the world’s rarest freshwater fish
  • Although there’s always the possibility that a species thought to be extinct are still alive somewhere, researchers say it’s unlikely for the Chinese Paddlefish.

Are platys hardy fish?

Platys are one of the several livebearing species of freshwater fish popular with aquarium enthusiasts. Grouped together with their close cousins, the swordtails, platys are part of the genus known as Xiphophorus. They are hardy , compatible with other fish, and are extremely easy to breed.

Can mollies live with angelfish?

They get along perfectly well with mild mannered tank mates, but can also hold their own against aggressive fish. For these reasons, Mollies make the perfect Angelfish tank mates Mollies come in tons of different colors and patterns, so finding a few that compliment the colors of your Angelfish should be a breeze.

Do tetras and mollies get along?

Which Fish Can Live with Mollies? Choose molly fish tank mates that also enjoy hard, alkaline conditions. This includes other livebearers like guppies and platies, tank raised tetras and barbs , danios, and even african cichlids (so long as they are peaceful species).

Are Rainbow Tetras Hardy?

Rainbow Tetras are hardy freshwater fish , but they are still susceptible to all of the same illnesses other tetras are.

Are Cory catfish Hardy?

Corys are hardy fish for their size and are staples in freshwater community tanks. Cory Catfish are often described as armored catfish, due to their plates of bone-like material running the length of their bodies.

Are Harlequin Rasboras Hardy?

The harlequin rasbora’s vibrant appearance and peaceful behavior make this species extremely popular among aquarists. These small fish are fairly hardy and adapt to most aquarium conditions.


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